Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Oh, Honey!

     We found the other one!!...I're probably wondering what I'm talking about. Well, I mentioned on an earlier post, about WEDDING FAVORS  that I had broken a wedding favor, a jar of honey, with some vice grip pliers. Well, hubby was hunting for something in one of the other boxes that we hadn't opened up yet (moving! UGH!!), and came across this!
    I said: "Hey! Where did that come from?! Didn't we break that?!"
    He said: "Well, we broke one!"
    "I thought we only had one!!"
    "No, we both had one. They were on the table at every one of the seats. We didn't sit in the same seat you know!"
    You know, he really does think he's funny! LOL Anyway, I was so happy to know we had another one, because I can show you what I was talking about!
   What's funny to me is that I didn't remember that it was heart-shaped! I just remembered how good that honey looked, and that we couldn't get into it!! And after we smashed the other jar all to pieces I guess the shape that it HAD BEEN didn't seem like a memory that was worth keeping! LOL
    You can see what I meant about how hard it was to get into though, in this photo--↓
   See all of the glue around the cork! They REALLY didn't intend for this to be eaten, did they?! Too bad too! I'm hungry right now, and I could sure use some golden honey on a piece of peanut butter toast!...*drooling*...Where are my pliers?!! :-))
    I guess it's going to be another one of those things around here that I just look at and...wonder! Hubby has been collecting the other things I've been wondering about...
   ...I mean....Why, honey?!!!


There are things in our lives
that we try to hide;
And others that we show
with the utmost pride.

Things we didn't  say,
that we wish we did;
And others-said in anger,
when we 'Flipped our lid!'

People that we wish
we'd  tried harder with;
Others who, when asked about,
we'll 'Take the 5th'.

Things we never tried,
because it cost too much;
And times we pushed ourselves,
when price was not the crutch.

Hurdles that we climbed-
with our hands-and in our mind;
Others we're  still climbing,
every day-from time to time.

People we forgave,
because it was the best for us;
Life is just too short,
over 'Things' to make a fuss.


  1. Guess it's not worth making a fuss over honey. If you can't open it, it's worthless!! Made me drool though. I also love honey especially on a fresh homemade biscuit (not mine! I back like Ellie Mae Clampet!!)! <<<Just ask my hubby!

  2. Ha! Ha! Cin, that's so funny, you talking about Ellie Mae!!...By the way, I make a "Mean" biscuit homemade myself!!! :-)) I just don't have any honey!!!

  3. LOL! Pretty jars though aren't they? I love honey too. Don't eat it often but drizzled on a biscuit is simply yummy. But that peanut butter toast with honey sounds heavenly :-p I am gonna have to try that :-)

  4. Maritime, Peanut butter and honey toast is DE-licious! Try'll like it!

  5. Hi there Debbie!
    I love reading your poems, Wow I wish my words could rhyme and sound as poetic as yours. I have been reading from your archive hope you don't mind.


  6. I don't mind at all! Read away!!! (I'd love to get your thoughts on them too!)


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