Thursday, August 12, 2010

"Scarf" Down, and Crochet it Up!

    Talking, eating, laughing, and lots and lots of crafting is what used to go on at our monthly "Crafting With The Girlfriends" day. We haven't had one since we moved into the new place, but, with all of the crocheting I've been doing lately, it's really been on my mind.
    Once a month we would all get together at a different girlfriend's house (decided on every month, at the end of the day). We'd all bring a dish that we made ourselves (Usually new dips or hors d' oeuvres), wear our club caps (that one of the girlfriend's had made for us), and craft our little hearts out!! Not just crocheting either. While some of us crocheted, others would be knitting, painting, cross-stitching, making homemade wall hangings, or whatever we felt like doing that month. One girlfriend, who wasn't particularly crafty, used to bring her husband's old socks or whatever thing needed a little needle and thread repair, and she would sit and do that! She said she looked forward to the group every month because if not for that her husband would probably be barefoot!!
     The scarves I've been working on this past week would be PERFECT for the 'Girlfriend's Day'! They're all basic shapes, the same pattern, and not a lot of changing colors or counting. I'm on my 5th one now! I started with the 2 black and white ones you've seen...
    Then I made the green one that's in my header picture, out of the soft blend yarn with the flecks of gold and red. I haven't taken the finished pictures of it yet. I'm hoping to get that done this weekend.
      After that one I made this wine colored chest scarf...
     ...It's a suede yarn, so soft!
     And then there's the one I'm working on now. I'm not entirely sure I like it yet. I'm a real 'COLOR' girl, and this one has hardly no color at all! I have to make it though. The leftover yarn is INSISTING on it!! LOL I'm making it with 2 strands of this color crocheted together in one section...
    ...and these 2 strands crocheted together in the other section...
    One of these strands has a nice twisty design...and a little bit of color in one part of it.
     But in the part I've crocheted already, none of the color has shown up!
     Actually, you can hardly tell there's 2 different patterning sections!
     I must admit that I'm having a hard time keeping my mind on this one. So, in between my bored spells, I make a few flowers (FREE gifts to put on my key chains)...
      I always have at least one half-done flower on my needle!
       The only REAL incentive I have to go ahead and finish it, is the NEW scarf I have waiting in the wings! I'm making it out of this lush green suede!!
      I could sure use a girlfriend to talk to while I'm working away here! Guess I better plan another 'Girlfriend Day'.....SOON! :-)

Project, Love

Friends, all together;
Some on the floor;
Just watching each one's
creativity soar.

One canvas was blank,
but each stroke was now changing
the picture that formed
to a stunning wall hanging.

There was flower arranging;
Water coloring a book;
And needle crafts done,
both with needles and hook.

All of us talking
and laughing out loud;
nibbling food,
like a noisy dust cloud.

At least for today,
with our projects all done;
Feeling accomplished,
and still full of fun,

We head off to our homes,
our husbands and pets,
our kids and our cleaning,
our problems and debts.

But next month, again,
without too much fuss,
we'll  gather, us girls,
for more time, just for us.


  1. Anonymous8/12/2010

    Pretty things.I know how to crochet, but for some reason couldnt do the knitting thing.I love the idea of getting girlfrineds over for some fun and knitting.sounds like a great time.I love the black and white scarf up there really sweet.

    Happy Thursday!

  2. Becky, Funny...I know how to knit as well as I crochet and...I HATE doing it!! :-] I actually haven't crocheted anything in about 5 years or more. Can you lose 'muscle memory' with knitting?! LOL BTW, thank you for the complement on the black and white scarf. One of them is going into my men's section, I think.

  3. Did you tell Becky you haven't "crocheted" in about 5 years!? LOL I'm sure she knows what you mean! A girls day sounds like such fun! You can do it at my house! LOL I love the scarf you're working on! It would go with everything! But that wine colored beautiful it will be!! Can't wait to see it!

  4. *Teehee*....You're right!!! I meant to say 'Knitted'!!...You really need to move to Massachusetts!! LOL And bring your bead stuff and pies!!! :-))

    Becky, I meant "Knitted"! I haven't knitted in 5 years or more!!! Ha! Ha!

  5. Love your scarves!! I never got the hang of knitting but I can crochet and make scarves from time to time. I love the chenille thick and quick!! I have made quite a few one skein scarves out of it! But I cannot find this yarn anymore! I miss it! lol

    Beautiful work!!


  6. Thank you Cathy. Yeah, that chenille yarn is fabulous! They sell it at JoAnn's Fabrics and Michael's around here. It's not the cheapest yarn you can buy though! My hubby REALLY loves the scarf I made him out of it! :-)

  7. These are simply beautiful. I love the knitted look but always felt like one needle in the hand was enough. I stuck to the crochet. I love all the colors you've selected & the yarn today is so amazing. Gorgeous work! Hugs, Diane

  8. Thank you so much, Diane!! I agree. I like the knitted look too, but with a small hook and a thin yarn, depending on the pattern, you can achieve that look crocheting!...Thanks about the colors too. I'm still not in love with the plain colored one! :-)

  9. Anonymous8/12/2010

    Ok, so I am in love with those flowers. I want them, a lot of them!!!

  10. Michele, I'm your flower girl!! I sit and make them...relaxing. Some end up in my shop, but not usually the ones I "doodle" with! :-)


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