Monday, August 2, 2010

Games People Play

    Hubby and I had a wonderful, uneventful, anniversary this past weekend. It was great just eating, talking, and SLEEPING!! You hear people all the time say: "I'm so tired! I wish I could just take a day out of my schedule and just sleep all day!" Well, we say: "Do it!!!" We did it, and we recommend it highly for relaxing you and giving you some time to put things in order.
    We COULD have done a lot of things this playing board games. We have enough of them. In fact, we have some favorites that we love to play, "Catch Phrase".
    This game is really a lot of fun when you play with a group. What happens is both teams have to move their game piece from start to finish by having their team guess the word they're trying to get across to them. The words are on this circular paper disk...
    ...that, at the beginning of the game, you insert into a hard plastic blue disk that has a little window where only one word shows up at a time. (Below) Then you hit the little green timer that ticks off time. The fun is that the timer is sort of like playing "Hot Potato"! You never know when your time is up until it goes off!!! And it goes off at different times every time! So, one team has to get their team to guess the word, then pass the disk to the other team, and back and forth until the timer goes off. If you are holding the disk when it goes off, the other team gets to move forward one spot on the board...until someone wins!
    It's so much fun!!...Stressful...but fun!!!
        We also have another group game,..."Pictionary". You have to work your way from start to finish with representative pieces when you play this game too.
    You have a board with different letters and colors...
    ...that correspond to the words on these cards. (Yellow, with the "P", means it will be a "Place";  Beige, with an "A", means it will be an "Action" word; so forth and so on.)
    You don't talk your way through 'Pictionary' though. Your team has to guess the word that you draw on a piece of paper in front of them!...And Yes! There is a time limit with this one too!...If the person that is advancing, stops on the red space that has "AP" on it, that means "All Play". In other words, both teams have to draw that word at the same time, and whoever gets it first advances!!
    I love to watch how people's minds work when they're drawing something. Everybody comes at a word in different ways. I love to play 'Pictionary' with my hubby on my team. He draws the best 'Stick People' ever!! You can always see exactly what's going on too! Being a Poet, and more about words than pictures, I usually think too deeply about what I'm going to draw!! My drawing gets too involved. LOL...But, seeing that there was only hubby and I at home this weekend, we didn't play either one of these games.
    Our game is "Uno"!
     It's a game where the cards themselves tell you what the game is all about. The only thing that's debated between the two of us is how many cards each of us will start with...Usually 7.
    With this game you take turns putting down a card. You play by matching colors or numbers...or doing whatever the cards tell you to do, until you only have one card left in your hand...At which time, you MUST yell "Uno!" If on your next turn you can get rid of your last card...You Win!!
    Hubby and I don't like to play with the newer Uno cards that we have though. We like to play with our old, retro style, beat up deck!! LOL
    We think these cards have more personality!! What do you think?! :-)
     When I can get him to play with me, me and hubby will play a game of "Scrabble".
    This game is pretty simple as far as rules are concerned. You just have to make words off of each other's words on a board...and count up the score.
    Obviously, because I love words, I love this game!
     I can't get hubby to play it with me that often though. He really doesn't like words that much. And the fact that this game doesn't have a beeping, blinking, timer is also a drawback for him. So, I play against myself most of the time, adding up the score...Are you laughing?!!!...It's probably because I'm doing all of this 'Practicing' that I can't get anybody to play with me too much anymore! Ha! Ha!....I did get my friend to play with me when we had our 'friend day' recently!...But she was from out of state and didn't know any better! :-)
    Scrabble is not the only game I play by myself though, unless I can snag a victim....I mean, unless I can get  somebody to play with me. :-) I love playing cards!

    And, in my opinion after YEARS of playing cards, the "Bicycle" brand of playing cards are the best ones out there...that I've played with, anyway!
    They take a licking and still hold up good. These are the ones we always played with when our family use to have "Spades" marathons. "Spades" is a card game that you play with a partner. 4 people sit at a table, the partners across from each other, and bid on how many books, or sets, the two of them think they can make every time they deal a new hand...until somebody reaches a designated number of points, which you get for each won game. You can also have points deducted if you don't make the 'books' you bid!  Each game takes about an hour...or it did with our family! Of course there was a lot of bluffing and 'running the mouth' going on in between!! LOL
   We used to play "Spades" for hours on end, where the losing team had to get up and cook, run to fast food restaurants for the winners, or sit in silence and take the score for the next game...The next game would be a game of the winners versus 2 other partners! We would go on and on through a whole weekend!! Talk about fun!!
    So, hubby and I could've played some of these games this past weekend. In fact, as I said, we COULD have done a lot of things! But we didn't!! What we did was eat, talk and SLEEP!!...And it was one of the best Anniversaries EVER!!! :-)

{This is another one of those sappy poems about my hubby that I wrote many, many years ago. All NON-Romantics...Stop Laughing!!! :-)) }


My husband works for "Wonder Bread".
He carries "Hostess" products too.
There are cakes, and pies and "Twinkies",
honey buns-All brought to you
by the hand of the "Wonder"-Man-
My "Wonder"-Man!

He's the hardest worker ever,
starting long before sun-up.
Putting smiles upon the faces
of all those with coffee cups.
No coffee's bland-
Thanks, "Wonder"-Man!

He works a hand computer.
All day long the shelves are stocked
with the proper, needed portions,
so that sales will not be blocked.
He'll stack and scan-
My "Wonder"-Man!

To me, he is a wonder,
but in a different sort of way.
He's a wonderful companion,
who makes me wonder every day;
A love so grand!-
From my "Wonder"-Man!

Its a wonder how he does it-
Work such hours and still can
make me feel like his "Girl-Wonder",
"Debbie-in his Wonderland".
But he can-
He's a "Wonder"-Man!

There are some wonders of the world,
But its no wonder I'm his girl.
He's the best man in the land-
My "Wonder"-Man!


  1. Even for romantics it's a bit sappy, but I like it!! I only play cards. Cribbage, Hog and Pig, Hand and Foot, etc. Sometimes it's Quiddler. You would love that game!! Based on words like scrabble! Nice post!

  2. WOW! I've never heard some of the games you mentioned!! Hog and Pig?! Hand and Foot?! Quiddler?! You'll have to do a blog and tell me how to play them!! :-)

  3. Catch Phrase is my favorite and always a crowd pleaser!


  4. Ari-Audrey, yes! It's not a game for the timid. That's for sure!! :-))

  5. Alicia9/05/2010

    I'm coming to play Scrabble with you! I love it. Still have the one I got for my 16th birthday. It swivels and has recessed spaces to hold the letter tiles. Love cards too, but Bid Whist is my favorite.

  6. Alicia, YAY! A Scrabble partner!!...Spades is my game too. Never learned to play Whist well.


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