Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunny Florida Anyone?!....No?! How about Rainy Massachusetts?!

     Are you Oooooing and Awwwwing at this photo like me this morning?! Silke {from the blog Metamorphosis} and her husband just got back from a cruise that included Key West Florida. I'd love to be in Key West Florida this morning....*sigh*...instead of here in Massachusetts with rain and ice mixed with rain!
    Hubby and I are feeling better than we did yesterday, as far as the colds and toothache are concerned. He has a bit of...*sorry*...Phlegm he's dealing with occasionally, and my toothache never returned! I didn't even use the toothache medicine he brought me either! But my joints, especially in my hands this morning, are a problem. They're all swollen and giving me a bit of bother. BUT it's not stopping me from crocheting!! LOL
     Right out of the bed this morning I grabbed by crochet hook and my new scarf...
     and got busy!! The movement of my hands when I'm crocheting helps with the pain sometimes....Go Figure! And Yep! It's a basic black scarf next!....I finished the red one!!! {In my Wuglyees shop I'm throwing the red and black hat in with the red scarf for a bargain too!!! Ha! Ha!}
     Hubby was even able to get these nice pictures of it this morning...while he was dodging the rain drops! :-]
   He also took some new photos of the pink and black scarf too.
     It's already in the shop HERE. It just needed some updated photos.
    What do you think?!
    Well obviously I'm not having as much fun here in rainy Massachusetts as Oprah and Curtis Stone are in sunny Australia...
    ...but I'm not quite as bad off as Coop either! Ha! Ha!
                                {From the blog Flight of the Pook}
     Sometimes trying to be helpful can be kind of tricky! ^_^ ... So can maneuvering your achy body on rainy days....but I'm gonna give it a go today. What are you going to be doing?! :-)

Rain or shine though, Oh, to be in love! And that's what inspired this poem. Once I fell in love with my husband I no longer wanted to live my life, I wanted to, and did, LOVE my life! {This is the quote I put in my book of poems about this particular poem. The whole book of poems is on sale in my shop...OKAY, so it's a shameless early morning plug! LOL Can't you give an old swollen jointed woman a break?!! ^_^}

Loving Or Living

Love is easy.
It's living that's hard.
Love is like a clinic.
Living's like a psycho ward.

Love is comfortable.
Living is like a scratchy shirt.
Love is like a healing.
Living is always full of hurt.

Love is like a smile.
Living is like a toothless grin.
Love is your companion.
Living is your deceptive friend.

Love can last forever.
Living is a game of hit or miss.
Love is spontaneous.
Living's got to make a list.

Love is like a dream.
Living is, sometimes, a nightmare.
Love is solid ground.
Living is the quicksand found down there.

Love is a country road.
Living is somewhere round the bend.
Love will last forever.
Living will someday have to end.

Love is me and you,
Living in the rhythm and the rhyme.
Living is everybody's.
Love is forever yours and mine.


  1. Not crazy about cruises Wug, so no temptation there! LOL Love the red scarf!! Great idea to make the solid colored ones! Tell Jeff he's doing a great job on the photos too! Love the new pink/black scarf photos!
    Take care of your achy joints! Have a wonderful Sunday!

  2. CinLynn, Jeff says: "Thanks Bead!" ^_^ And I thank you too! I just listed the red scarf...along with "Ugmo"!! ^_^ ... You have a great Sunday too!!!

  3. A cruise sounds ok but I'd rather take the trip to Australia (with or without Oprah). BTW, I like your poetry.

  4. Jansjems, ^_^ I know what you mean!!...And thank you for the nice words about my poetry. I appreciate your saying so. :-)

  5. Oh, I'm in Massachusetts too and that cruise ship looks like heaven!! Keep those fingers moving! Those scarves are beautiful. So is your poetry ;-)
    I have to admit though, that kitty with the peanuts all over him brought the biggest smile to my face! God Bless!

  6. Beautiful scarves Deb! And here in NY we are having similar weather. Now it is changed over to rain and is 50. but I am not complaining because had it been really cold I think we would be buried in snow! lol

  7. Anonymous12/12/2010

    I have never been on a cruise. I would like to go on one someday. Love the scarf and Hat. What a cute kitty. They do need to check out everything. I am with you on going to Florida. It is raining here, going to change over to freezing rain then snow. YUCK!!! The pressure has dropped, so I have a migraine. So very true about Love.

  8. AngelPups, Wouldn't a sunny trip around the islands be just great right about now?! Maybe we could even take Coop with us!! ^_^ It's been dark and dreary ALL DAY!! Making me wonder if white...light educing...snow might not have been better!!...Yikes! What am I saying?!! ^_^ At any rate, the fingers have been moving, moving, moving! The black scarf is more than half way done already!...And thanks so much for the poem love. :-)

  9. Cathy, Yeah, New York, our sister state, always gets it too sooner or later. My sympathies to you too! Nice temps you're having though. We had a chance at 50s, but it wasn't to be this time. Who knows WHAT's coming tomorrow!!...Bask in the warmth. It's probably not...let's face it, it's not...going to last! ^_^

  10. Peg, Hubby says he's never going on one for sure now that there's all of the pirating, kidnapping, and disease outbreaks!! He's such a chicken!! ^_^ ... Thanks for the complement on my scarves. Now if I can just find the right price point to move them I'll be good!!...Enjoy the rain before it 'all goes South'...not in a good way! :-)) And take care of that migraine! Too bad love can't cure all things now, huh?! :-)

  11. So sorry to hear your joints are aching:( At least crocheting is therapy for your tender hands. Here's hoping that those lovely scarves you featured will be put to good use now that wintery weather has arrived in your area.

    We recently arrived back home from a vacation to sunny, glorious Florida ... oh how I wish we were still there! Dangerous blizzard conditions currently here in Chicago. Brr!

    I so enjoyed reading your poem and viewing your post. Always a delight! Stay warm and dry!

  12. Julie, Thank you so much for your nice comment. Yes, the crocheting helps tremendously! Who knew that would be the case at this age? I didn't. But I'm thankful, especially because I love doing it so much anyway! :-) And I saw the weather going on in Chicago! Brrrr is right!! I'm sure you wish Florida were right around the corner, huh?! ^_^

    Thanks for the nice words about my poem too! I appreciate it! Have a good night!

  13. I am loving the photos of the cat. I had a good giggle at his expense.
    If you come to Australia Poetess, you can always come and visit :)

  14. Jo-anne, I had a good laugh at Coop's expense too! ^_^ And if I ever came to Australia I would DEFINITELY come to visit!! :-]


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