Saturday, August 7, 2010

Surviving The Summer?

   I haven't shared any pictures with you lately of the backyard. Frankly, I haven't done it because the backyard has been UN-inspiring. Between all of the thunderstorms, wind, and blistering heat, the backyard has just been...trying to survive!!
    But this morning this pretty little lilac colored flower, the one in the header picture, was lifting it's little head, as if to say: "I haven't given up yet!" And considering that most of the other flowers that used to accompany it are gone, I just think it's wonderful!!...Even though where it  is-is just hanging off to the side in here...
    WOW! It really IS a survivor!...It's not alone though. The other potted plants are hanging in there too...
   ....This last one has a hanger-on too...
   Okay, so I would love it if they looked like this...

Yucca flowers against oncoming thunderstorm, NMImage by Martin LaBar (going on hiatus) via Flickr
Close up yucca flowers against oncoming thunde...Image by Martin LaBar (going on hiatus) via Flickr
      But that's not happening right now...*Deep Breath*...But it's still amazing how a plant can show the same resilience as a strong human being! That's what mine are doing. So I'm going to give them some encouragement..."HANG IN THERE, BABIES! MAMA LOVES poor sad things!"  :-))
    There are some sunflower plants that my hubby planted in the backyard that are just now trying to start a cycle of growth!
     But if you look at their leaves you can see that the summer critters are trying to eat them before they get a good start. UGH! He'll have to put on his Superman suit and get to work on them before it's too late!
MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - MAY 23:  The Superman c...Image by Getty Images via @daylife
     If he's successful, one day soon I'll be showing you big pretty sunflower photos from my own backyard that look kinda like these...
Sunflowers in Fargo, North Dakota.Image via Wikipedia
     Okay...Maybe not THAT many!! LOL
       In the meantime, I know, it looks kind of gloomy in the backyard. But guess what? It's not ALL gloomy. There are some plants that are growing beautifully!!...
    And if you look close you can see the buds! That means there WILL be some new and beautiful flowers in the backyard soon...YAY!!!...It's not Springtime anymore, but it is SOMETHING! And I could sure use something pretty to look at in my backyard again!!
     (Which reminds me...I'll have some updates on a few things in my post tomorrow for those of you who read my posts regularly. If there is anything particular you want an update about, let me know in today's comments.)

Spring Is The Rain

Spring is the rain,
when the flowers grow again,
and new life is let remain.
After months of drench and drain,
you now see roses down the lane.

Spring is the rain,
and the budding of the grain,
and birds, out your window pane.
When the weather makes you sane,
and its no longer on your brain,
'cause there's no cold to give you pain.

Spring is the rain-
the time for traveling on the train,
for watching trees, not weather vanes,
and raking leaves-Autumn's disdain.
You lift your head, just like a crane,
and now your thought's no longer vain.
You think of seasons that were plain,
but now its blooming, down on Main,
because spring is the rain.


  1. is that a morning glory? I love pottering in the garden at this time of year and love waiting for new plant to show themselves. Way to hot today to do much and the ground is like concrete. So as you too are a nature lover I award you with I love your blog!!! so came and get your heart if you would like it. The fields around us are full of sunflowers this year.

  2. Krishenka, Yes, it is a morning glory. And it's hanging on by a thread right now. LOL Thanks for the award too!! I'm not good at html and all that, so I don't know how to put buttons on my blog...YET!...And, do you have pictures of the sunflowers in your field?! I'd love to see!

  3. They really are resilient. I can't stand 10 minutes in the cold and rain before I become really miserable.

  4. Thea, Indeed they are...more than me sometimes!! :-))

  5. Your poor little plant looks like it's related to some of mine! LOL TOO much rain!! Some of them drowned! But I do have some Zinnias that are outstanding right now! My pride and joy! Hope your flowers bloom soon! Makes us happy, doesn't it! :)

  6. You don't need to do html for the award just click on the picture and save. I have a file that I just call blog pics and then add it to your post easy peasy.

  7. CinLynn, Do you have some pictures of your zinnias somewhere? I'd love to see them!

  8. Krishenka, GREAT! I'll try that then! :-)

  9. Hey Wug,
    I don't have any photos. I'll run out now and get them and post them on my blog. Stay tuned...............

  10. What is that last plant with the buds?

    Mountainview Farm is in Easthampton, Massachusetts. Click on the hyperlink on our Friday Farm Share post to visit their website!

  11. CinLynn, I'm on my way in a minute to check!!

    Holyoke Home, I'm embarrassed to say I have no idea what it is!! LOL I'll find out when the flowers come out on it! The flowers are my husband's area of expertise, but even he's not sure! :-))...I'm going to check the link for Mountainview Farm too!

  12. Thanx for posting these pics- I live in an urban waste land, surrounded by concrete. Yyour photos help take the sting out of having no back yard!

  13., Ha! Ha! I guess pictures of sun scorched and dried out plants could make you feel better about not having a backyard, couldn't it!! :-))))

  14. Thanks Everybody! :-)


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