Thursday, December 9, 2010

Show and Tell!!!

   Yesterday I showed you some shoes that were in the new Jessica London magazine I got. These!!
   I KNOW!!! Where are my cute feet that I used to have a few years back, huh?! Because I would W-E-A-R these shoes....Okayyyyyyy!!...Now, when I look at them all I think is: "That ankle part would have my poor little dogs {feet} barking about 20 minutes after I put them on!!LOL But Oh! Boy! Would they look good while they howled!!
    There were so many 'sharp' {stylish} things in this magazine that I just have to share! I hope Jessica London doesn't mind!...*looking around, waiting to hear a big STOP!*...So, here we go!...First thing I have to say is...those print boots in the header photo...WOW!! I love them! My calves would even love those beauties, because they make them wide enough. {Does my sense of style tell you something about my personality?! ^_^}
    I'm going to leave the shoes for just a minute though, to show you some of the really cute clothes they have in this magazine! Like this cute outfit....I especially love the sweater. It's one of those 'dress it up, dress it down' kind of choices.
     Here's a few other items. Notice how much color there is out there this season! You know how I love COLOR!!! :-)
       Aren't they cute?! And I love that Jessica London thought about the stately...ladies too! Hey! Big girls can have style too, people!! LOL There were lots of other really nice things there too, especially the dresses!, and you can go to to find them, if you like...But me?! This time around I was ogling the shoes and boots...of course! :-]
     Now I ask you.....Wouldn't you have been ogling too?! Made me wish I had another pair of feet!!! LOL
    I hardly ever look in any of the magazines I get inundated with around this time of year, but when I saw the cover of this one with the stylishly dressed lady....I was in!!!...Besides, it was okay as long as I was just looking, right?! :-)
    On another note, WOW! Have I had a great time since I left you in frustration yesterday!!!...Yeah, the crocheted slippers for the feet are NO MORE! But I finished the other 4 Hide Away Slipper Necklaces! The Blue Heart one...
Sunny Yellow and white...
Purple Garden...
And the Antique Stew!
    They're all in the shop.....And just in time for all kinds of things to be flying out of the shop!!! I sold 3 scarves and a hat yesterday....and I woke up this morning to more sales...3 more of my necklaces!! So exciting!!...I guess starting that scarf sale in my shop wasn't such a bad idea, huh?! ^_^
   I've been looking around at some of your shops and I can see that I'm not the only one doing a bit of selling right now....So, congrats to all of us!! :-) Have a good rest of the day everyone...and happy sales too!

We're In This Together

Supporting one another
with our smiles and hugs and care.
Gathered as a group
with all our crafts and things to wear.

Thankful for the weather,
bringing people by the mile.
Showing what we do
to every mother, dad, and child.


  1. Good morning my friend! Thanks for showing the beautiful items you found in the magazine! I especially love the first gray sweater! So classy!
    Congrats again for all the sales!!! You are going to have a hard time keeping yourself under control today! (happy dance!) You deserve it my sister!!

  2. CinLynn, Hello! I love the gray sweater too!! I love that it's not JUST gray, but it has a little bling effect so you can feel dressed up if you want to! {It would work great at a gathering with friends too!} And I'm not going to have a hard time staying under control today because I'm exhausted!! I see a lot of naps in my immediate future! LOL

  3. Ooh, I LOVE the print boots at top too! And the brown poncho! And the very last pair of boots (black)! You have AMAZING taste - please tell me you at least got yourself something new after this droolfest? And your necklaces are so adorable, love them too! xo

  4. Anonymous12/09/2010

    Crikey...loving your necklaces!!! Thank you for your lovely and funny comments over at mine! ♥

  5. Lindsey, Ha! Ha! A droolfest. That's exactly what it was...and all it turned out to be! :-] I didn't buy one single thing!!...Yet anyway!...And thank you for the nice words about my necklaces. I guess I could say YOU have AMAZING taste too!! ^_^

  6. Michele, Thanks very much!!...And you're welcome very much! ^_^

  7. I love the boots. Too bad I can't wear them. They never seem to fit me as my calves are a bit too chunky for boots. Oh well I can just dream I am wearing them!

  8. Jo-anne, They ARE gorgeous boots, aren't they?! But they're also WIDE CALF boots!! They make them big calfed girls! LOL

  9. YAY! Maybe I could wear them!

  10. Jo-anne, I'm sure you could!! I have some...they're great!


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