Friday, August 20, 2010

"A dish where there is love..."

    ♫ 'Now, listen to a story about a girl named Deb...' ♫ Picture this post to the theme of the Beverly Hillbillies opening song and you'll be right on track for the story I'm about to tell you. But my story didn't start in the back woods. It started with a conversation of tweets with my friend, "Bead" (My nickname for her on Twitter). {By the way, you can FOLLOW and tweet with her too--> HERE , or visit her gorgeous--> Etsy shop. }
    Actually, it started with me tweeting with "jenscloset" (also on Twitter). I love--> her beautiful shop on Etsy. I saw this--> Vintage Floral and Luster Bavarian Soup Bowls Set   in her shop, and it reminded me about the set of porcelain dishes that I own. I mentioned that I had a similar set to "Bead", and she said she has a set too! So, we decided to do both of our blog posts today to show them to each other! :-)
    Now, my back story is that I have had this set of dishes since before I was married! I was a flower toting, hopeless romantic, even then! I didn't have a boyfriend even, but I knew one day I would!!! So I started to build up a "Hope" chest. I bought bed spreads, curtains, silverware, all kinds of knick knacks, and good smelling sachets. And I had them all locked up in suitcases and boxes, waiting for that day my Prince would come and take me away to that beautiful Mansion where I could display all my pretty stuff for all to see! (STOP LAUGHING!!!)
    Then one day I saw a catalog....I kinda like looking at pretty stuff in catalogs--> Remember my Catalog Finds, from the other day?! But this catalog had a porcelain china set, with flowers...Roses...on each piece!! I had to send away for it, and had to pay a ridiculous amount to have it shipped to me. But BOY! Was it worth it!
    Isn't it gorgeous?! I have an 8 piece setting. There's 8 plates, tea cups, saucers, salad bowls, soup bowls, and hordeuvres plates. Then, I have a bunch of extra pieces too: My big platter and gravy pourer, pictured above, a beautiful sugar bowl,...
    ...and more! I even have salt and pepper shakers around here somewhere, I think. I'll spare you having to look at any more. I think you get the idea that I LOVE IT!!! Especially the hand painted flowers all over everything!
   The mark on all of them says they're from Romania.
      I don't remember sending to Romania to get them, but you never know! It WAS over 30 years ago! {If you want to see Bead's, this is her blog--> HERE.}
    The end of my story is that I DID meet my Prince, but he was driving a green Chevy Chevette and didn't have a Mansion. We did...♫ 'Pack up all our stuff' ♫...and move...but not to Beverly Hills. We moved to a one bedroom apartment in Connecticut, a place not big enough, or, in my opinion, classy enough, for all of the stuff in my Hope chest! It wouldn't have matched any of my stuff anyway! We ended up buying a "practical"/Ugly striped brown, gold, and tan living room set, thanks to my "practical" new husband, and a brown bedroom set. :-/ ...
    I had bought bright red Satin bed spreads and curtains, and a poster of John Travolta to hang on my wall. The hubby wasn't into that so much! LOL He was a BROWN kind of guy. Still is, kinda,...with a little blue thrown in here and there. The only thing from my Hope chest that he loved as much as me, guessed beautiful porcelain china set with the hand-painted roses all over them!!!...I knew there was some reason I married him!!
    Now, if he could just figure out how to make Donuts and cupcakes pay off as well as ♫ "bubbling crude...Oil, that is...." ♫ we'd really have something to put on these dishes!!  ^__^ In the meantime...

Love Fills The Holes

Isn't  it wondrous,
this life that we live,
the holes we fill up
from the love that we give?

Even the hard times
make wonders abound,
because of the memories
of times safe and sound.

The good times, they come,
they fill us, they flow
and leave behind a smile,
like the hard rain's  rainbow.

So, its the love that keeps growing,
that adds wonder to life;
because no matter how peaceful,
or how full of strife,

Isn't  it wondrous,
this life that we live!
Cherish it always-
for the holes it will fill.


  1. Love the post!! I'm so happy you found your prince charming! What a great couple you make! And your dishes are gorgeous! I only have soup bowls. My English cottage ware has more pieces. I'll share those too one day. Off to write mine now. Thanks for the mention.

  2. Yes I did find him, Bead. I guess Prince Charmings can ride a horse, pull a buggy, be chauffeured, or drive a green Chevy Chevette!! LOL...I'll be looking forward to seeing your set. I hope your head feels better too.

  3. Love your dishes, love your blog, I'm following!

    Hugs - Czthy

  4. Hi Debbie! What a beautiful blog! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and following me! I am returning the follow and I look forward to reading more lovely posts!


  5. Cathy, Thank you for the nice comment about my dishes...and the follow. Hope you enjoy what you read...every now and then anyway! :-))

    Jamie Creason, What a nice complement!! I'm happy to have you aboard the Wug train! ^_^

  6. Lol. I wasn't expecting you to mention a John Travolta poster.

    That's so sweet that he likes the dishes set too :)

  7. Yes, Thea, I kinda expected, back then, that John Travolta was going to be my Prince in shining armor! LOL I guess I had to grow up sometime!! ^_^

  8. Alicia9/05/2010

    I have/had a set with a similar pattern that my grandmother bought for me before I was born (1961). My nephew's grandmother is holding it for him as he is the oldest great-grandchild. Hoping it will get passed down through the family. I kept the gravy boat :-)


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