Saturday, December 25, 2010

"Hi Baby!" Chit Chat, and all the rest!

     Waking up in the tundra "CAN" be fun...if you're a penguin! LOL ... Okay, so it's not the tundra. It's Massachusetts. But I'm convinced that with the cold air we've had the last few days we must be down the street and around the block from the tundra!
    I don't want to start today's post talking about the cold weather though. I want to attribute today's post to my father. My knight in shining armor. My straight man whenever I'm about to tell a joke. My place of constant encouragement whenever anything is going on with me. And the one who sees me as his "baby" no matter that I'm 50 {plus} years old and a whole lot of pounds from when I came out of the womb! :-)
    I'm attributing this post to him today because he made me sad last night....and he gave me the biggest smile...My father knows that I don't celebrate Christmas. And as he is not one of Jehovah's Witnesses he doesn't quite understand why. Not that I haven't explained it to him! I have....many times over the years. I haven't celebrated it for as long as hubby and I have been married, 28 years!
     Let all the trees say: "WOW!!!" LOL Anyway, my father being who my father is...he has developed a tradition surrounding my NOT celebrating. A tradition that I'm not sure he's even aware he does! But he did it again last night. He called me on the phone. It went something like this:
   "Hi Baby!"
"Hi Dad!"
   "What you guys up to?!"
"Nothing. I'm crocheting some hats for a customer, and Jeff is eating."
   "What is it Son-in-law? One of those $40.00 steaks?!....Ha! Ha! Ha!" {He said this because he was visiting one day about 10 years ago, when I had sent hubby to the store for some steaks and he bought Kobe beef steaks!! they were EXPENSIVE!! Hubby cooked one for my father and they have been joking about it every since! About how 'melt-in-the-mouth delicious they were, and how it was like paying a mortgage to buy them!! LOL}
   "No!" I said: "He's not even allowed to go to the store with that much money anymore!!" LOL
   "Well, I was just thinking about you. Wondering if you were okay. Is everything okay?!"
"Yep! Everything is fine, Dad! How are things with you?!"
And here is where the sad part came in. :-(
   "I'm feeling good today, but I haven't been feeling all that great for a couple of weeks or so. I went to the doctor. They're having me come back in for some more tests."
"Oh No! More tests?!"
   "Yeah, they can't seem to find out what's wrong with me. They're trying to talk me into getting some surgery, but I told them I don't care what they find...No more surgery for me!! They can give me all the shots and pills they want, but I'm not getting anymore surgery. I'm done!"
"Awwww...Papa. I'm sorry to hear that. I hope they find out what it is. I don't like to think of you sick. :-("
    "Awwwww! You know Daddy! They can knock me down, but they can't keep me down for long! I'll be alright Baby. {Followed by his typical reassuring laugh} I won't keep you. I just wanted to make sure you guys were alright. I'll be talking to you in a couple of days anyway!"
"Okay Dad. I'll give you a call on Sunday to see how you're feeling. Take care of yourself, and don't over-do tomorrow."
   "Okay, Baby. {Then he yells at hubby} Good night Son-in-law!!"
   "I love you, Baby!"
"Love you too Dad."
    Now, to you this probably doesn't sound like much of a tradition. But while the particulars of the conversation change every year,....sometimes including explanations as to why we don't celebrate, or him telling us who's coming into town for the big Christmas thing never changes, we always get a phone call from him every Christmas Eve. I think he wants to make sure we know that even though we're not at the house with him and all of the siblings, nieces and nephews, he's thinking of us! 
    I think it's kinda sweet. :-) It's totally not necessary! But still...sweet! In fact, the rest of the family just go on with their festivities and then call at the same times as usual, talking about the same things as usual, after the whole holiday is over. I prefer that. Less complicated for everybody...with the whole "I'm sorry I didn't get you a gift. I knew you didn't celebrate, but I was....." sort of talk.
    But, with my father, it's different. I know he's going to call....and I'm alright with it. In fact, I find that I kinda expect it, and I'm finding it to be a kind of yearly tradition that I don't mind at all. And it seems to make him feel better. Great! :-] Anything to make my Papa feel better...Wish I could do something about his health issues. But I can't even do anything about mine!! And don't get me started about doctors!!! LOL
    Hubby and I will be relaxing today. All the grocery shopping was done...with as little bumping into people and festive greetings as possible. We were given dinner last night, so no cooking! YAY!! A friend shared their pork roast dinner with us! We even got dessert!
    Cheesecake!...A la MY recipe!! It came out good...and tasted delicious!! She sent hubby a piece of her pumpkin pie she made. Sorry...I didn't get the picture before he forked it!!! ^_^
    He said it was really good! And since I'm not that big of a fan of pumpkin pie, I took his word for it. :-) Something tells me someone is going to be needing some stomach-settling ginger ale today!
   ...and we're probably not going to be the only ones!!! LOL
   Okay, off to do some more crocheting. I probably will finish at least one of the hats today. And hubby will be taking some more up-dating pictures of my shop items. He took some yesterday. I'll show them to you tomorrow.
   Have a good day. And hug your papas hard 'round the neck one time for me today, will ya?! :-) 

