Sunday, August 29, 2010

Running Over With Treasures

    WOW! I've had a pretty good couple of days, business-wise! First, "hiyapapaya", who has a great shop herself on Etsy, with great things in it like this "Day Off 5x7 Fine Art Photo"...
    ...put my "Thick And Fuzzy Maroon And Gray Wuglyee Key Chain" (the last one in row 4, above) in her "Cranberry and Graphite" Treasury on Etsy!
    I think she might have picked it just because of it's colors, but WHATEVER! Exposure is exposure! :-) But there are some other really wonderful items in this treasury too! Below I'll give you their links:

Row 4.) **Cranberry Grape Lip Balm (which already SOLD!) by orangethyme

    The next really good thing that happened to me, on Saturday morning, was that I woke up to a sale in my Wuglyees shop! One of my necklaces, the "Turquoise Candy Beaded Necklace",
     ...the one I sewed the candy looking beads on myself, SOLD!! YAY!! (Okay, so I'm maybe a little too excited. But I haven't sold a thing since the end of July!!)
    Then, Lo and Behold, before I went to bed Saturday night I got a convo...I have another item from my shop in ANOTHER Treasury!! My "Hay Fever Yellow Crochet Flower Necklace"!!
    Thanks to "truetexasscents", an Etsy shop owner with the cutest packaged candles I've ever seen! See for yourself! Look at this "3-8 oz Texas style Square Mason Jar Western Cowboy Candles (you choose the scents)"!
    The Treasury she curated is entitled "Color Me Fall".
    She did such a nice job!! It makes me want to crochet....Fall scarves! I have to give 'props' to all of the other shop owners too. So bear with me as I link you to where to find their items and their shops:

Row 4.) **Wheat Earrings by marmar

    Some of these shops were already particular favorites of mine. So, I am very happy to be sharing treasury appearances with them! Please take a look at their shops. You won't be sorry. And maybe you'll find something fabulous that you didn't even know you needed! :-)
    Okay, now I have to go and get ready for my greatest treasure today! My spiritual treasure of being able to give praise to my God, Jehovah. I hope you all have a good day!
   (The poem below is not a prayer. It's just a poem I wrote many years ago. I figured today would be a good day to share it!)

Jehovah, I Love You

Jehovah, I love you-
more than some others know;
'cause you were right there with me,
no matter where I'd  go.

When I was just a child,
being loved inappropriately,
the thought that you could see it
made a stronger girl of me.

When going through High School,
with friends and drugs to pressure me,
Your love, without me knowing,
was the truth that made me free.

And later in my life,
when all I felt was 'All Alone',
your written word was there,
to ease the fear of the unknown.

Jehovah, I love you-
Something that you already knew,
but that I need to put in writing,
because that is what I do!


  1. A nice surprise to see this treasury on your lovely blog! I'm already in the treasury and now I'm on your wonderful blog! I thank you for this! I love the treasury, I love fall (don't like summer much anyway) and can't wait to actually see these gorgeous colors for real! Take care!

  2. First Light Photography, It was my pleasure to share the spotlight with you! And I'm with you about FALL!! I love not only the colors, but the weather too! :-)

  3. Yehaw! And thanks for the nice write up about my True Texas Scents Candles shop and my Fall Treasury. Happy to have you cute little crochet flower necklace in my treasury, too. What a unique idea.

  4. Wonderful post about the lovely treasuries you have been included in! There have been so many gorgeous Fall-Themed ones lately...and it's definitely time to start creating things!

  5. Beverly, It was my pleasure! You've got a great idea there, with the mason jars, yourself! ^_^

    Michele, Yep! It's time to 'get-to-creating'!! I'm already on the scarf-making train! ^_^

  6. Really lovely items and treasuries! :-)

  7. Thank you so much Kismet1990!! :-)

  8. Thanks to Everybody! :-)


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