Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Everything Seems To Be Getting Older!

     Do you remember these delicious cherries from an earlier post this month. I entitled it "Cherries, My Favorite...Pits and All!" Well, after what happened to me yesterday, I'm not sure I'll ever eat them the same again! Why is it that it seems that all of a sudden everything around me seems to be getting older?!! Is it just me? My own aging changing my perspective?!
    These cherries just made me think of it more when I went into the bag,...AS get me a few to pop in my mouth for a snack. Hubby bought these NEW from the store yesterday!
    If you look close, which I should have done (in hindsight I can say this!), you'll see that they don't look NEW at all. They look like the aging process has hit them too. At the beginning of the month they were plump, sweet, big, and delicious...every single one! Now...
    ...they're beat up!
....battered, and bruised!! Not to mention squishy,...
   ...and ROTTEN!
   Imagine the "joy" I received reaching mindlessly in the bag and popping one of these babies in my mouth!! YUCK!!!
    Just got me to thinking about how everything seems to be feeling the changing of the seasons...Even me! I used to be a "Let It Roll Off Your Back" type of girl. I can see myself changing into a "Let It Roll Off Your Back...As Long As They Leave You Alone!!" type of girl!! :-/ In truth, it could be the weather too. More rain...and more rain...darkness...and more rain...IS GETTING TO ME!!! LOL
    I'm doing everything I can to retain my positive spirit though! I sing out loud,- table, chair, and wiggle toe dance,-read, study and listen to learning, mind strengthening things, call folks on the phone to chat, plan date nights in exotic locals (I said PLAN THEM. I didn't say GO to them!), and watch old movies. All of which make me perky and smiley! ^_^
   I'm trying to age gracefully. There's an artist with a shop on Etsy called audreylaynecombs who paints and draws beautiful portraits of the elderly, aging gracefully. This is one of her beautiful portraits...
     It's entitled Beauty of Age Drawing Series No. 12 I saw this and thought to myself: "Aging really is a state of matter what your body is doing right now." Look how gracefully this gentleman is aging...smiling, happy eyes. And grayheaddedness and wrinkles in all the right places, showing a life well lived. From now on this is how I want to think of least for now!
   One day soon I'm going to wake up and this old aging system, with it's rotten cherries, will be over! I'll have my spry eyes and body back, and enough energy to do something else besides take naps! LOL...I hope it's REAL soon! :-)
   Here's a little poem I wrote last night when I was in deep thought about this. I hope you like it!

Everything Is Getting Older

Everything is getting older,
past it's time, and rusting fast!
No matter how many times you oil it,
Somehow, still, it doesn't last.

Everything is getting older.
Even veggies just from the store,
have now browned and withered up.
They're not all shiny like before.

Everything is getting older.
Old dogs included, people too.
Even babies, from the womb,
start getting older, just past brand new!

Everything is getting older,
like real good books, with tales all told.
But, Wait a minute! Some books are good!
That's why "To read" will not get old.

Everything that's getting older
doesn't harm us and displease.
Just think of wisdom in the aging-
that's with people and with cheese!

All the things, those getting older,
showing marks and scars of time,
just need a tad bit more attention,
or just a small aged glass of wine!


  1. You have said it all, my friend! I realized yesterday that I've become a crotchidy old woman when I mentioned to someone that I needed to go home at 3 because if I didn't, I would get really crabby! Another younger one just laughed!! Like that's nothing new!! Hurt me real bad!! I hate getting old!! I hate the old woman I've become!! I can't wait till it's over!! I want to be young again, to see again, to enjoy life again!! I loved your poem too! Especially the part about the small glass of wine. It's morning.....and I want one now! LOL

  2. Once again, you and I are on the same page!! "Old" page! Ha! Ha! Those kind of comments used to happen to me in serv. too. When I said "I want to drive MY car in serv. please, because I don't like drama. I just want to drive." (There was an argument every morning about gas and who was going to drive. DROVE ME CRAZY!!!) I finally drove every day, happily and comfortably! ^_^ They didn't dare argue with this 'Old Strong Willed Lady'!!!

  3. I don't believe in old.It's just a state of mind as you say, but it's also changes!If you can take advandage of changes the new you could be better than the old you ;)
    Take the cherries for example. Yes, they cannot be eaten by people, but they're excellent for planting, as they'll have microorganisms eating them and the new plant will grow soon!

  4. LOL...I kind of feel like those old cherries today :-) We are all in this cycle called life. I was just remarking to my brother at a recent family get together that it is now "US" who are watching the kids play and not our aunts and uncles like I remember. Time is a gift. That is what I think anyway. I have always had a kinship with older people cuz I am headed there shortly

    Wonderful poem by the way :-)

  5. Ria, You have the right idea. All that's old doesn't have to be useless!! Like the cherries, we just have to learn the best place to plant ourselves! ^_^

  6. Maritime, How right you are! Hubby and I, who have no children, just realized that we're old enough to have 10 year old GRANDchildren!!! Yikes! When did that happen?!! My mind still likes saying "Cool!" and "Seriously?" But in mixed company I have to keep a serious face and nod a lot!! ha! Ha! (Thankfully the heart is led by good things, so I don't get too depressed about it...Just ponder it!) :-)

  7. Thank you for your wisdom with my tree worm problems! Hopefully we'll get a handle on this for next year. I love the poem and have to laugh when I look in the mirror and think, gee who the heck is that person? My mind still thinks I'm a kid waiting to figure out what I want to be when I grow up!

  8. yaya, I hope that info was some help to you. Looking it up expanded my knowledge too. Don't know when or if I'll ever need to use it...BUT you never know!!! ^_^ Thanks for the complement on the poem. And I've looked in the mirror many a time and had the same feelings!!! In fact, I wrote a poem about that too! :-))

  9. ha ha ha ahhhhh hits home. I take them and stick them in my food dryer and then they get sweet and chewey.

  10. Robin Maria, Oooo! A food dryer! Is that like a place to let them turn into raisins?!If so, that's a great idea! I wouldn't mind eating them if they were squishy...and dry! ^_^

  11. Your poem about getting older is on a much happier tone than the one I posted. I think you are right, getting old is a state of mind. sometimes I feel young and other times when my back hurts or my legs are bothering me, I say, 'ayyy I'm getting old" haha so it's about the perspective you have on life. Your attitude sounds very positive.

  12. Croatian_Latina, You feel the same as me. And yes, I 'keep it real' most of the time, but I do tend to look at things in a more positive way...even if my mind and body are in disagreement sometimes! ^_^


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