Always Somebody''s "Baby"

I have always been somebody's "baby";
My mother's "baby" since I was born.
A relationship that didn't survive.
Too much water and bridges to mourn.

To my dad I have also been "Baby";
His talkative, smile-keeping girl.
And there has never been, not really,
Another love quite like it in the world.

And every since I've been married,
(a relationship I'm most proud of)
I have been my husband's sweet "baby";
Not trained for, but learned through his love.

Everyone should have the great honor
of a love full of joy and great care;

To be a "baby" who whenever they see you
they smile just because you are there.


  1. OH, I sure hope your daddy is alright! It's so worrisome when our loved ones are not doing well. And I love how he calls you on Christmas just to see how you are. Your post reminded me of a family on our street in Germany, who were Jehova's Witnesses and we kids were fascinated with the fact that they didn't celebrate Christmas. We loved playing with their three kids... I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!! Love, Silke

  2. Good Morning Silke, Nice to see your comment this morning...Yes, my dad is something special. I hope he's okay too! His mood is always good, no matter how he's feeling. I can always count on that! :-)... Have you seen those kids since you've become adults?! A whole world of things can happen in a life, can't it?! Many many moons ago in Germany Jehovah's Witnesses had a rough time. Lots has changed since then too...I hope you and Daniel have a good day Silke. :-)

  3. Deb...I'm so happy that your Dad keeps in touch that way! I miss my Dad so much some days it hurts!! There's just something about the relationship of Daddy and daughter! I'm sorry he's having so many health issues and I do hope they'll get to the bottom of it soon.
    Have fun crocheting and taking photographs. I'm baking muffins for KM school today. We're running low and there's still 1 more day.

  4. I forgot to mention...when I saw your penguin photo, I was sure you were going to break out in song and dance!! LOL Reminds me of "Happy Feet!" My grandson loves that movie!

  5. CinLynn, Thanks so much for the nice words, my friend. You're so right too, about daddies and daughters...I sure wish I could be there with you, helping to make all of the muffins. I know you'll work it out without me though. ;-)...And yeah, I saved that photo because it reminded me of "Happy Feet" too! ^_^ *Heading over to Youtube!*

  6. You Daddy sounds like such a sweetheart. I hope that its nothing serious & that the doctors are able to find out what's wrong.
    My goodness that cheesecake & that pumpkin pie sure does look delicious!

  7. Jo-anne, He is indeed a sweetheart! I've talked about him in earlier posts, things he's done in my life. I don't know where I'd be without him...and he's not my biological dad. Just the only dad I've ever really known. :-) Look at me...getting all sappy this early in the morning! ^_^

  8. Oh! I didn't actually understand anything until I got to the very end and realised that your'e not talking about your biological dad!! LOL

  9. Mariann, Right! But he's been there since I was born. I never met my biological father. You can read about it in an earlier post of mine, here-->

    Let me know your thoughts about it too.

  10. Thanks for the support, everybody! :-]


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