Friday, August 6, 2010

Cherries, my favorite...Pits and All!

   The only thing that was unappealing about my delicious cherries was the plastic bag they were in!...As you all know from yesterday's post I was having a pretty rough couple of days. I spent waaay too long staring at news reports. (That can depress anybody, even on a random News day! But particularly so for me the last couple of days.) I'm happy to tell you that our friend who worked at the distributor was NOT among those dead!
   I immediately wanted some comfort food! In years gone by that food would have been ice cream....DEFINITELY ice cream, a large sausage and cheese grinder (Subway sandwich, Hoagie, etc.),...

A SUBWAY Club 6Image via Wikipedia
   ...a double Whopper with bacon from Burger King,...

A Burger King hamburger sesame seed bun, as se...Image via Wikipedia
   ...or Catfish and french fries from "Cracker Barrel"! :-))

Cracker Barrel Old Country StoreImage via Wikipedia
    But I'm a grown-up now and my comfort food has to be something that tastes good, YES!, but also doesn't make my feet swell up, my blood pressure go up, or give me stomach gas!...ENTER...big, juicy, cherries!
    They were taken cold from the fridge in this plastic bag,...
...allowed to get to room temperature (so that my teeth didn't freeze trying to bite into them...Another drawback of being grown-up!), and then... big bite and...Ummmmm! De-Licious!! What do you eat as comfort food?! 

...And Ice Cream

Butter Pecan ice cream
and Strawberry Jam;
Country Fried Chicken
and clove-studded Ham.

Banana-Split ice cream
and French-Fried Potatoes;
Macaroni and Cheese
and Fried, green Tomatoes.

Ben and Jerry's ice cream
and Shepherd's Pie;
Candied Yams and Marshmallows
and Turkey on Rye.

Chocolate Swirl ice cream
and Jelly Beans of all kinds,
Double Cheese Burgers
and Barbecued Pork Rinds.

Cheesecake ice cream
and Foot-Long Hot Dogs,
Lay's Potato Chips,
and Warmed up Pecan Logs.

Orange Dream Sickles
(and Fudge Sickles too),
Mushroom Chicken Breasts,
and Chocolate Charleston Chews.

Chocolate Chip ice cream
and Oven-Baked Pork Roast,
a Cinnamon-Raisin Bagel,
or simply a piece of Toast.

Ice Cream is always on the menu.
It always adds that extra "Zing".
No matter whatever else you're having,
it smoothly goes with everything!

(P.S. I tried out the new "Zemanta" feature for the first time in today's post. I like it!)


  1. Anonymous8/06/2010

    I love cherries too! In fact, I have some in the fridge now (and blueberries too)...

  2. Cafe, Oooo! Yeah! Blueberries are good comfort food too!! :-)

  3. Those cherries look wonderful. I have tea and toast when I need comforting.

  4. Susan, :-)) I guess "to each his own", right! But that is a first I've heard!

  5. Don't ya just love those big black cherries??? They grow them around here and a few weeks back we went up north and bought some from the source! Yummy!!! Now blueberries are in season! Love those too! There's a blueberry field at the end of our street!! :)

  6. Wow cherries, I love cherries. They are very yummy yummy. Most of the people love them.

  7. Cinlynn, How fortunate you are to be that close to all of that comfort food! Since we moved here we;re close to umpteen thousand grocery stores, but fresh fruit on a farm...not so much! :-))...At one farm where we used to live the man left all of the veggies and fruit near the road with a jar to put your money in!!! You just left it there!!

  8. P. Hentermine, I've certainly grown to love them!! :-)

  9. Great post! The Cracker Barrell is just one of my fave restaurants though.....home cookin comfort food. Yum!

    I canned some jars of cherries a few years back. Me and canning don't get along but it was fun and had cherries when we couldn't get them. Awesome snack!!

    Now you made me hungry ;-))

  10. Maritime, Boy! I'm learning so much about you! :-) You know how to can, you like Southern food (Cracker Barrel), and you like cherries!...Now go eat!! Ha! Ha!


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