Monday, December 20, 2010

A Weekend of NOTHING!!

       I hope you all had a good weekend. Hubby and I are officially...slugs now! LOL We didn't do anything of substance this weekend, besides our meeting for spiritual upbuilding, of course. We just sat around and counted each other's toes and chin hairs! LOL ... And it was GREAT!! :-)
   I shouldn't say that we didn't do anything. I browsed through some treasuries that my Wuglyees shop items were in. The header photo is one of the treasuries, entitled Pretty in Pink, curated by wimzieprints.
     SouthwestCrafts put me in a treasury entitled Tweet, Tweet, Tweet
    And ByYourSide2009 put me in their treasury entitled Visions of Sugarplums...
    It was fun looking through all of them, but by no means strenuous work! 
   Hubby did take some up-dated photos for my shop though, fact, these are the others I didn't share with you yesterday...

      And I did do some crocheting. Nothing particular. Just fiddling around, using up some yarn, making flower brooches to give as free gifts to my shop customers. 
    I'll have to be more focused this week though. I got a call for a custom order...a friend of a friend wants me to make pull on hats for her family!! {Not difficult hats to make, but time consuming...and I have to focus myself more, because it's the same pattern over and over. You know how much I like to do that!!...NOT! LOL} 
     So, that's technically not NOTHING that we were doing. But Shequita and Baby Wuglyee were looking at us like: "Seriously?! That's all you're going to do?!...

    ...Can we have the car keys?!" ^_^ But since Shequita doesn't have hands or a body to steer a car with, and Baby Wuglyee can't read the road signs anyway, ...we just ignored them, and continued to lay around doing NOTHING! LOL
    By evening time we got a little bit more motivated, because the work week was looming. Lunches had to be prepared, the meal planned for the week, weather and cars had to be checked, and sleep had to be had! Oh yeah....and we also wanted to see the finale of Survivor! :-) But shhhhhhh! We didn't see it yet. We were so tired from doing...NOTHING...that we fell asleep shortly after it started!!^_^ These are the times I'm thankful to have my computer almost back to normal. I can look at the whole episode online today! 
   Okay, so I suppose I better get going to do....hmmmm....I'll think of something! ^_^ Our meeting has changed this week to tonight instead of Thursday, so there's that. And after I get the emailed measurements for the hats I'll start those. But, my studying for the meeting is all done, I slept straight through without waking up last night, so I'm all rested, and all my other chores are done. I guess I'll be a Slug at Leisure today! ^_^ 
   I already did do SOMETHING this morning. Having all this time on my hands left me fishing through old poems of mine. With the computer fiasco recently, I'm thinking about a more safe place to keep my poems I've written over the years! And while fishing through I found one I never shared with you!...about myself and a bad school incident when I was much younger. Let me know what you think?! And have a good day doing everything...or nothing, like me! :-)

I've Been Heavy All My Life

I knew I'd  ace the Spelling Bee,
But then I got the urge to pee!

Just one more word-Then I would zoom!
Oh No! The trickle came too soon!

There was a trail-right out the door.
"Is that a rainbow on the floor?"

The teasing always came like that;
For me, the girl-too smart, too fat.

I've  been heavy all my life.
A truth that cuts just like a knife!

I was a loving, caring girl-
Lived in my own imagined world.

Wrote in my diary every day.
Would rather eat, than go and play.

Could see the pain in other's  eyes,
from many tears that I had cried.

But all that they could see was fat,
and how I moved, and looked, and sat.

I've  been heavy all my life.
A truth that cuts me like a knife!

I fell in love-What was the link?
My words on paper made him think.

The poems written from my heart
about my loves, my pains, my art.

He saw what others could not see-
The inside person-The real me.

His love was always just like that
for me, the girl-too smart, too fat.

I've  still been heavy all my life,
but as his happy, chubby wife!


  1. Your poem is so sweet. I'm sorry you had that "episode!" That was sort of funny! :) But as far as the weight thing...I've struggled all my life too. But remind yourself, it's only temporary!! We're all out of whack right now!
    I love the new photos! Great job once again, Jeff!! Some gorgeous scarves there too!

  2. CinLynn, Thanks! It was a really traumatic thing for me when I was a kid, but now I can look back at it and laugh. I was such a serious kid!! Nervous! :-)) I look forward to the day when my system will no longer be out of whack...and everyone else's too!...And hubby did do a great job with the photos, didn't he?! It's almost like I have new items in the shop...but not really. You just can see them now!! LOL

  3. Anonymous12/20/2010

    Love the poem. I can sure identify with you on struggling with your weight, I have too. Over the past 2 years it's gotten worse. I first ended up with a fractured tibia, was in a cast for 6 months. Then I got my knee replacement, had some complications, it's been a little over a year and it's still not healed on the inside. Tender to the touch. So, not being able to walk and exerse has not helped. I sure knew what you were talking about, having to pee that bad. I have been there. :) Your scarves are so very pretty. I love the different designs and colors. That black and red hat is really sharp. Tell your hubby great job on the photos!!!

  4. Peg, Thanks for the poem and scarf love. And I'll give hubby your message!...Yeah, the weight thing has been an on-going battle for many years. My body has a mind of it's own!! So, I had to focus on my skinny God-loving heart...more than my round and beautiful outside! *Teehee* Hey! I still love me! ^_^

    Sorry to hear about all of the health issues though. I certainly can relate!! And being immobile can REALLY be a challenge! I guess we both have to keep hanging in here. Hopefully this "RIDE" will stop and let us get off soon! :-)

  5. I'm sorry that people are so cruel that you as a child endured such hurt. It's good that we all grow up and look at everyone with a different set of eyes. What's in the heart is what we should really look at in a person. To bad we don't realize that as children. Really nice new pictures, your hubby does a great job. I can relate to your poem in a different way. Thank you for sharing your poem.

  6. SnowflakeDreams1, I agree with you that children can be cruel. I experienced that first hand. But unfortunately it's not just children these days. The world is full of intolerance! I think that when people feel strongly they should totally stand their ground on their position, but that position should not be cruelly aimed at someone else. Be who you are!! Don't do it standing on the backs of other people...especially not on the back of a child. I know what your experience was too...{Say what you need to say day remembered}...I think you would agree with this assessment. :-]... And thanks for the poem and photo love! My hubby will be thrilled, as I am!!

  7. Thank you for sharing my Treasury, but mostly for sharing your poem!
    I was on the opposite end as a kid, unnaturally skinny, with red hair and teased and teased and teased!! My daughter (13), is heavy and some of the things I have witnessed are just awful... takes me right back to all of those bad memmories! I just hope the hugs, love and positive reinforcement help to ease the pain. People want to assume the worst... she is active, athletic, smart and has the most caring loving heart of anyone I know! And I think her heart is so big because of an understanding of what words and actions can mean... She is coming into her own and is AMAZING!

  8. Michele, Awww! Thank you so much for the really nice words!...I think teasing goes with the territory of being a kid, unfortunately...That's why it's so important to instill strength of character and love for everyone in your kids while they're young. I had a rough childhood...VERY rough! I learned strength of character late in my life, through my faith. I now try to teach to everyone that you have to be you...valued, important, loved, and kind, but also forgiving, open, convicted, and faithful...And woohoo! To your daughter!! The inside beautiful heart is waaaay more worth the attention than the outside body any day anyway!!! :-)

  9. Thank you so much for sharing my treasury Tweet Tweet Tweet. Love the poem I am glad you are happy with yourself now and have such a wonderful husband. Allison

  10. Allison, It was my pleasure sharing your treasury!! And thank you for the nice words about the poem too. :-)


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