Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I Love To Tell A Story!

    For those of you who've been following my blog for a while, this won't come as any big revelation, but I love to tell a story! I love to tell a story about...anything! I can write about the hang-nail that almost got away,.... quick as I could write about the disaster of 2010...provided there was one!...and providing that I found something intriguing and interesting about it. I don't like just talking about facts without at least a side story that's got some meat in it!   
     I prefer to tell a story about something I have knowledge of though. I don't think I'd be good at fiction or anything....Why am I talking about this, you ask?! Well, two reasons. One......different people have been asking me about my poetry lately. What kind of poetry do I write?! Have I ever been published? Do I sell my poetry somewhere? Do I write for any newspapers or anything?!
    The sad thing is...I couldn't answer some of the questions they asked me...even though I love to tell a story, especially in a poem, and love to write! Well, I could answer the one about whether I sell my poetry. I my Wuglyees shop
       But I don't know WHAT KIND of poetry I write!! I just do it! I've never been trained, never went to college to study writing or anything, never even took a class on poetry! 
   The story is that my elementary school teacher got me interested in listening to words when hearing music. My high school English teacher got me hooked on the real meaning behind the words, not only in music, but also in poems. {Particular Beatles songs, and Edgar Allen Poe} And my mother...even with all of her not-so-great qualities...taught me a real love for reading and therefore...words. {I remember that even on an every day basis, if any of us kids asked her what something meant, she would say: "Look it up!"} 
    Now tell am I ever going to get a job and be able to afford to have my hubby never HAVE to go out to work on snowy days, by just sitting in my house crocheting and telling stories?! And stories about me crocheting and.....snow?! Unrealistic?!...Maybe a tad. ^_^ But none-the-less, that's what I want to do!! Anybody offering a job for me?! The pay is negotiable to start!! ^_^
    Oh Well...I'll have to work on that...But the other story I'd like to tell is about my picture, the one in the header photo. I found this framed picture at a tag sale about 15 years ago, or so. 
   It was a very nice neighborhood where they were having the tag sale. I think they were getting ready to move and wanted to just get rid of everything so they wouldn't have to cart it with them. I got this framed picture, and another crafty one with a 'saying' on it,  for $10.00! I was so excited!...Now, all these years later I'm wondering what her story is.
    Is she an African princess, an artist type person, a dancer, just a snazzy dresser, or what?! I would love to tell her story. I'd also like to know what she's worth. The only clues to how valuable it is is that on the back it says it was framed by Michael's. I've investigated how much it costs to frame pictures at Michael's, and just let me say...for what I paid for this picture, it's at least 20 times more valuable than that, considering the size. Do any of you have a clue to help me?! I know some of you are artists. Do you recognize her at all?! I'd love to tell her story. :-]
    Oh Well, for today, this is my story.
       A backyard full of snow, and cold weather...Not as cold as the last couple of days though! It's a whole 31 degrees {Fahrenheit} right now! :-) The only people with a real story around here right now are the towing companies! With the parking bans in effect over the last few days, they've towed a whole lot of cars and are making money hand over fist at the expense of a lot of stranded and unhappy people! I'm sure THOSE PEOPLE could tell a story!!...I don't think I'd want to be the one to tell that story though. It's probably got a lot of BAD WORDS in it!! ^_^
    Okay, as you can see  through my zip-lock bag, 2 hats are done. 
     I'm almost done with the 2nd flower...
    I just have to put my special crocheted backing on it to cover this section and give her somewhere to pin it from.
    And then it's on to the last one, the white one!...And guess what, I already have another project lined up. I just got a custom request to make someone a scarf to match a hat they already have! I'll be doing some investigating today to see if I can find the yarn the hat was made out of, and to get some more details about exactly what kind of scarf she wants...I guess I'll tell you that story later!
    Have a good day everybody!!

I Love To Tell A Story!

Don't pay me any attention
when I scoff at this or that.
I love to tell a story!
Even the wanderings of a gnat.

If somebody breaks a nail,
(all the gory details left out)
I love to tell the story!
Really, what is that all about?!

I'm even ready for a saga
if a trip somewhere is planned.
I love to tell a story
about bad food and parking bans!

I just love to tell a story!
It's a lifetime love of words.
And a wordless Wednesday blog?
Around here, that's for the birds! 


  1. Congrats on yet another custom order!
    If I could I would hire you to write to my blog as well since you do it so brilliantly! :D

  2. Nice post Wug! I've seen the picture before, but I have no idea what it's about, or the story behind it. I do like it though.
    Congrats on your custom orders! Glad you're getting them done.
    Great poem too! It suits you so well, you story teller you!!!

  3. Mariann, Awwwww! Thank you so much! And I don't know about brilliance, talking about the blog writing, but I do enjoy it!...Hello by the way! :-]

  4. CinLynn, You've seen the picture before?! Did I post it?! I don't remember...Or did you see it somewhere else?!...And thanks for the nice words about the poem too. You do know how to spin a complement!! ^_^ And I love it!

  5. If only we could know her story - that'd be awesome. And I love how different teachers influenced you so much.

  6. Megan, I know!! Hopefully one day someone will be able to help me put her story together...And yes, teachers have a wonderful effect on a young mind. If only they knew how much power they hold...Thank you for your nice comment. :-)

  7. I know what kind of poetry you write.. it's beautiful, funny and most of all great to read!

    Speaking of beautiful. I love that painting/picture. She sure is a gorgeous woman! I bet she could tell an interesting story if she could only speak.

  8. Jo-anne, Awwwww! I thank you so much for such nice comments about my poetry. I'm so glad you like reading it. I DO love writing it!...As to the picture, I spent a lot of time online the other day trying to find out something about her, but I couldn't find anything even similar to her! I don't even know if she's a painting, picture, poster, or what! Even up close I can't figure it out. I'm sure someone knows though. I'll keep hunting!! I sure would like to tell her story.


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