Friday, December 31, 2010

Is It Worth A Post-It?!

    If you stopped by my blog looking for something deep....I'm sorry. :-] I woke up this morning with a laundry list of things on my mind that I need to do, and looked over and saw all of my 'Post its' already full of things I have to do, am doing, and have already done! And I realized that...
     I have EVERYTHING on a 'Post-it'!! It's like a miniature colorful paper circus in here!! ^_^
    And I'm not one of those kinds of people that get one color, and for the rest of their life it's baby blue 'Post-its' for e-v-e-r-y thing! NO!! I like the rainbow of colors!....And all the other colors too! ^_^
      Oh Yeah! I love the long ones too! :-) ... Come on....confess! I'm not alone with this, am I?! You guys must use these! I don't know, at this point, if I can move throughout my day without them! My BRAIN is on a 'Post-it'!! ^_^
     In fact, my pattern for my Hide-Away Slipper Necklace was written originally on a 'Post-it'.....and guess what?
    ...that's still where it is!! ^_^ I never transferred it to another place because it's so handy to use when I get ready to crochet! I mean, why put it somewhere where it's going to make a whole project out of retrieving it?!
    I ask you...if it's something you need to jot down and look at in a hurry, isn't it worth a 'Post-it'?! I have crochet patterns for certain items on 'Post-its'; My list of people I need to send 'Thank You, sympathy, and Get well' cards. Where is it?! On a...
     My list of things to crochet for my shop; The date for the visit of our congregation's Circuit Overseer; Songs that I want to check out; names of movies that I've seen advertised, but that I'm waiting to see what they're all about; and the name of the new yarn I need to buy for my custom order scarf I have to make...are all on...
     Yeah....Go ahead and laugh! But I know that secretly some of you have this obsession too! :-)) I know hubby does! He's got a bunch of 'Post-its' too....BUT we have completely different tastes in 'Post-its'! He likes the ones with funky designs and swirls and everything. No!! I will not show you!! ^_^ Let him show you himself. He'll probably be doing a guest blog spot here soon. {He's a man of leisure for a little while...vacationing.}
   So, nothing deep today. Just a colorful paper trail to ME! ^_^ And before I go and get started on my 'TO DO' list, let me show you the poem I wrote guessed it....POST ITS!!! :-) Have a good day everybody!!

 Is It Worth A Post-It?

Appointment for the doctor;
Something you have to do;
A call you can't forget;
An ingredient for your stew.

A row in your new pattern;
A poem you need to write;
An inspiring thought you just heard;
An urge you have to fight.

Colorful, sticky papers,
on the wall, fridge, door or desk.
Is it worth a 'Post-It'?
If it's writable, I say YES!!


  1. Don't feel alone here Wug, I use them too....a LOT! I use them in my Bible with the points I want to bring out during the Bible highlights, I also leave notes for people I haven't found at home for awhile, or if we had an appointment and they forgot. They need to know I was there. Even around the house. I've also put them on my speedometer so I wouldn't forget something! Even on my forehead....LOL!! Yes, they ARE good for everything!

  2. CinLynn, Ha! Ha! I forgot about the trusty forehead spot!!! ^_^ And yes, they work for all of those ways you mentioned too!...And I'm sure there's more too!

  3. Love the way your mind works - poem is wonderful... I've got a cool pop up dispenser for them since the stack would get buried under a mtn of paperwork that wasn't post-its! Definite have used on my dashboard of my car to direct me to all my errands. Any list that is longer than 2 gets a post-it!

  4. I am a post it freak! I have never seen thtle polka dots, though. I am on tghe hunt now! Happy New Year to you! Hugs, Diane

  5. Janet, Apparently great minds think alike!! ^_^ {And...Shhh!...but my lists don't even have to be more than 2 long!! Some just have one line of a poem that's trying to be born! :-)}

  6. Diane, Hello fellow Post-it freak!! ^_^ I hadn't seen the polka dots either. I stole those from hubby I think!

  7. Anonymous12/31/2010

    I think you may be a little nutty post it lady! Me - I'm partial to the pale pink ones!

  8. Michele, Ha! Ha! No argument!!...Gonna post myself a note to work on it!! ^_^

  9. Deb I love post it notes too!!

    Happy New Year to you and your family! :) Have a great evening! :)

  10. Cathy, I knew I wasn't the only one!!! ^_^

  11. I too love post it notes. I usually just admire them in the shops. Maybe next time I go into the supermarket I should buy some. I think everything would look much prettier around here if it was more colourful!

  12. Jo-anne, I knew you were a colorful 'Post-It' girl like me!!! ^_^ I'm surprised to hear that you don't already have a stash of them somewhere! I'll be watching your blog to see if I spot them showing up in your computer space. :-]


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