Wednesday, December 11, 2013

It's Time To Warm Up Around Here! :-)

      Yes, I know you've seen these mug sweaters before, but considering how cold it is outside...almost too cold to hold onto a cup of tea!...I thought it was time to show you these warm 'babies' again!
      In fact, I wish I could show you every warm thing in t he world today! ^_^ But who has the time for that kind of folderol?!...Not me! I've got things to do!!...crocheting, talking, typing with my sore hand...OUCH!...and napping! ^_^
      So, let's talk about the weather, shall we?!...Brrrrr!...It's 20 degrees fahrenheit here in Massachusetts right now!...That's below freezing, for those of you who haven't had your third cup of coffee yet, and are wondering what this silly 'Wug' woman is talking about! LOL
      It's a good day to look at warm and colorful mittens, don't you think?! ^_^ ...

      And it's a good day to look at wall clocks that sorta, kinda, look like snowflakes too! ^_^ ...

      And it's a good day for me to show you the other scarves I still have to list in my Wuglyees shop! :-) Hey!....I can do warm!!! ^_^ ...

      If you already own one of my scarves, holler, will ya!! I think people who are just looking at them on a computer screen might not know just how warm they really are! I could use some 'testimonials'. ^_^
      By the way, if you need a deal on a bundle of scarves, you can holler at me about that too!! I really need to move some scarves outta this house! LOL If you can pay for the shipping, and a very modest donation otherwise, you can have every single warm and colorful one of them!!! ^_^
      Otherwise in Wugland, Uhhhhh....I could tell you about my dream of me and......Nahhhhh! I better not tell  you about that!! ^_^ ... Or I could tell you the whole conversation hubby and I had this morning about all of t he nicknames he and I call each other..Ha! Ha! Ha!....Nahhhhhh! I better not get into that either!! ^_^
      Okay....hmmmmmm....otherwise.....I got nothing!! LOL Have a good day! ♥ Deb

I Wish I Could Wave Off The Time

I wish I could wave off the time
the way you wave off a fly about to land.
Just 'poo poo' appointments I'm dreading
with a flick and a wave of the hand.

If only the time went unnoticed,
like 'extras' on some movie set.
One shot it's as if they were coming,
the next shot they've not gotten there yet.

I'm dreading the phone calls and chatting,
as if time has somehow just stood still.
I wish I could wave off the ticking,
and hours of quiet to fill.

I know soon the day will be over.
The consciousness is in this rhyme.
Still I'm dreading the fact that it's coming,
and I wish I could wave off the time.


  1. I love those mug sweaters! Too cute! It's super cold here too and snowing just for fun too! Maybe all the cold weather will be in December and come January we can get out the flipflops and capris! (A girl can dream!) Stay warm and healthy and have a good rest of this week!

    1. ^_^ I love those mug sweaters too, Yaya! I wish I had thought of them! LOL But then again, I have my flowers, don't I!! ^_^ ... Ejoy playing in the snow. We only got a small amount overnight. But we have a snowstorm due this weekend. We're suppose to get several inches...Ugh!...That to the land of flip flops and capris pants for us this Friday date night!! LOL Have a good week, Yaya! :-]

  2. I think winter has come early this year because, as you know, winter hasn't technically arrived. What's up with that? Hopefully spring will come early too. Love your new scarves and I know they'll be flying out of your shop with this cold weather we're having!! Keep making them!

    1. I think you're right, Bead!...about winter being early. O_O But shhhhhhh!...maybe it thinks it's all past now!...NOT!! LOL We have a snowstorm on the way, and the official date for winter won't be far behind!...Whatever! I now have birds!!!! :-] Have a good day, my friend!


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