Sunday, August 8, 2010

Updating This Wuglyees Life!

      LittleFoxPhotos August calendar has this beautiful picture of a road cutting through the mountains in Norway. It's FREE too! Just click on the link, go to her beautiful Nature and Wildlife blog, and download this beautiful calendar for your own desktop! She does this every month and I think it's just great! THANK YOU Little Fox!
     It's a perfect reminder for me today too, that I need to update some things that have been going on in my Wuglyees life. First, remember my car that was in the tag sale accident?The one that used to look like this...
    ...but now looks like this?!
    Well, bad news. The lady that hit our 'baby' was not driving her own car. She had borrowed the car from a friend. And the lady who owned the car had just changed her insurance 4 days prior to the accident, and it's the SAME insurer that we have!! Long story short, they're now saying that our 'baby' is too old to fix! The damage done, even though it's still perfectly fine to drive (it just looks...ummmm...'jacked up!'), is going to cost more than the car is worth...according to them. So, they have declared it a "total loss". The insurer called and wanted me to take everything of ours out of the car, so that they could come and pick it up!!
     "What?!!" I said: "Uh! We're not giving up our 'baby' just because it has a dink!!" She said: "Well, we're only prepared to pay you $900.00 then, for the repair, minus your $100.00 deductible." I said: "How much would you pay me if you total the car out and take it?" She said: "$1,062. The value of the car."...I really had to take a deep breath on that one!!! SO FRUSTRATING!!!!...So, we're keeping our 'baby' and the $900.00 and trying to think nice thoughts about insurance companies...and insurance adjusters...and car repair shops!!...Moving on!
     I just wanted to quickly update you about the shooting that took place in Manchester Connecticut a few days ago, that was at the company where our friend works. Our friend was not hurt! There will be a LOT of people taking some time to emotionally get over this though! Including my hubby, who is hearing details of people's stories, people who were there when the shooting happened. (One man was in the bathroom when he heard the gunshots!) 
     A good update is about my scarf, or should I say scarves!! Remember the black and white scarf I finished the other day? The A-Symmetrical one, with the 2 patches of black and white patterning on one side,...
    ...and totally black on the other?!
    I told you that I was going to work on another scarf, and that I was going to get away from the black and white, right?!...Well, guess what? I didn't get away from the black and white!! LOL I saw that I didn't have that much black yarn left and I didn't just want to throw it in a bag and forget about it. You know how I like to recycle things and make 'Wuglyee' scarves from the leftover yarn. Well, "Ta-Dah!!!!"
    This is made from the remaining remnants of my first black and white scarf! And the funny thing's made with such clean SYMMETRICAL lines! Now when you see the two scarves next to each other this one...
     ...looks like the one made first!!! Hubby loves this one! He says it's a great scarf for the men's section of my shop. Do you agree?! (I thought it looked like a girl's scarf myself!)
    The only other update I have is about my friend who came from out of state the other week and had a "Girl's Day" with me that I blogged about. She was also the one that was wearing the necklace that she bought from my shop.
   Well, I received the sweetest letter from her yesterday! She's back home and enjoying nice memories of our day together...And so am I!
   Okay, almost all of the updates all done! All that's left to do is update the rhythm of my blog with a poem for you!

Its The Beat

The syncopated rhythm
of the tapping of your feet,
and the snapping of your fingers
to the systematic beat
make the music that you're  hearing
(that you think is kinda neat)
motivate your body's  swaying,
and you have to leave your seat;
Now you're dancing back and forth,
and causing rising body heat.
And it's all from a beat-
Yes, one syncopated beat!


  1. Sorry about your "baby!" Ours got a ding yesterday. Hubby backed into some cement pieces! Love the new scarf! Yes, mens section for sure!

  2. Thanks Cin, Isn't that a shame! Oh well, I guess that's how things go in this system! We're not gonna let it bother us too much. It just means our 'baby' is as old as we are!! What's not to love! :-))...Thanks for the scarf input too!

  3. Can't thank you enough for always promoting my work! :D You are so wonderful!
    Sad to hear about your "baby" though...:S
    But oh do I love the scarf! I think it would suit everyone, especially me LOL :P

  4. It's always my pleasure Mariann! I love your photos!!...Thanks for the feedback on the scarf too! :-)


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