Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"Hubby, This Is Not A Test!"

      My hubby and I have been married for more than 30 years now. And the more time we spend together the more I like him! :-) Of course, sometimes I still wanna kill him...but the times that I want to kill him are getting less and less. ^_^
      Of course, when I think about why it is that we get along so well...I'm dumb-founded. There's no rhyme or reason to it ^_^ Here are the facts: He's not much of a talker. I am!...He needs to be doing something every minute. I like to nap every chance I get...He likes scatty type Jazz music O_O. I'm not that big of a fan of it...at all!...
      ...I love to crochet. He's not really that crafty...although I've tried to teach him. Yes, he now knows how to crochet, but he has NO desire to...He also didn't continue latch-hooking, which I also taught him years ago!
       With all of the differences between us...and yes there are many, many more!...it's a puzzlement to me as to why we get along so well!...But I'm always trying to figure it out. ^_^
       Over the weekend when I was looking through some items on Etsy, hubby inquired as to what it is that makes me choose the items I choose to show on the blog. I told him that I just scroll until something catches my eye usually. So he wanted to see what caught his eye doing the same thing. Here are the items we chose. See if you can guess who chose what!...

      I'm sure you think you know who chose what, but do you?! ^_^ I chose the owl pillow in the header photo, the floral necklace, the polka dotted cookie jar and the beaded leaf necklace...The Pluto necklace, seashell earrings, and baby caterpillar set were him!
     So, do I know any more about why we get along from us doing this?!.....Not a bit! ^_^ We just do...Maybe it's the willingness to indulge each other's silliness. I mean, he chose Etsy items with me, and I ate his American Chop Suey!!...Yes I did! LOL...But I put Cheetoes on it! ^_^ ...

      It needed Cheetoes...and some more hot pepper seeds! LOL 

     Well, clearly I don't love him for his cooking!! ^_^ I love him though. Yes, I do!!!!! :-) ... Have a good day, Everybody!..."YOU TOO, Honey!" ♥

Men Are Not The Same

Men are not the same.
Women, you know what I mean.
They are complicated, quiet,
not fanatics being clean.

Men are not the same.
They could care less how they look!
Yes, a generalization,
in which I could write a book.

Men are not the same.
On long detail don't waste their time.
They will say the color's green,'
Where we say emerald, teal, or lime.

Men are not the same.
Some things are obvious to see.
Like muscle mass and hair,
and the different ways we pee.

The truth is, girls, we like it!
Our feigned annoyance is a myth.
Because if we were both the same
there'd be no one to bicker with! 


  1. Thank your Hubby for picking my earrings! Great post! Thank you.

    1. I will!! :-) And thanks for the nice words! ♥

  2. I didn't get them right! Some...yes, but not all! Don't you just love that leaf necklace? It's in my favorites! I found it the other day. Her shop is also awesome!
    Enjoy your day and if you ever figure out why you get along so well, pass it on. I can't figure out why my hubby and I get along so well either! LOL

    1. Ha! Ha! See! You don't know me as well as you thought you did! I have a polka dot side!! ^_^ And the leaf necklace is GORGEOUS!!...By the way, I'm sure I'll never figure out why we get along. I'll eventually stop wondering and just 'leave well enough alone'!! LOL

  3. I think of the term "soul mates" and figure it's our souls that match but not our "outside the soul" matching..huh? Well anyway, I think it's good to have different interests so it keeps it fun and we both learn new things from each other. Cool pics today and I'm getting so in love with owls! Like my owl rocks in my garden that hubby thinks look like baked potatoes from the back..see, we don't usually agree on things either!

    1. That expression is baffling to me..."soul Mates". O_O I don't believe humans have some shadowy thing inside of them that's separate from them, but still a part of them! O_O I believe, as the Bible shows that souls are humans themselves, or animals, or the life that they enjoy as such. Maybe this isn't the place to get into the deep answer of that. :-)) But email me if you want 'the full skinny'! LOL...As to hubby and I, it may have something to do with our similar life experiences, or similar neighborhoods, or similar ages, or etc... I DON'T KNOW...clearly!! ^_^ But I agree that it's good to have different interests to it keep it fun and to learn new things from each other! :-) What if he was exactly like me?!!! YIKES!! ^_^ By the way, I saw your potato owls :-)) ... I agree with your hubby. But they're still 'as cute as all get out'!! ^_^


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