Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Little Chat With "Baby" Wuglyee

Poetesswug:  "Whoa! Hi baby...What are you doing here today?....Although I must admit, you do look kinda cute in my header picture! :-) ...Oooo, you look a little upset though. Is everything okay?!"
      Baby Wuglyee: {Holding his head down} "Mommy, I gotta talk to you 'bout somepin."
Poetesswug: {Looking worried} "Okayyy....What is it?"
      Baby Wuglyee: "I don wanna hurt your feelwins or nothin, but lately you have been making me feel very bad."
Poetesswug: {Surprised} "I HAVE?!!"
      Baby Wuglyee: "Yeah. I thought maybe I better say somepin before it gets to where I gotta run away or somepin!"
Poetesswug: "WOW! I don't want it to get to that baby! Tell Mommy wants wrong!"
    Baby Wuglyee: "Okay, but you be quiet till I finish, okay. You can talk so much some time Mommy! Make me nervus,...but I gotta say it all and get it off my chest!"
Poetesswug: {turning her head and giggling a little} "Okay honey. I'm gonna be completely quiet....You want something to drink before you get started?"
      Baby Wuglyee: {Frustrated} "SEE!!! You starting already Mommy!!!"
Poetesswug: "Okay!....Okay!" {Putting her hand up to her mouth and pretending to zip her lips up}
      Baby Wuglyee: "Now I know dat you love me, but some time you not so nice with your words 'bout me. And yesserday was the last draw, cause you showed a not so nice piture of me, and you said some not so nice words! You told somebody I was confused!!...
    ....But I'm not confused! Daddy was right. You ought not put earrings on me just cause you wanna show off your earrings!! I am a BOY Wuglyee! You oughta know dat. I mean I'm a baby, but even I know dat!!..."
Poetesswug: {Feeling sad} Ohhhhh! I'm so sorry!....I..."
         Baby Wuglyee: "Mommy!" {Giving her a chastising look} "Dat's not all. You don had all kinda friends here..friends like me kinda...You know, Oscar,...
 ....dat funny looking monkey...
    ...a knittin' lobster....
       ...headless 'Tina',...

...and a fishin' bear....
   ...and you always say such nice things 'bout them!!...Even the little bird...
    ....and the blue egg you found in the yard....
     ...get gushed all over like they was your only chilren or somepin'!! But me?! You always talkin' 'bout how wiggly my neck is,...
    ....and how my joints spin around and everythin'!! How UGLY I am!!!...
     ...I don like how you turn your back on me!...and get all friendly with everybody else!...
    ...The Kitty cats,...
    ....the robin in the yard,...
      ....the Little Fox,...
     ....and even dat stinky ole skunk dat come around here some time at night,...
    ...get more love then me!! {Pouty lip}...Don't you love me Mommy?!....You can talk now, but no yelling."
Poetesswug: {Gives Wuglyee baby a big hug} "I am SO sorry I made you feel like you weren't the most special thing in the world to me! I love you!...Okay, so the earring thing was a really bad idea. But I didn't put them on you because I was trying to show off my earrings...Really, I didn't!! I was just playing with the earrings one day and I thought how cute you would look with them on....It wasn't well thought out. I'll try to do better at thinking about things like that from now on...
    As to all of my friends that visit here on the blog, none of them will ever take your place! Mommy named her whole shop after you! Remember when our friend came by and put the name in wire?!...
    My Wuglyees shop was created because of how much you inspired me!! My shop is YOU, without an "S". And think about this, I am never going to make another Wuglyee...ever! You are my one and only baby Wuglyee creation. And that's the way it will always be!!
   I know it probably doesn't feel like it sometimes, because I DO call you ugly...a lot!"
       Baby Wuglyee: "Boy, do I know dat's right!"
Poetesswug: "I know, but to me your being UGLY is a good thing!!! You represent how things and people can look one way on the outside, or be made of not so pretty things on the inside, but can still be beautiful...and LOVED!!! And that's how I feel about you, my precious baby Wuglyee! I truly love you!! And everybody that sees you,...because I'm always showing off your picture everywhere. I even use your picture as my Twitter avatar..., thinks you're adorable!! They keep asking me if I'm going to make more of you!"
       Baby Wuglyee: Really?!
Poetesswug: "Really!!"
Poetesswug: "But my word is firm, and you already know I don't waste my words!....You are the one and only Wuglyee!! {smiling}"
       Baby Wuglyee: "Yeah, I know your shop theme....'Wuglyees, where nothing is wasted. Not even the ugly!'...{giggling}...and I know you gotta lotta words to waste too Mommy, if you want to!! So I guess what you saying is dat you do love me, and I ain't got nothin' to be jealous or angry about!"
Poetesswug: "That's exactly right, baby! Now....can we put a nicer smilier you in that header photo?!"
      BabyWuglyee: "Nahhh! I think the ugly one fits just fine. {Big Smile}
Poetesswug: "Me too!"

