Friday, May 31, 2013

'Virtual' Friday Date Night - Hmmmm...What Should I Wear?!

     I loved seeing this old photo of a happy couple heading off on their own 'date night'! :-) It reminded me that hubby and I didn't corner the market on 'date nights'! ^_^ And it reminded me that the week is over!! Phew! I thought this week would never end!! O_O
     It's been a rough one...rain...a friend's death...finances low...allergies kicked up and out of control...and the weepy realization that the 'Parks' sausage company is no longer in business!! O_O No more delicious rope sausage!...and I could've used that comfort food this week too!! Boooo..hissssss!!
      Oh motto is...that is, if I have a motto! ^_^ ... that when you can't 'eat' comfort, you should 'wear' comfort! :-] So here's my choices of comfort for my 'virtual date night' tonight...

       And if we end up going somewhere fancy...because I'm not quite sure what hubby's plans are tonight...I'll wear a comfortable green dress...

     ...and pin one of my handmade flowers on it...

      ...or a handmade flower from VeraJayne!...for my hair...around my ponytail! :-) ...

        Flowers are always the perfect accessory, aren't they?! :-) ...

     ...Especially if you have a pretty purse clutch (above) to pin them to! :-)

       Yes, I could've spent this time telling you about how many tears I shed yesterday, or how much sadder the day was with rain shutting down the tennis in France, but no! I thought that focusing on the positive...'virtual date night' with hubby...and the fact that tennis is on right now!...was a better choice. :-] ...By the way, Nadal is in a battle with a player I never saw play before! O_O 'Baby Boy' (Rafael Nadal) better not lose!...or else tomorrow's post is gonna be another 'Poetesswug-is-in-a-bad-mood' post!! LOL
       No worries! With so many people playing well...Maria Sharapova, Serena Williams, Roger Federer, and Novak Djokovic...I'm sure I'll find a smile for you! :-) ... Right now I have to find a smile for some breakfast! :-) Later on I'll try to find a smile for my hubby too! :-) ...

(4x6 Mixed Media Friday Date Night Collage by artsyfartsytrelan)

       Have a good weekend, Everybody! :-)

Yes, I am distracted

Yes, I'm gonna be a bit distracted.
Yes, I'm gonna seem a bit aloof.
Yes, I probably will annoy you,
sorta like rain through a leaky roof.

Yes, I'm gonna need your forgiveness.
Yes, your patience would be sublime.
Yes, I know it's asking a lot,
but, people, it's French Open Tennis time!!


  1. I'm sorry it's been such a bad week for you Wug. You need a bit of distraction tonight on your date night. Those comfy clothes are so inviting aren't they? I LOVE that sweater!!
    Enjoy your night and take care my friend.

    1. Thanks, Bead....And you're right. I COULD use a bit of distraction today...AND tonight!! ^_^ I'm already getting loads of tennis distraction! :-] Who knows where I'll be on my 'virtual' date tonight!! Anywhere would be a welcome distraction though!...You enjoy your day and night too, my friend! ♥

  2. Thanks for this lovely collection of virtual date night finds! Stunning!!!!

    Hope your weekend improves from your week. I agree, focusing on the positive is very inspiring!

    Thanks for making my day!

    1. It was entirely my pleasure to share your ponytail holders, Vera! :-] And I'm glad you enjoyed the other finds too!...Have a positively lovely weekend yourself! ♥


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