Tuesday, August 10, 2010

♫ 'Hot Child In Wuglyees' City" ♫

    I looked at the weather report this morning and all I could think of was the song by Nick Gilder, "Hot Child In The City". While I'm sitting in my house crocheting away on my scarves, trying to pretend I'm in the Arctic (with my A/C on all the time), all of my friends and my hubby, who are in and out of it all day, are talking about how hot it is and how high the humidity is!
    I'm a little embarrassed to be so oblivious, especially because I was one of the ones carrying on about the weather a few weeks back, when my A/C died on me!  So, to all those sweltering in the sunshine, I say: "I feel your pain...Well, I sort of feel your pain!!" :-) If it's any consolation....we also will have rain today!...Okay, so it's not much consolation to you! Sorry!
    Let me share a little of the last scarf I started though. Maybe this will make you feel better! (I know! I know!)
    As usual, I have to beg your forgiveness for my poor photography, but I wanted to at least give you an idea of the newest scarf I was working on. It's a beautiful yarn! It's a green blend, with flecks of burgundy and yellow. I only had 2 skeins of it left, so this won't be a long 64 inch scarf, like I like to make. It's going to have to be a chest warmer size.
    I'm loving the feel and the design. What do you think of it?!
On a completely different note, my sister sent me a picture of my niece, her daughter, that was taken at her dance recital the other day. Before I show it to you though, let me show you how I still see her...
     I crocheted this Mickey Mouse blanket for her, with her full name cross stitched on it. My sister took this picture and gave it to me shortly after she was born. Isn't she just the most precious thing?!
    Time goes by so fast when you're an Auntie!...This was taken a year and a half later...
    ...This was when she was 3 years old...
    And this was the latest picture I got from the dance recital!
    *Sigh*...Like I said, Time goes by really fast when you're an Auntie! "Dance on little one. Your Auntie, who you don't see nearly enough, loves you!" :-)

Set A Good Example

The nieces and the nephews
that my siblings all have bore
are our next generation,
ones we set examples for.

They don't  seem to have the fun
that we did as girls and boys;
Maybe that's because they have
way too many distracting toys.

Between T.V. and computers,
and so many video games,
it's a wonder they can even
think at all-or know their names.

That's why we, as the adults,
should be careful what we do;
"living right", so that we always
keep whats best for them in view.

The world, for them, has much more stress;
filled with violence and dope.
All we had to worry about
was hopscotch and jumping rope.

We collected pretty rocks,
and played 'Tag' outside for fun-
while today's kids are informed
to carry condoms-not a gun!

To my sisters and my brothers
I am just their kid's  Auntie,
for whom they need to show respect
and give a kiss, when they see me.

But I feel that it's my job
(One I feel devoted to)
to set a good example.
It's the least that I could do.

I'm the one who knew their parents
before they were 'Mom' and 'Dad'.
I tell the things they can't  remember,
'cause it might make them look bad.

I am also their Auntie,
who now serves Jehovah God;
who is most of all concerned
they'll  spoil the kid, and spare the rod.

Spoiling them by what they say
not reflecting what they do;
and because of feeling guilt-
give them "Things" to cloud their view.

So, I pray with all my might
that this poem gives a sample
of the reasons that adults
need to set a good example.


  1. Your niece is adorable! Love the dance recital photo! I have one of those of me when I was 6! Time REALLY does fly by doesn't it! So unfair! Love your poem too! Just beautiful!

  2. Thank you, as always, my friend, for the nice words. So, when am I gonna get a peek at your dance recital picture?! :-))

  3. What a beautiful child your niece is :-) And a prima ballarina to boot...lol. Lovely pictures. And they grow up so fast I know. It doesn't seem like it but it sure does. Couldn't wait for my youngest to go to school (all that quiet ya know) and her first day was yesterday in Kindergarten and I was the one who cried. She just smiled brightly and said "Bye Mommy, don't worry".

    Beautiful yarn on that scarf. You will have to get it up so it can be "tweeted"...lol

  4. Maritime, That would have broke my heart if my every day buddy had left for school with a "Bye Mommy"! LOL {But how sweet that she told you not to worry. :-)} ... I'm going to try to get some good pictures of my scarves over the weekend. Then I'll be putting them up in the shop. So, I hope you'll help me out with a tweet here and there then. :-)

  5. You DON'T want to see my dance recital photo!! For one thing, it's large and I'm the little chubby girl in it. Not real proud of it! But.........you never know, I just may surprise you and let you see it! :)

  6. Ha! Ha! You're not scaring me with that chubby stuff! That's what kids are, aren't they...chubby?! LOL I'll be waiting!!!! :-)

  7. L♥ve the scarf and L♥ve your niece even more! She is a living doll. **blows kisses** Deb

  8. Anonymous8/10/2010

    Your neice is so cute!! Thank you for my award!!! I feel so honoured! ☺☺

  9. Thanks Deborah! I finished that one and a suede one yesterday! I'm a machine right now! LOL

    Michele, I was happy to give you the award! Great blog you have!...Thanks for the complement about my niece too. I didn't have anything to do with her cuteness though...except sharing some genes...somewhere down the line!! LOL

  10. Thanks Everybody! :-)


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