Baby Waddle

So-you don't  have a strut
like a skinny runway model.
Walk proudly as you stroll,
with your 'Hippy' baby waddle!

Pretty soon it will be over,
and you'll  walk your baby's  bottle
back and forth all through the night;
And who will notice if you waddle?-
With your smiling babe to coddle.


  1. LMAO! :D
    Poor Wuglyee...But am so happy his smiling now! :D

  2. I love this!!! What a great conversation! You are so imaginative! I thought it was a real conversation. And yes, Wugylee, we ALL love you! You are adorable....not ugly at ALL! Thanks for your post. Perked me up this morning!

  3. Mariann, *Giggling*...WHEW! I'm glad he's smiling now too!!

  4. CinLynn, Ha! Ha! I'm so glad you liked it! I gotta be careful what I say around here from now on I guess, huh?! :-)) ... And on a side not, why did you need perking up this morning?! Not feeling well, or just slow off the mark this morning like me?! ^_^

  5. Woke with a headache. Been awhile since I had one and I get depressed with snow. And, like you, a bit slow off the mark. Didn't think you would focus on that comment! Thanks Deb! :)

  6. Awww bless him and you, i was a bit confused to begin with to my heart was thinking O No. But i have to say that must have taken you ages to write its brilliant and the moral to it as well is so right. ASnd please tell him from me hes just the cutest thing and does he know the story of the "Ugly duckling" brilliant. Have a lovely day. Dee ;-)

  7. Well, I hope your head feels better soon. I know how distracting they can be!!....Sending you sunshine from Massachusetts! {It's got a cold wind blowing behind it, but WHATEVER!! ^_^}

  8. delia, ^_^ I'm glad you figured out my poor little Wuglyee's dilemma! And No! He doesn't know the story of the ugly duckling. I thought it might have been too sensitive of a story to tell him before {You know, the name and everything. Didn't want him to get a complex!}. But now that everything is out in the open and we're both on the same page...Ugly Duckling story, here me and Wuglyee come!! ;-)

  9. I think this is the SWEEETEST blogpost I have ever read!

    You need to write a book ... The Adventures of Wuglyee or something! Such a wonderful wonderful message in this post!!

  10. Kerri, Awwww! You made my day!! That would have been something I would have loved to have done back when I was younger and healthier. Nowadays, with all of the challenges that would come into play with writing a book, the book=signings and traveling and that, there's no way I'd ever get it seen....Unless I get a 'Faux Me'!! LOL Hmmmm....^_^ Thank you for such a nice comment.

  11. hehe loved the dialogue. you have a great imagination my dear. and you are welcome to visit anytime and do your knitting here and of course bring wuglyee. I wouldn't want him to feel left out.

  12. Croatian_Latina, ^_^ Thank you for the invite!! And who knows...I MAY..ONE DAY....Okay, so maybe I'll never make it to your neck of the woods in person, but count on me visiting quite often...blogway! :-) And I ALWAYS have Wuglyee with me!!

  13. *Awww* Little Wuglyee!!! (lip poked out) lol

    Such a cute and creative post! Well now he has LOTS of attention from everywhere now :D

  14. Denise, You have your lip poked out just like he did earlier!! ^_^ And you're right! Sometimes facing the issue garners good results!! :-]

  15. Oh Wuglyee I hope you remember this little talk you had with your Mom when you next feel like pouting. Hugs!

  16. What a wonderful conversation. I am so glad that little Wuglyee is happy now :)

  17. Now Wuglyee has more friends than ever after that lovely post.
    Great pics too!
    Jeanie x

  18. Janet, ^_^ I know I'm going to remember it!!

  19. Jo-anne, Yes, I'm happy he is too!! Sometimes the straight talk with your Mommy is all it takes. YOU know about that! ^_^

  20. mythreebeez, ^_^ Yes he does...And thank all of you too!!

  21. Aliciia12/03/2010

    You should definitely put this in the next book. Might help someone hold a mirror up to themselves (wink)! Luv ya!

  22. Alicia, Hmmmm....I don't get it!

  23. I need to buy a wuglyee for Emma. She would love it.

  24. Hollie, Ha! Ha! I'm afraid there isn't any more Wuglyees {my bear I mean ^_^} around. I do know a great etsy shop I can point you to that has some other stuffed people to love though! :-)


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