Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday, Monday's Hangover

    It's Tuesday, but I'm up early and still trying to get Monday out of my mind! This header picture was the view I had when the light...Ha!...started to come into the window yesterday. Dark, rainy, gloomy. It reminded me of the song they used to sing on just about every episode of the country show "Hee Haw" years ago. ♫ "Gloom, despair, and agony on me..." ♫ 
     I was determined to try to make something positive out of this gloomy day though! This...
    ...was not going to get me down!! Or...that's what I thought! So, I got to work putting up my blog, chronicling the fact that Mondays are Mondays!! Then I had a little breakfast and 'went-a-tweeting' on Twitter. I tweeted....I waited.....I tweeted.....I waited. Was everybody getting Massachusetts weather yesterday and decided to sleep in?! I told myself, YES! So, I moved on...to do some blog reading.
    Guess what? There were hardly any updates in my blog list! What was going on yesterday anyway?!...Later on a few people did update their blogs, but for the most part I think the Monday blues must have gotten everybody!! Or else everybody has a life that they're out living while I'm stuck in the dark and rain trying not to complain about mine!!! LOL
    I formulated a plan. I would do some crocheting...
    ...This is as far as I got. I didn't like the way my suede green was bulking out at the sides of the black, so...I took it all a loose. And since I didn't have the Monday motivation to start the new one...No more crocheting was done yesterday! I moved on....to "So You Think You Can Dance" reruns.
   I missed the 2 night finale last week and I wanted to see the replay of it in peace and quiet so that I didn't miss anything. I thought this would be the PERFECT day for that!
     But then right in the middle of a dance routine...
     ...the phone rings! It was my sister. "Oh yes, it has been a while!"..."No, I didn't know that!"..."Really, well I don't want to read that, but thank you. I've got plenty to read already."...BLAH! BLAH! BLAH!...And the worst of it was that I don't even really think she knew I was on the phone. I only said these few lines and then "Uh huh...Uh huh...Oh!....Uh huh" for the rest of the 40 minutes or so!! Don't you hate that when people call you to talk to you, but what they're really doing is calling you to have you listen to them while they talk?!! UGH!... I did learn though, that her daughter is turning 17 and wants her to buy her a car. THAT'S not going to be happening!! Oh!, and her potassium is low, her cat didn't want to talk to me today for some strange reason, and she has vegetables up to the 'HooHah' and has been eating lots of salads. Oh yeah...she's also going to the bathroom a whole lot and she doesn't know what's the matter with her!!!
    Now, I love my sister, but considering the gloom already accompanying my Monday, I really didn't need to know her bathroom issues and the strange non-talking habits of her spastic cat!! I wanted peace and quiet.
    When I went back to "So You Think You Can Dance", the quiet and peacefulness returned. Then a big "To be continued" sign, and something about a part 2! But there was no part 2! It won't be updated until tomorrow! UGH!!! (Now my Tuesday has to be interrupted!) WHATEVER!...I moved on.
    I 'kaputzed' around with this and that for the rest of the morning, and took a nap. (A had to take more than one before the day was done!)
   Hubby came home. Before dinner he wanted to go "2" the bathroom....*giggling*...Then from inside the closed bathroom door I hear: "Uh Oh!!" Yikes!...Now I'm going to spare you the details of this story, but suffice it to say that it didn't make for a peaceful and quiet end to the Monday with me yelling through the bathroom door "STOP PLUNGING IT SO HARD!!! YOU'RE GONNA HAVE WATER ALL OVER THE FLOOR!!!!!!" And then hearing water splashing over...and over...and over...and over again!!!
    No matter how much I tried to explain...because OH NO! 'He could do it himself without my help'!...he continued to do it HIS way!! UGH! Then he declared: "I'm gonna have to call a plumber I think, because I don't know how to do this."....Really?! I would have never guessed that, with all of the SPLISHING and SPLASHING and BAD SMELLS coming out of the bathroom!!!! I thought for sure you knew exactly what you were doing!!!
    I had to take a lot of deep breaths last night...deep breaths taken in short gasps!...This morning I'm kind of chuckling about it, but last night I wanted to kill a husband...MINE!!! LOL....Monday! I'm still hungover from it!! I may need some Alka-Seltzer before Tuesday morning is over! :-))

{This poem was written on another annoying day years ago! It's a good thing we hung in there! :-)}

Controlled Happiness

Don't  be happy,
or at peace.
Don't  rejoice
at sweet relief.

Don't  'gut' laugh,
or feel serene,
'cause if you do
it might be seen.

Don't  relax
Just be on guard.
(Not you-that's best!)

Don't  be concerned
or even talk;
Just look for bad,
just like a hawk.

Don't  think out loud
that things are good;
Please don't  trust him-
even if you should.

Don't  think he cares,
'cause if you do
the things he does
gives you a cue.

He's  working through
some dings and dents;
But they're  all done
at your expense.

He doesn't  really
like himself;
He's  6 feet tall,
but feels an Elf.

To criticize
is not his goal;
But this helps him
be in control.

And that control
is his real key;
It makes me feel
I can't  be me!

He starts to stare.
I think: "What's  wrong?"
The night-I know,
will be real long.

There seems to come
this angry mood;
and then we're fighting

When all is calm,
we try again.
He's there for me.
He's  my best friend.

We joke around.
I feel adored;
But that same night,
I get ignored.

I strive to share
what was my day.
My feelings seem
to be in his way.

This up and down
may work for him,
But I am not
a jungle gym!!

I need to be happy
and at peace,
and to rejoice
at sweet relief.

To  just relax,
and every day,
just be myself
in every way.

To be controlled
It will not work-
No! Not on me!!

I will be happy,
and carefree,
'cause Thankfully
I still love me!

Even when
I am alone
my thoughts are in
the happy zone.

You'll  find me laughing
with my friends;
Not changing moods,
just like the winds.

So, don't  be happy,
or at peace;
Don't  rejoice
at sweet relief.

But all alone
is what you'll  be,
'cause I'll  be happy-
being me.


  1. ♫♫".....deep dark depression, excessive misery. If it weren't for bad luck (oh, well. part of the song) I'd have no luck at all. Gloom, despair and agony on me!" ♫♫ And I thought my Monday was weird! I have been noticing a LOT lately that Twitter is unusually quiet. No one to talk anymore or RT. What happened? Hope today is a better one my friend. I'm banking on it! Get back to that crocheting....it makes you happy!

  2. CinLynn, Ha! Ha! You did what I almost did when I was writing the post...putting the words to the song there! It said it perfectly about yesterday for me!!...And yes, Twitter has changed a lot. I think technology and advertising has taken the friendly promos into the "Business" dumper!!! LOL And I think I'll do just what you said...get back to my crocheting today! :-)

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! When I read your poetry and your other blog entries I thought, "Man she must think my little blog is so boring"...I love your poetry and I did smile at the crocheting...My Mom crocheted my Sister's wedding dress. It was beautiful! (still is) Maybe I'll blog about it...thanks for the inspiration! Your post also reminded me of the words to the song: "rainy days and Mondays always get me down"

  4. Ugh! Mondays!

    somehow we survived!

    :) Kim

  5. yaya, I enjoy your blog!! And thanks for the feedback on the poetry too. (And please DO blog about the crocheted wedding dress. I can't wait to see it!!!

    P.S. I almost used that song, but...it was too 'chipper'! LOL

  6. B.B. Bellezza, YES WE DID!!...Barely, for me! :-))


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