Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thought We Were Done With This....!

    Aren't they beautiful?! Yep! In my backyard!! Just in time for the HEAT WAVE!! UGH! Here we go again! Just as my grass was getting back to itself...
    ...with only a few patchy places left.
    But I'm still trying to keep a positive attitude about it because they say that it's only a 4 day heat wave...in the low 90s...We'll see about that!...In the meantime I'm going to bask in the view of my backyard...
    ....hot? Yes...
    ....but inside here, with the air conditioning, it stills looks pretty nice!! :-)
Hubby's potted plants are going to be protected this time though! He's worked too hard to get them back to a revived state to let them just get sun-logged again! They're looking great now, don't you think?!
    Looks like his sunflowers are going to be popping out any minute! That is, if the sun doesn't scare them back into the house to look for some stronger sun tan lotion!!! (*talking to myself* That's what the sun is doing to people...not plants! Silly! ^_^)
    There's only one big leafed plant in the ground in the backyard that he's worried about...
    ...and not because of the sun. He thinks some critters might be munching on it!...Maybe it just needs some sun!! LOL
    Frankly, even if it was cool outside, I wouldn't be out there! For the next 2 weeks the U.S. Open Tennis Matches will be on. I'm going to be right in front of the T.V., with the A/C on for the next few days, and a crochet project or two...or 3! I'm not going to short-change my God and my spiritual schedule, but everybody and everything else that tries to get my attention for the next two weeks are going to find a distracted, half listening conversationalist! That's your warning!! ^_^
     {Repeating a poem that's appropriate for now. Wrote it a while ago though!}

The 'Racket' Men

Playing tennis with 'Hewitt'
is more like playing with a wall;
Just when you think you've hit a winner-
Oh No!-Look Out!- Here comes the ball!

'Roger Federer's'  shot
changes fast-and that's his key;
But for steady, angled shots,
catch a game with 'Agassi'.

'Roddick's' serve can part your hair;
It comes so fast across the net.
He just gets stronger every year.
(Don't  think we've seen his fastest yet!)

These guys are good as good can get.
I watch intensely-set by set!


  1. I'm in MA as well so I totally relate! My lawn has looked horrible this year but I haven't needed to mow as often which is the positive side of this weather!

  2. I'm glad you found something positive too, Miss Val! After my post was up I found out that we may be hit by a major hurricane at the end of the week! So, the heat is not looking so bad right now! ^_^ I guess it's all about perspective, huh?!

  3. What a pretty flower!! And your grass fields are really nice! I've always wanted a backyard full of flowers & wide grassy fields :) I'm sure it'll survive all those weather changes!! :)

  4. Anonymous8/31/2010

    That is a nice lawn. I don't have a lawn but you make me look forward to summer! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! ♥

  5. Lillian, I hope you're right! It didn't do so good with the heat earlier in the summer.

    Michele, Ahhh! Are you just coming into your summer?! I hope it's a nice one for you, if so. We're about to come into hurricane weather now! UGH!...And I enjoy commenting on the blogs!

  6. Beautiful lawn! Love your poetry. I used to play tennis all the time..maybe it's time to get back to it! Thanks for all the fun comments on my blog..now I'm following yours! Our heat wave here in Ohio is suppose to be over by Fri. In fact, Sat. it's suppose to be a high of 69! Fall, here we come!

  7. yaya, Thank you! I'm glad you like my poetry. The lawn...not my doing! ^_^ Welcome aboard the Wug train!!...About the weather, we now have a hurricane coming on Friday!!! Fall definitely is here!!

  8. I found your blog! yay...thanks for commenting and visiting my blog, yours is just so refreshing and I'm totally about air conditioning! Not a fan of summer, but my yard doesn't look like yours, gorgeous! hugs.

  9. Oh no, we will loose our Debs to sports again :S what will I do with my life if I can't talk to you LOL
    But oh how I would love to have that heatwave you are having, it's autumn here already and temperatures are only about 60 to 70F. Am not really happy that the summer is ending :(

  10. Linda,I enjoyed your blog too! And thankfully summer will be over soon....Maybe!!! We're in the midst of a heat wave here in Massachusetts! UGH!

    Mariann, Ha! Ha! I'm not COMPLETELY lost...YET!!! Almost...but not yet! When the finals start next week.....THEN I'll be gone!!! :-))...And as to the weather, I wish I could ship this heat wave to you! And the hurricane that's following it at the end of the week too! ^_^

  11. You must love me a lot if you want to send me a hurricane LOL

  12. Mariann, I do! I do! ^_^

  13. Such a nice lawn. I miss sitting on such pretty green grass. Here mainly pebbles, but I have the sea so I won't complain too much! LOL
    Have a wonderful day and watching Tennis.

  14. Croatian_Latina, No! You don't have any reason to feel bad when you have the sea to look at! My dream home would have the sea as a front yard and green grass for miles as a backyard, with a HUGE Bay window so that I could sit or lie in it and read or write poetry and letters to my friends...I'm gonna have it one day too!!! :-)

  15. Alicia9/05/2010

    Your yard is beautiful... I'm envious. Mine is such a mess I'm considering artificial turf :-)

  16. I saw some of the pictures of your yard. At least I thought they were yours! (Planting the tree?) Looked good to me!!...Thank you for the complement too! :-)


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