Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Happy Hump Day...Wednesday?!

     It's Wednesday!!...Hump day, as some call it. :-) It's like going uphill Monday and Tuesday, having Wednesday as the hump in the middle, and going back downhill to Thursday and Friday! :-) ... Hmmmmm...what about Saturday and Sunday?! O_O ...Wouldn't having seven days of the week make Thursday the hump day?!...Although if your week starts on a Sunday, then Wednesday 'IS' hump day!! ^_^ ... Oh Well, that's a dilemma for another day!...I'm just trying to wake up here!! :-))

      I'm trying to plan my day...think about what I wanna do today. My shop sales have slowed down tremendously, so I don't have to crochet like a crazy woman right now...even though I want to! :-] Instead, I'm watching for hummingbirds and growing flowers!...


      Other than that, it's just me trying to stay cool, keep the allergens out of the house...*Achoo!!*...(The nice lady is coming to clean the house today, so I'll be 'Achoo-less' shortly! ^_^) good stuff, and get as many naps as I can!! ^_^ 
     This is the time of year I start to reminisce about being a kid...Wearing my sun dresses, and going bare foot everywhere. Chasing down the ice cream truck. And hoola-hooping!! :-) ...

     Thankfully I'm doing all of that movement inside my head! :-) It's Wednesday, hump day. Not 'lose-your-mind-and-go-crazy!' day!! LOL Actually, I'm just thankful to be up, and awake...whatever day it is!!

     Have a good day, Everybody! :-) Come back tomorrow. It may just be 'Happy Hump Day' again!...on Thursday!! ^_^


It feels good to be awake!
Eyes wide open. Brain cells too!
Now my mind and eyes need focus.
Let's go find something to do!


  1. I'm glad you're awake! Get those eyes open and focus! Oh...that's what your poem says! LOL
    Have a good day no matter what you do and try not to sneeze too much. Bad allergy season this year. It's driving me nuts!!

    1. I'm glad I'm awake too, Cindy!! ^_^ It means that my schedule is getting closer to being worked out!!...And you have a great day too! And PLEASE take some pictures and do a blog post of the yard work!! ^_^

  2. Anonymous5/08/2013

    hump day? seriously? that is so funny.

    1. Yep! ^_^ That's what they call 'Wednesdays'!!


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