Sunday, August 22, 2010

♫ 'These Feet Were Made For Walking.....' ♫ ?????

     Pretty, aren't they?! SOOOOO...NOT!!! That's why when hubby said, this morning, that he needed to go and get him a new pair of shoes for work, I didn't have any argument. The song by Nancy Sinatra, "These boots were made for walking", popped right into my head! I mean...REALLY!!These 'bad boys' have HAD IT!!!
    In fact, I'm surprised that, with his feet (which I'm going to show you in a minute...CONSIDER THAT A WARNING!!!) it's a wonder they lasted this long!!
    He showed me the bottom of the toe area as "HIS" reason for REALLY needing new ones-->
   I definitely can see his point,...but I think the reason he needs new ones is because of THESE....!!!
    He has the worse feet ever!!! We have had such laughs all these years about his feet!!
     Now, you wouldn't know it to look at them, but they're the softest feet you'll ever feel...on the bottom.
    ...especially his heels!
     They feel like a baby's bottom. And with feet like this, it's a good thing they have SOMETHING going for them! LOL
   And to think, Hubby went with me every 2 weeks, for years, to the nail salon, so that I could get my fingernails and toenails mani and pedi-cured. I tried all that time to get him to PLEASE get a pedicure. Maybe 'THOSE' feet would look...or BE...better!! But NO!!! He wasn't having any of that Girlie stuff!!
    After a few years of coming with me, and building a rapport with the girls in the salon, I decided that maybe...just maybe....if I gave him a free pedicure as an anniversary gift, he'd actually get them done! And.....YAY!...for me!....He did it!!! (Of course this led to more joking sessions with the ladies in the salon about who was going to do 'THOSE' feet next time! ^_^ But, WHATEVER!! They got done!) And they DID look MUCH better!
    Now he's out in our backyard, with his shoes off...
      ....having a good old time taking pictures of 'THOSE' feet....and even the critters don't know what to do!!
      ...They soon figured it out though!!!...RUN!!!
      So, YES! It's time to cover 'THOSE' things....Um.....Er.....I mean, buy some new work shoes! ^_^
So, off he went, by himself (the same way he went to the nail salon for the anniversary pedicure too! I couldn't bare to see the poor girl's face when she finally saw his feet! LOL).
    He got 2 pair of shoes. One pair was half price with the purchase of the other! So, out with the old 'hole-y' shoes and in with these!
    Okay, so they aren't MY kind of shoes, but he loves them! They have a high ankle because he's up and down off of the back of his work truck all day, loading and unloading trays.
        And they have good traction on the bottom. (I'm telling you stuff that he thinks is good about them, because frankly...all I care about is that 1.) his feet are covered! and 2.) Look how much they cost!!
    and the other pair?...
    They're even going to cover up those baby-bottom soft heels!
     And these were only...
    ....half-off!! So, only about $12.50!! Considering the job they have ahead of them, I'd say that was a pretty good bargain!!! LOL)
     Looks like it's a win, win for hubby, for his feet, for our wallet,......and for all critters everywhere!!! ^_^

Dress And Feel Better

When I am feeling bad,
and I am about to drop a tear,
I make myself feel better
putting pearls upon my ears.

When your hair just won't  act right,
and you're  feeling kinda fat,
put some perfume on your wrist,
and wear a fancy, frilly hat.

There's  nothing better than some frill,
and high heels down off the shelf
to make you stand a little straighter,
and feel good about yourself.

Wear some bold and brighter colors,
and some jewelry everywhere,
and you'll  look so good to others
that you'll  feel like what you wear!
Change your mood-and sport some flare!


  1. Tee Hee! Feet stories....we ALL have them! Glad he got new shoes! Makes everyone feel and look better!

  2. Good Morning CinLynn! I guess we all DO have feet stories, but thankfully we don't all have HIS feet!!! LOL

  3. What a brave man to have his feet photographed for your blog.By the way I have seen
    Jeanie x

  4. Lol. Good for him for going for the pedicure. I do like his second pair of shoes though. I have the hardest time finding pairs that I like.

  5. mythreebeez, Ha! Yes, I agree!! I KNOW I wouldn't have been brave enough, but to him it was no big deal. He has a very good sense of humor about it. :-)

    Thea, Right! But he hasn't been back since then!! :-) Maybe I should give him another trip for our NEXT anniversary!! ^_^ I'll give that some thought!

  6. Hahahaha this is a great blog post! LOL :D

  7. Thanks Mariann! Brave,,,isn't he?!! ^_^

  8. Anonymous8/24/2010

    Hahaha so did he enjoy the pedicure? (would he admit to it? or did he shrug it off... like it was okaaaaay) Nice new shoes!

  9. Cafe' Bellini, He LOVED the pedicure!! He even said, at the time, that he didn't know why he hadn't done it sooner!!!...Of course, that was then!! LOL He hasn't been back, even with my prodding!! ^_^

  10. I'm not sorry to disagree...I would never replace those work boots. The stories they must have.

  11. Maria, Ha! Ha! Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh! He might hear you!! Then I'd have to fight with him about getting rid of them! They're STILL not out the door, into the garbage, yet!! He's sure he'll find SOME use for them!!! ^_^

  12. Thanks Everybody! :-)


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