Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I'm Too Old For Frustration!!

   I'm old people!! I have nights where I barely get any sleep. Days where all I want to do is sleep. {Naps are a MUST on those days.}! And then there are all those in between times when I'm just trying to keep my world devoid of frustration!! And.....that didn't work yesterday!
   I spent LITERALLY all day trying to figure out how to work the pattern to make those cute crochet slippers I've been talking about! I worked it...Un-did it. Worked it again...Un-did it. Re-worked it a different way....Un-did it. Went to the website to look for a tutorial on it to see if I was missing something.....There was none...I tried again, and again,....and again! {Because I really don't like to give up on things...REALLY, I don't!}
   But when I came to a part of their website where they talked about how easy they make their patterns....I almost blew a gasket!!! And then I knew....I am too old for this kind of frustration anymore!! It's time to 'throw in the towel', 'give it up', 'let it go', 'kick it to the curb', and any other euphemism you want to use for I WAS SICK OF IT!!!! LOL
    I took all 4 PAGES of that pattern and ripped them into a million little pieces....Well, maybe not a million, but enough so that if I even THOUGHT about going back and trying to crochet those slippers one more time I'd have to explain to the psychiatrist why I spent 7 days trying to put those little pieces of paper back together!! ^_^ ..............................I was never so happy to be saying MOVING ON!!!
   So, now I had about an hour and a half left of this wasted day to try to recover some of my dignity. I mean, how could I answer my hubby's usual question when he comes in the door: "Hi bay! {Nickname for me, short for baby} What you been doing all day?!" So what did I do?! I got INSPIRED by that disastrous slipper make some usable and beautiful slippers!....Hide Away Slipper Necklaces, that is! :-) I haven't totally finished them yet. But I did enough to answer hubby's question without a blink!! See.....
     I crocheted all of the fronts and backs. I just have to sew them together and add buttons and chains! I made a blue and white one....
      ....I'm going to put this heart-shaped vintage button on it.
      ...A purple, beige and white one...
      .....with this button awaiting it.
     ...An orange, yellow and white one...
     ...that I think will look nice with this on it...
     ...And last, this multi-colored greenish one...
    ...that will be sporting this little vintage baby.
     What do you think?!...See how much you can get done when you have the PROPER inspiration!! ^_^ I even had some time left over...after my fingers got tired from all of this flip through my latest Jessica London magazine! The header photo is a pair of the shoes from there. GORGEOUS!!! Not frustration inducing AT ALL!!! :-) {I'll share some more of those goodies tomorrow!!}

Too Old For Frustration

I am too old for this frustration!
Too old to change this heart.
Too old to patch up anger,
when I can just keep it all apart!

I am too old to let it get me!
Too old to waste all day.
Too old for words unspoken.
Too old to let it lay.

I am too old to get involved.
Too old to take a side;
Especially when it don't matter.
I'd just as soon let it slide!

I am too old to do it for you!
I can barely do it for me!
Too old for needless frustration.
For most things I just let it be.

I am Too old to tell a lie.
Way too long in the tooth.
Don't have time to fix it later.
That's why I deal now with the truth!


  1. Love the poem today Wug! I know you were frustrated yesterday. I feel your pain at times. I do think you're on to something with the slipper necklaces!! Keep at it my friend, and keep a big smile :) on your face!

  2. I love that attitude girl! Although I do disagree-YOU are not too old, just mature enough to know what NOT to waste time on!
    What you make you do beautifully....keep it up :-)). Xo

    Ps I've learned I'm too old for high heels= pain!

  3. Sorry to hear about your frustration. Similar things happen to all of us from time to time and I guess we can all learn from them and appreciate the good times even more.
    I loooove the blue and white slipper necklace already with the heart! It's GORGEOUS!

  4. CinLynn, Thanks Bead! :-) See my big smile?! ^_^

  5. midwestmermaid, Ha! Ha! I guess that's part of knowing when you're too old....knowing what you can and CANNOT waste your time on anymore.....i.e. high heel shoes just to look cute! ^_^ {I used to still wear mine, but while I was sitting!! I carried slippers in my bag for walking! LOL I'm old...not stupid!!} And thanks for the complement about my work too!

  6. Mariann, Yes, I'm afraid I didn't corner the market on frustration. And you're right about learning from times like that too! I learned....not to continue in useless pursuits! Move on!! ^_^ ... Thanks for the nice words about my vintage heart "baby" too!

  7. Oh boy!!! It must have been a great feeling to tear up those pages though!!! The pieces you created came out really cute. :)

  8. Miss Val, It WAS a great feeling!!!...Probably shouldn't have been so pleased with myself doing it, but.....I WAS!!!! ^_^ And thanks for the complement too!

  9. Anonymous12/08/2010

    Love the poem. I sure can feel your frustration. Thanks for sharing. Isn't it odd how people will say, that was so easy and the rest of us try and do it and say, really, isn't easy for me at all. So, who's easy are they talking about??? Can't wait to see your newest creation. Love and Hugs Peg

  10. Peg, Right!!! what universe, is what I wanted to know about that pattern! LOL ... Hopefully I'll get them all done by today and share a little sneak peek. Who knows, maybe it'll be done so "EASY" that I'll be able to list them in my Wuglyees shop before the day is done!! ..... STOP laughing!! ^_^

  11. this post made my day! Sorry for laughing at your frustration, but the thought of you ripping up the patterns is somewhat entertaining. :\

  12. Hollie, ^_^ No problem! I laugh about it too....NOW! But as funny as it is to read about, it was as satisfying....even more actually do!! :-)

  13. So sorry to hear that you had a very frustrating day. I hope today is a better one for you. I feel like I've been on that road lately. Hmmm if only I could rip the things apart like you did but you can't do that to people..... LOL. Have a better day today Deb.

  14. Awww...I hope today is so much better!!

  15. SnowflakeDreams1, As of right now, it's gotten much better! I just listed one of the new slipper necklaces and sold 4 items in my shop!! Frustration?...What frustration?! ^_^ {And I know what you mean about the people thing!! It's a good thing that's not allowed!! :-))}

  16. Spanishlullabies, It has slowly gotten better and better my friend!! :-]

  17. I'm with Mariann you are not old at all! I know what you mean about being frustrated with a pattern. I get like that often with crochet patterns. I just can't seem to be able to follow them properly. Thank goodness for youtube videos. I've learnt a lot from them!
    I love the buttons you use. Where do you find them all? They look so pretty!

  18. Joanne, That's what made me so crazy with this pattern...I usually can figure out just about ANY pattern!! That's how I first taught myself to crochet, in a book...looking at the patterns. I've even done patterns with diagrams before too, but this one was unlike anything I've ever seen before! Or will see my house!!! LOL ... As to the buttons, I find them anywhere from Joanne's Fabrics, Michael's or wherever, or ones in my own stash. I've been collecting buttons for YEARS! I cut them off of coats and clothes before I discarded them even! ^_^ And my friends, who all know how much I love an interesting button, have been giving them to me for years too!

  19. Poetess, That's one thing my Mum taught me about collecting buttons. If the clothes are no longer any good to wear you cut the buttons off and add them to your stash ;)

  20. Jo-anne, Yep! Smart Mom you had there! :-)


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