Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tuesday Tellings!

       I wish my 'Tuesday Tellings' would be me telling you that I'm completely rested today, pain-free, and that everything is right with the world!...but alas....NOT! At least not yet!! But one of these days I 'will' be able to 'tell'  you that! ^_^
      Today my 'tellings' are all about how it's gonna rain cats and dogs again here in Massachusetts...UGH!...Hopefully the rain won't get anywhere near the amount that other parts of the country are getting though. It's been so sad looking at the news and seeing people being swept down flooded roads, and buildings being swept away in gushes of water!! O_O Terrible!!
     And my 'tellings' also include me telling you that I didn't sleep well, and that I'm aching from my ankle to my elbow!! Tired and in pain...UGH!...And that I got a phone call from my father and it appears that he might now be diabetic. :-( ...It's so fun listening to me tell it all, isn't it?! LOL...I'm sure NOT!! :-)
       Anyway!...In keeping with the way I do things around here, I always find some good news to follow the sad....bad....or painful. And today is no exception! :-) Lookie, lookie!!...

       ...purposeful shabby chic!! :-) I love this cabinet so much!!...I just had to 'tell' you about it! ^_^ Between the hand painted organizer in the header photo, and this great wood cabinet, I don't know which one I'm gonna buy first when I get my millions in the mail!! LOL...Uhhhh...somebody PLEASE send me some millions in the mail....so I can 'tell' everybody about it!! ^_^
         And there's more good to 'tell' you about too! :-) The flowers around here are loving the weather...and so is hubby. He was in the yard yesterday wielding his weed whacker like a wild orchestra conductor!! LOL And he was making room for pretty flower music! :-) ...

      Okay...I'm all 'told' out!! LOL...except for telling you that I sold some pretty boutonnieres over the weekend! :-) ...

      It seems that my shop is in a kind of regular pattern of sales again! :-) It's still not as 'regular' as I'd like it to be, but hey!...I'm not complaining!! :-)) It's certainly better than listening to those crickets in my shop that I used to hear all the time!! ^_^
      Off I got to put 'on' some 'linomint'...don't ask! :-)) ...and put in' some breakfast!...Have a terrific Tuesday, Everybody! :-)

I Tell It All

What good's a secret from your friends?
How much of "YOU" do you shut out?
Do you tell them all you know,
or do you hide what you're about?

Do they know how much you argue,
or how much you really spend?
Do they know your real hair color?
Are they not that kind of friend?!

Do they know the way you laugh
when your giggle can't be stopped?
Do they know your honest feelings
after all your hair's been chopped?

Are they totally informed
of the size you really wear?
You might hide it from your in-laws,
but your 'Bestie' doesn't care!!

What good's a secret from your friends?
In a 'Fix' that's who you call!
Then they're gonna find you out!
Might as well just tell it all!

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