Saturday, December 11, 2010

It Finally Happened...A "Date Night" Surprise!

    Yep! It is what it looks like...snow! The first snowfall of the year has hit my little backyard by surprise! I've been hearing for days now that snow was coming, but it wasn't suppose to get here until Sunday.
   Okay, so it's an embarrassingly small amount. Whatever! It's still SNOW!!! LOL And it was enough to catch us by surprise!
    Sorry little bag of planting soil. We didn't get enough notice to get you outta there in time.
    Sorry little plant box......Eh! You'll be alright like that til the Spring! :-)) I'm still sorry though. {can't you feel my sincerity?! ^_^}
     We were having so much fun inside the house, enjoying....Ha! Ha!....our 'Date Night' that what the weather was doing outside didn't even cross our mind!
    I'm SURE some much more serious downfalls are coming, but this was just what they call around here a 'dusting'. I don't like dusting either.....but I digress. :-) .... Now let me tell you about all of the fun we had for 'Date Night'!!
    While I was waiting for hubby to get home, with my stomach growling in preparation for whatever kind of delicious goodness we would be eating tonight, {once a week, on date night, we eat something we REALLY want to eat, instead of just eating for health} I did some crocheting. I decided that since "Ugmo" {that's my new name for the red and black hat...LOL}...
     ...can't just sit on Shequita's head forever, I'd make a really nice basic red colored matching scarf....and sell them both as a set!! LOL That way SOMEBODY will HAVE to take it!!! ^_^
     This is as far as I've gotten so far, but I'll probably finish it tomorrow. {Ignore the color in the photos. YES, it's the same scarf, but with ME taking the pictures!! UGH!!}
   Then hubby came home...bearing gifts! :-)
    A nice box of my favorite chocolates {the chewy, nutty, crunchy kind!!}, and...
   ....a cold!! He was dripping and raspy throated, and....not feeling well at all. :-( I had to spend our 'Date Night' being Mama doctor/nurse, making him drink lots of water, take a hot shower, and eat something good for him. He had this...
    ...Some bean and cheese kielbasa soup/stew, with all kinds of fiber...for the sick baby's colon. {You know that's the place to attack when you have a cold...right?! :-)} It had onions, garlic, and all kinds of 'Feel Better' stuff in it...And what did I have?!
   Fish and chips...Not much though. I didn't even eat one of my chocolates, because I still have that toothache too!! That's why hubby had brought me another gift to go with my chocolates...
     He's thoughtful...and he thinks he's funny!! LOL
   So we ate a little, got ourselves into bed, and had a very good SLEEPING 'Date Night'! Actually, it was the best sleep I've had all week! I feel very rested this morning...and no toothache {But it'll probably come back!} So, all in all, Good "date Night'!! :-) What did you do yesterday?! I COULDN'T possibly have been more fun than this!! ^_^

If You Live Long Enough

If you live long enough
and experience you earn,
there is one great big lesson
in this life you will have learned;

that if you laugh your way through it,
and you're positive all the time,
then your heart becomes a magnet
and whats bad stops on a dime!

Love is drawn into your life
like a butterfly to a flame;
People's smiles drop from the sky,
like the rain that does the same.

And because you're lifted up,
there is nothing you can't do.
If you live long enough
your date with "Life" is never through!


  1. Never heard of date night but it sounds like it should be lots of fun, your husband sure has a sense of humour,I like him!
    Hope your tooth feels better soon,and his throat too.

  2. mythreebeez, "Date Night' is what hubby and I have once a week. It's just a day we put aside to spend time with each other. We started it many years ago, when we were younger and had a very busy schedule doing things for and with lots of people. We decided to take one night where it's just the two of us, no interruptions allowed {unless it's emergencies}. We really look forward to it now, even though we don't have the same demands on our schedule. I feel like all spouses, especially when they have kids, need to take some time for themselves. We even drove 2 hours away one time, just to check ourselves into a Hotel so we could sleep for two days. Room service and a T.V. with sports and old movies was all we needed. It was GREAT!! :-)) Try it...You'll like it! ^_^

  3. Anonymous12/11/2010

    Are you seriously calling your garden smaill! It looks rather enourmous to me....?

    And yum to the fish and chips and boo to the toothache. I would have thought chocolate would fix that. You obviously need more..!

  4. Michelle, Ha! Ha! I meant small in comparison to the rest of the world!...And yeah, leftover fish and chips taste pretty good too! :-] {Had some chocolate now too...I think it cured my toothache! ^_^}

  5. Sounds to me like a nice date night! Your food looked great. You better get that tooth fixed....SOON!! Terrible to live with a toothache! I like the red scarf! It'll find a good home in no time!
    Take care of hubbys sniffles, sneezes and achiness and DON'T get it!!

  6. CinLynn, I think the toothache might actually be my sinuses because it's not hurting anymore today! Strange...And hubby is doing much better too. Just remnants of things left now. So far, I'm holding out!! ^_^ Thanks for the red scarf luv! It's almost done.

  7. That light dusting of snow sure does look pretty. I sure do hope that nasty toothache doesn't come back Poetess. And a sleepy date night. It must have been just the thing you both needed :)

  8. Jo-anne, By the afternoon the snow had almost disappeared! And the big snow storm we thought was coming by Sunday night will apparently be a rain snow! And we're suppose to have temperatures in the high 40s or 50s!!! :-/ What's up with this weather, huh?!....Well, it's not going to stop me from sleeping right through it! ^_^

  9. Congratulations on the snow! ;) We are having ANOTHER blizzard and to tell you the truth I'm getting pretty sick of them LOL

  10. WOW!!! I'm complaining about rain here. How selfish of me!! ^_^ Is it piling up or just causing a lot of wind?! And is this normal for your area?!

  11. We have already had the usual amount of snow we get in December and it's not even mid-December yet! :S And the storm that they call Monika is not stopping yet...
    Am pretty worried about hubby at the moment since he had to drive some 130km to see his mom and is now driving back home but since the roads are REALLY bad and slippery I don't know if he will be okay. Will call him from time to time.
    There were 600 people trapped in their cars the day after yesterday, some without food or fuel to keep them warm and some had to wait for rescue for 21 hours... And if you needed to relieve yourself you had to step out of the car, that is if the door hadn't snowed in totally, into the raging blizzard... So no, this is not normal for us anymore at this point :(

    Here are some 117 pics uploaded so far from people all over Estonia, have a look if you FEEL like it ;)

  12. Mariann, I just went and looked at all of the snow photos...WOW!! I hadn't even heard anything about Storm Monika. I've been so in 'take care of hubby' mode that I haven't even had the T.V. on much! I'm going to take a look today though...And I'm keeping good thoughts about your hubby too!! I saw some of the cars with snow past the window...Kinda scary to think that your hubby might end up in that situation!! :-/ Please let me know when you hear something. I hope he stays safe....And thanks for the link.

  13. Thank you for your concern but he's already home :S shoveling snow outside to be able to park the car.
    I will now go and make some pancakes for him ;) shhh he doesn't know that yet! :P

  14. Mariann, Great!!! WHEW! Now I feel better...And yeah, pancakes will warm him right up! :-)


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