Thursday, December 30, 2010

What's The Box All About?!

      Do you recognize this box of papers?! {More about it below.} :-) ...Now, you'll be happy to know that I'm NOT going to be talking about snow today. {And the cheers from the crowd went WILD!!! LOL} But because I can't talk about snow...because there isn't any, and we're not due to get any for a while. Rain is coming instead...I was at a loss as to what to talk about today.
    But you know me! If it's not WILL be something!! ^_^ So, how about something else that's white!
     White crochet flowers.
     I finished this one for the new hat I'm making for my custom order. I love the look of the white. I'm thinking of maybe making some plain white ones and started a wedding section of white items in my shop. I've thought about doing it before, but something else always came up. So, we'll see what happens this time! :-]
    The last white hat is coming along too.

     Hopefully I'll get it all finished by tomorrow. If I didn't have so much already on my plate for today, I'd finish it today. But I've got some studying to do, and cards to write. Not to mention bill paying and reading. But no worries. This little white hat will be in the "finished" box with the black ones soon...
     ...along with black flowers too.

    Now, about the box. It's got all of the names of the commenters on this blog in it, from December 15th until now.I'll be pulling a name for my necklace Giveaway on January 1st. So, if you're interested in receiving my sterling silver crochet wire and pink bead necklace just leave a comment below. You have today and tomorrow still...And if you're NOT interested, no offense will be taken, just let me know NOW that too!
   Hubby will be off from work and vacationing soon and he's thinking about doing another guest spot on my blog. I had to twist his arm you know...NOT!! LOL Do you have any subjects you'd like to see him tackle?! Just act like I'm not here...because that's what I' going to do!! ^_^
   Okay, have a good day everybody!...No! Be reconciled to make it a good one! I'll be looking to see it! :-)

Around the Bloggie World

Blue birds, with tails extended.
New tutorial writers too.
New cameras at the ready,
all enhance my bloggie view.

Face sketches, eyes so pretty.
Flower earrings to give away.
And all kinds of crafty candy
also being given away today.

A painting of weeping skies;
a musical horn made into cake;
a miniature calendar
and a snow scene by a lake.

A new haircut, all snazzy;
A butterfly print. It's her first win!!
A Himalayan trek,
and baked cookies in a homemade tin.

I love the things I see
when I look at my Bloggie world.
It's exciting for a writer
whose a curiously nosy girl!


  1. Great poem! Thanks for the mention...yes, I did catch it! I also caught the point about be "reconciled" to make it a good one!! Ummmmm, seems like I was just reading something about that in the day text! I love the white! So pretty and bright! I can't wait to see the finished product too!
    Have a good one...I too have a LOT to do today!!

  2. CinLynn, *Teehee*...You're pretty quick this morning!!...Thanks for the nice comment on the white too. I'll definitely show you the finished product. {Try to stop me, right?! ^_^}

  3. Deb, Like always love your poem. Oh I think I'm going to have to ask you to make me a hat so I can stay warm here. Really love the way the white hats look but so afraid that it would look dirty quickly around here. Maybe it will have to be black. I can't wait to see what the white hat looks like done. Enjoy your day!!

  4. SnowflakeDreams1, Thank you, like always...*Teehee*...for your sweet words about my poem...That weather still C-O-L-D, huh?! It is here too actually, just no snow falling at the moment. It's frozen to windshields and sidewalks though, so still...NO FUN! Even so...still not as bad as yours!! I'd be happy to make you a hat. Too bad I can't crochet you some better weather to go with it!! ^_^

  5. Love that poem! I do love the bloggie world and I'm always astounded at the diversity of subjects, people, and places in the world that bloggers write about! I always tell people that say they could never blog because their life is just too boring...just do it and see how your ordinary life is really extraordinary when it's put in writing. And also they would have the fun of meeting people like you and many other artists of various talents!

  6. yaya, Thank you so much! Yes, blogging makes the whole wide world seem so close. It also makes my little life feel like it's got a kinship with people all over the world...Some places I had never even heard of, never mind saw pictures of! The earth is full of humans with so much more in common than there are differences, in my opinion. :-)


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