Sunday, December 19, 2010

Restful Wuglyees Day

    I'm in slow motion today. I got a lot done yesterday, and my body and mind wants to do nothing but rest now. After an already great night's sleep too! The Nerve!!! LOL So, guess what I'm going to do today?!...I'm going to listen to my mind and body...and do nothing but rest today!! :-)
   I'll show you some of the things we got done yesterday though. One being my finished flowers for the hat. The one in the header picture? I put one of my funky buttons on it. The other mint green colored one?...
     I sewed some green seed beads in the center of it!
     I liked sewing the beads on. I have to do more of that on some others again later! :-) ... Hubby spent a lot of his time yesterday fiddling around with the car. When he went out early in the morning, it wouldn't start! He thought that maybe it was because of it being so cold, and that the gas line might have frozen...So, he added some dry gas to it and put some gas in the carburetor...and left it for a while. 
    Then he got the camera out and decided to fill up the waiting time with Tina {my headless model}. Good thing I'm not a jealous type! LOL I mean, she is kinda sassy....even though she doesn't have a head! ^_^ These are some of the shots he got, first of the 2 scarves I'm going to be listing in the shop sometime today. The purple chenille...
     ...and the basic black scarf.
    I don't think these two are going to be that hard to list because it's all just basic...basic chenille...basic black. {Why do I think that somehow it's not REALLY going to be that simple and I'm just fooling myself?! LOL}
    He also took some better photos of some of the other scarves already in the shop. I just have to upload these new pictures. Hooray!!!!! I like that! Now, if only they could have someone invent a check-list button for us to use when we're doing item listing on etsy!! Any one of you up to that task?! Huh?! ^_^'s some of hubby's new photos. Tell me what you think.
     He's still got a few styling issues though, because I found this picture in there too!
     I mean, seriously! How do you take a picture of a hoodie scarf...with a HEAD-LESS model?!!! Ha! Ha! But he was INTO IT honey!!! ^_^
    He seemed surprised when I told him: "NO! These are gonna have to be taken over...maybe on Shequita!! You need a head to show the hood part!"...I think the cold was getting to him...especially since I also found this picture in the mix!
     Ha! Doesn't he look so happy to be out there in the freezing cold?! LOL I think this picture was put in here to tell me HE WAS NOT HAPPY with me being picky about my photos!! "I got it honey.....Now, can you PLEASE go back out there and get me a few shots of the hoodie scarf on Shequita's head?! Thank you! Kisses!!" {What?!...I can be sweet!} ^_^ ....Oh yeah! When he went back to check the car again cranked and ran without a problem!! So, I guess he DOES know what he's least with cars! :-) Actually, he knows what he's doing with a lot of things. I just like to razz him! {Tease}
   Okay, off to do a little resting before the meeting today. And since it's Sunday, I'll leave a poem about me and something spiritual. It's appropriate today. Be thankful it wasn't the poem about why I don't celebrate Christmas!! :-) I decided that it would be inappropriate to put that one up in your faces, since many of you are enjoying this season. I'll wait until a later time to share that poem.
   Have a good rest of the day!! Doing something warm and cozy with it if you can!...And for those of you experiencing your summer right now.........AIR CONDITIONING!! Doesn't it feel cooler just saying that?! ^_^

Every Congregation Has One

Every congregation has one:
An Elder that gains our respect
by working hard out in the service
and on each one he keeps a check.

Every congregation has one:
A child that hasn't  learned to read,
who can't  wait to join the school
and learn just how to take the lead.

Every congregation has one:
A teenager, not quite full grown,
who loves assisting at the meetings,
presenting talks, and microphones.

Every congregation has one:
A widow working through their grief,
spending valued time in service,
giving others much relief.

Every congregation has one:
A brother that is reaching out
to progress in Bible teaching-
shaking new ones from their doubt.

Every congregation has one:
An older sister, dearly loved,
who shares her heart and skills in cooking,
and her love of God above.

Every congregation has one:
A person that is kind of shy,
But if you take the time to know them,
their love for God will make you cry.

Every congregation has one:
A person spiritually weak
who needs to know that we all love them
and that they're  joy is what we seek.

Every congregation has one:
A mother, father, sibling,friend,
who we 'incite to love and fine works'
as this system nears the end.

Now, almost everybody's  covered
and that is why this poem's  done;
A group that dearly love jehovah-
every congregation has one.


  1. Pretty pretty scarves! :P
    Nice pic of hubby too ;)

  2. Mariann, :-) Thanks!!...Hubby says thanks too, but he doesn't agree about his picture!

  3. Nice post Wug! I LOVE the chenile scarf!!! Gorgeous!! Hubby's doing a great job with the photos too! Wish I had a personal photographer! LOL
    Hope you got lots of rest today. Talk to you soon!

  4. I love that chenille scarf! It looks soooo pretty! Love the poem too!
    I hope you managed to get lots of rest!

  5. Cinlynn, Thank you my friend! Nice to see you too!!...I know! about the purple chenille scarf! I almost don't want to put it in the shop now...but I guess if I spend $11.00 a skein for the yarn, somebody NEEDS to buy it!! LOL ...And yes...LOTS of rest! Just call me "Lazy Bones"! ^_^

  6. Jo-anne, Thanks for such nice words about my scarf! I think all of us like that pretty "baby"! :-)...And I'm STILL resting! ^_^


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