Friday, December 10, 2010

Not Stopping, But...Slowing Down To Smell The Roses


        As you all know I've had a pretty full week! Between two fiascos crochet-wise...with my crazy black and red hat, and the crocheted slipper pattern that would not be a crocheted slipper!! {just let me say again...UGH!!!}..., and then making four new hide away slipper necklaces, and all of the sales in my shop this week, it's been an interesting week!...I have had some time in between though,...and between naps! ^_^ slow down and smell the to speak...and to look around at what some of the other shops on Etsy are up to.
    I ran across a great shop I wanted to share with you. The shop is Kelsetsy.  The owner, Kelly Lish, is a mixed media artist and she {according to her profile} 'is a mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, artist, goof ball, whose just trying to live a happy life and leave a little love in the world before she goes.'....I thought that adding the 'goofball' comment let me know a little bit about her. I liked her already!
    Then I saw the detail and thought that she put into her art and...I REALLY liked her! :-) She says that 'she was always drawing or painting or creating something when she was a kid, and that she thinks she would go crazy if she didn't keep creating!'...You see the header picture with the little girl smelling the flower, but did you notice all of the detail?! The pattern in the hat, the butterflies, the little flowers and buttons on her dress, etc... Just looking at her work I can say that if I had this kind of talent, and didn't create, I'd go crazy too!! Here's a couple more of her prints...
                                          {Each Moment}

                                          {Wedding Cake Cherish}

     I was fascinated by the fact that there is a keyhole on the cake! You can make up so many meanings for it! She's about to become an empty nester {having no more kids at home}, so maybe the wedding and the key have something to do with her life. Whatever it means, it got my attention! ^_^ I love it when I get to find something or someone new on Etsy that I've never seen! It's always so amazing to me the amount of talent there is in this 'handmade universe'! It usually has me sitting and looking like this kitty...
                                          {Vintage Alphabet baby}

        Of course this print would look much nicer in a baby's room, with the baby's name alphabet on it! Apparently she's working on a whole line of these baby prints, that will eventually include the full alphabet. They'll all have this black and white theme and they'll each go great with any other ones in the line. Wouldn't that look nice in a nursery?!
    These were a few of my favorites from Kelsetsy. If you want to learn more about her, {or talk to her about purchasing larger prints on canvas} she invites you to feel free to visit her blog...Thanks Kelly for letting me share your art! Keep up the crazy creating!! ^_^
    My creating, on the other hand, has been appreciated by buyers in my shop this week, but not by people at the craft fair...which apparently turned out to be more of a vendor fair! Hubby took a couple of pictures.
     It looked very organized, and Jen {of Spanishlullabies} and my jewelry looked really cute displayed there!...
     ...but I didn't sell ONE thing!! :-( There wasn't much traffic because of apparent lack of advertising. A lady that my hubby thinks was kind of annoyed that he was taking pictures, told him that it was a school event. So maybe they didn't advertise outside of the school or something!...'Don't start me to lying', as my grandmother would say. I really don't know what the reason was. Could be that they just didn't want jewelry...especially not Ugly Wuglyee jewelry! ^_^ WHATEVER!!.......................moving on!
    It's Friday.....home of the DATE NIGHT!! I'm going to have something to smile about at the end of every week anyway!!....It won't be smiles about the weather either! We've got a H-U-G-E storm heading our way. It should start on Sunday. Right now it's 6 degrees!!! Brrrrr! I've turned up the heat, got my food items ready to snack on, and a crochet project ready to go. COME ON bad weather. I'm waiting for you!!!! LOL ... I suppose it's probably not a good idea to taunt it, huh?! ^_^

Winter Is The Snow

Winter is the snow,
when the chilly breezes blow,
and the clouds all seem to flow,
and the birds, in flight, will go,
with their ducks all in a row-
but they leave behind the crow.

Winter is the snow,
when the farmer doesn't sow,
and its not the time to hoe,
and there's nothing left to mow,
'cause the seed, right now, won't grow.

Winter is the snow,
and the little baby doe,
with his mama's eyes aglow,
and defensiveness in tow,
'cause she's had her share of woe.

The ducks, the farmer, and the doe
respect the season, 'cause they know
that winter is the snow.


  1. Thanks for sharing Kelly's shop with us! Love her artwork! I too, have always enjoyed detail. I always notice and love that in art!
    We're getting that same storm starting Sat. night and into Sunday. And then the lake effect machine kicks in! Hopefully we'll be able to dig out by Monday....sometime.
    Can't wait to see your next project!

    Sorry you didn't sell anything. Must be disappointed. I sure would be. Hang in there! You've had a wonderful week in ETSY sales!!

  2. CinLynn, And yet another thing we have in common!! :-) We're practically sisters!! Ha! Ha! We're going to be frozen popsickle sisters after this storm hits I think! I'm just glad I don't have to go out in it! :-)

    As to the No sales thing....NO! I'm strangely not disappointed! maybe it's because I did get some affirmation of what I do by the etsy sales. Paying customers...with their money and their words...always help!! ^_^

  3. Love the art, so unique. Sorry you didn't sell anything in the art show. It must of been the lack of advertising because your stuff is great!! Great poem!!! I sure hope that storm doesn't pass this way. When it's bad, I won't go out in it.

  4. Peg, Thanks for the look see! She's really good, isn't she?!...And thank you so much for the nice words about my crochet items. But that's the 2nd one I've had my stuff displayed in and gotten not even one sale! It was the same area though. Maybe it's not my stuff...maybe it's their "stuff"!! Ha! Ha! {You know I'm just joking, right?} ^_^ Stay warm this weekend. I'm going to try!

  5. Stay safe when the storm hits!I just can not imagine that kind of weather living in U.K. as we do.
    I have had bad days at craft fairs too,but thankfully some good ones aswell.
    Those paintings make me envious,what a distinct style she has.
    Jeanie x

  6. mythreebeez, Thank you. I'll be safe... safe inside my house! I don't think it's going to be much tonight anyway, and now they're saying that Sunday we might get rain first, then snow! Oooo! More fun for us!...NOT! :-))...As to the art, I agree. She has a very distinct style. That's what caught my eye! I guess if you have a craft it's best to not be like everybody else, huh?! Sometimes that's easier said than done though!...Have a good weekend!

  7. I love her art! SO many ideas flow as you look at just one. Sorry about the Vendor Fair Flop. You can see my stitching cards in the picture Jeff took! I framed them to show people that you can use the card as a gift, too! Talk to you soon!

  8. Spanishlullabies, Yes, her art is fabulous...And as to the fair, yes it was a flop, but not for want of trying! You gave it everything you could!! And I saw those framed stitching cards. They're so pretty! And owls are all over everything now!! I think that was just not the fair for us! :-]

  9. her work is so interesting! I love all of the detail. Gotta loved a self proclamed goofball. :] I hope you have a good weekend!

  10. Hollie, Ha! Ha! That's the same thing I said! ^_^ Goofballs of the world...UNITE!! But being as talented as she is makes it completely great!!..You have a good weekend too, hopefully in better weather than us!

  11. What interesting art! Thanks for sharing!

    PS My blog post today was titled smell the roses...we've got quite different posts but the similarity in titles caught my eye! :) Have a great weekend!

  12. ag., I loved your post!! It's so true too!! {Anybody interested in how a car accident can almost change your whole life in a second should head over and read it!} I like the way you write too. I'm now a new follower! :-)


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