Saturday, August 21, 2010

YAY! It's Backkkkk....Yard!!

    I am so happy to see some "Pretty" in the backyard! I've been trying not to look at it since the scorching sun, and all the other freaky weather this summer, took my grass and withered my poor little flowers. But, while life seems to be moving getting ready to go back to school, FALL sales in everyone's Etsy shops, and humidity and other angry weather calming down, backyard seems to be saying: "Not So Fast!" Even my ugly, patchy grass...Remember THIS --> "Surviving The Summer"? recovering! Look at it now!!
    There's still a few patchy places...(Forgive some of the shaky photo shots this morning, it's still kinda early for my resident photographer. He hasn't had anything to drink either...not even coffee!! LOL)
      Our live-in backyard Robin seems to be loving it this morning too! :-)
     I'm even more happy about it, because I got a long distance phone call yesterday....COMPANY'S COMING!! Two girlfriends I haven't seen in years are going to be here on Sunday for a short visit!! And they're bringing fresh watermelon!!! I've just got to supply lunch...Hmmmm.....I'll have to think about that a bit. Any suggestions you have will be helpful. I'll share pictures on Monday...if they let me! :-)
    They haven't visited me in my new place. I'm so happy that there are flowers...pretties...still in bloom!!
    I wish my hubby's sunflowers were in bloom. Right now they look more like "Batman" trying to be in bloom!
    ...And hubby's shaky arms this morning make them seem even more "Batman-ish"!!
      But even that caped crusader's Bat Cave didn't look as good as my backyard this morning!! :-) Okay, I've got some INSIDE sprucing up to do before my 'company' gets here! Don't you just love it when out of State friends visit?! But.......ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH!! LOL
    Happy Saturday Everybody!! ^_^

Who is a Friend?

Dependable and loving,
all your jokes make perfect sense;
To keep you happy and unharmed,
they'd gladly spare no small expense.

They know your moods,
Can take the heat.
They know the things
you like to eat.

Will tell you things
that lift your fear,
and even the things
you don't want to hear.

They'll quickly point out
your panicky smile;
and pull up your slip
that's been hanging a mile.

They'll be your cheerleader-
Pom Poms in the air!
And when others are gone,
they will always be there.

Laughter and glee,
sobs and deep pain,
are shared by this friend,
in the sun or the rain.

Your accomplishments cause
only joy to their heart;
When they see your success,
it's as if they're a part.

And even though they know
the very worst that you do,
they map your intentions-
and they still love you.

So who is this friend?
It's your mother, your wife,
your neighbor, your kid,
someone who's sharing your life.

They may be close, and related,
or live very far;
but this friend is your friend
and they know who you are.

Your secrets are safe,
your feelings secure,
their shoulder is ready,
and their motives are pure.


  1. Your flowers look beautiful!! My are sad...really sad!! If I would water them in between rains, it would greatly help. I'm so excited for you to have company tomorrow! I REALLY hope you enjoy your day, and I can't wait to hear about it! I'm sure your friends would love anything you make them! Watermelon....I LOVE watermelon!! Can I come too?

  2. Ha! Ha! CinLynn, I love your comments! Boy do I wish you COULD come to be with us tomorrow!! That would be great!! I'm sure they'd love to me their sister/friend!!! :-)

  3. The hot summer sun has taken its toll on our garden as well. All that seems prolific right now is weeds, clover and crab grass! Of course the deer LOVE the clover, so it's not all bad. Enjoy your company-I hope you have a wonderful visit!

  4. Oh love your poem! So true. I make the promise of friendship to you. And No Fat Talk! I am a professional cheerleader!!! **blows kisses** Deb

  5. trusk4u, The heat this summer is taking a toll on EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY I think...deer and weeds excluded! :-) And hopefully I'll have some photos to share from my visit on Monday!

    Deborah, I'm so glad you liked the poem. Something tells me that the people that call you their friend probably feel that way about you!! 'Rah! Rah! Sis Boom Bah' Friend!! ^_^

  6. Thanks for your visit and kind words. You are quite the poet but I'm sure you know it cause look at all these! ;D

  7. Julie Harward, It was my pleasure to visit. I read your blog quite often in fact...And thank you for the complement on my poems. I just do them as I like to, is all. I enjoy it though...and crocheting! :-)

  8. Thanks Everybody! :-)


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