Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"Poetesswug, You have won..."

       Woohoo!!! I won this beautiful necklace in a Giveaway yesterday!!! It was on the blog "CREATIVE AND FAITHFUL", a Blog written by Karen Clark of Crystal Velvet, a jewellery, tiara and handmade wedding accessories online store.Isn't it exquisite! It's going to be a week or so before it gets here and I'm already giddy!!!  She can be found on Twitter at CrystalVelvetUk. Thank you Karen!!!
    In honor of my teal toned necklace made of Czech Dagger beads, Swarovski crystals, delicas and Bali silver beads, I'm going to share some teal beauties of some of my friends and Twitter buddies! If you purchase any of these items you'll be a winner too!!
    First is this Crazy Lace Agate Blue Moon Bracelet by my friend, "Bead", of CinLynnBoutique on Etsy.

    All of her jewelry...necklaces, earrings, and purse/zipper pulls...is as beautiful as this!

    Look at this beautiful Bird's Nest Brooch by fibrous .
     She also makes flowers, animals, and all kinds of other fibrous goodness!

And how about these gorgeous Earrings, Medium Wishbone-evening pool by ArtistiKat
    Her handcrafted, artistically designed, jewelry is a feast for the eyes!

    So, I'm just going to sit here and look at them for a while, seeing as I don't have my necklace here to look at yet! :-) If you want to have a good time, just scroll through either of these shops. I chose teal to focus on, but they've got all kinds of color in their shops. That's why I liked at them in the first place!!
    I'm laying low otherwise today. More RAIN in our forecast. My bones don't like that!! I sure wish I had the body I had in my teens! Grrrrr!

I Used To Be Able

I used to be able to walk
without giving thought to every step.
I used to be able to exercise
with no hesitation, or lack of pep.

I used to be able to study for hours,
and my thoughts were as clear as a bell.
I could see so clearly what to underline.
(Now, if I do, I can`t tell!)

I used to be able to just jump out of bed,
with my movements preceding my brain;
But now there is first, lots of thought,
then a cane-preceded by pain!

I used to be able to sleep through the night,
without flipping from left to right;
But now I wake up as `Hot as can be`,
and sweating like I`ve been in a fight.

I used to be able to eat what I wanted,
and my body would just burn it off;
But now, not only does it sit where it lands,
but I get indigestion and cough!

I used to be able to paint my own toes;
and stand in the shower to wash my hair;
But now I depend on people that I pay
to pretty me up-and to care.

I used to be able to dance `heel-to-toe`;
and take deep breaths to sing.
As you can see from this poem, things have changed;
Now I hum and dance, stumbling.

Its really okay that I`m not quite the same;
It just means that I`ve been `round the bend.`
I`ve matured and grown up and got settled with it,
`cause one day I`ll do it all again.


  1. This looks great!Congrats!
    And I quite like the poem! :D

  2. Ria, Thank you! It's so nice of you to visit my blog. I just visited and followed yours too!...And thanks about the poem too! :-)

  3. Ooh. Nice necklace. yay for you for winning!

    And thanks for the mention of my bird's nest brooch!

  4. Thanks Thea! Thank you!! :-)

  5. Yay Wug!! Thanks for showing off my bracelet! Lot's of people love it, but no one seems to want to buy it! LOL But I love that you mentioned it. As for your poem, instead of "I used to..." it should say "I will do..." again!!! Just around the corner my dear friend and sister!! Keep it real! Love you!

  6. Thanks Bead! You noticed the last line of that poem, right?! 'One day I'll do it all again'!!! Keeping it VERY real! :-))...I hope you do sell your bracelet. It certainly is worth the money you're so generously asking!!!

  7. yay! don't you love winning giveaways?! they make my day!

  8. molly YEH!, I wish I could say I was familiar with them, but this is my FIRST one...that I can remember, anyway!!! (That'll tell you something...if I can't even remember!!! ^_^)

  9. Yay! so glad you won! Love your poem and thank you MUCH for featuring my wishbone earrings among so many creative and beautiful pieces.

  10. ArtistiKat, Thanks for the complement about my poem...As far as featuring your earrings is concerned, it was my distinct pleasure! :-)

    Melissa Blake, I love them too!! There are some really talented people out here, aren't there?!...YOU included! :-)

  11. Beautiful! I always enjoy your blog! So much joy here, it shows in everything you do!

  12. Awwww! That's nice Bev!! Thanks for stopping to say so. Gave me a smile! :-)

  13. Thanks Everybody! :-)


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