Wednesday, December 1, 2010

And The Winner Is....(and Hide Away Slipper Necklaces Too!)

       Now, I could give you the name of the winners of the GIVEAWAY right away and not make you have to scroll through areas with me talking and showing off pictures of my new hide away slipper "baby".......but NAH!!!! ^_^ Say "Hello!" to the orange and white version of my latest Hide Away Slipper Necklace. I'm actually starting to really get into making them, now that I can see how useful they can be in so many different ways.
    I can see where they could be a conversation piece too, for the person daring enough to wear crochet as a necklace, I mean. :-) Or daring enough to wear orange and white! {Although, for the right ball game these could really be 'sporty'!! I can make them in all kinds of colors!!}
    You could hide all kinds of things in them too!
    You could drop your wedding ring in there while you're washing dishes, so it doesn't get lost or dirty, which was my first reason for creating it; Or if you're diabetic, you can put your emergency candy or a little note saying that you're diabetic in there; It'll hold gum, mints, a small amount of change, extra safety pins, medication you need to take at a certain time, etc. The list could go on and on!
     When I couldn't find my glasses this morning it dawned on me that I could even have slipped my glass's handle through here and let them dangle! Then I'd have known where they were!
    My customer that got me back into making them....because I only had made one before, and it was just sitting in the shop feeling dejected  ^_^ ... contacted me and said she wanted another one after she bought that one. She said 'either purple, green or orange'. I made all three, figuring whichever ones she didn't buy I could put in the shop.
    Well, guess what?! She saw the green harvest one I made...which you can see HERE...and wanted ALL THREE!!! Isn't that exciting?! So those little "babies" are suppose to be gone by the weekend I think. Now I've got to get started on some more for the shop! Any color suggestions to start will be appreciated. I'm thinking maybe black and white or blue and white to start. What do you think?!
      Okay, I've prolonged this as long as I dare... ^_^ As you know I have a special box for my GIVEAWAY entries...
    ...and as you can see I entertained myself this time by using different colored 'Post-it' note papers to write your names on when you commented. Pretty, isn't it?! A metaphor for the different personalities we all have, the different places we all come from, the different interests, and the different sense of style and creativity.
    We're a colorful bunch, aren't we?! ^_^ Well, as usual, the names were shook up......and then shook up again.......and for fun, shook up again! Then hubby reached his ashy hands...{Seriously, I'm going to have to start insisting on him wearing more lotion...and getting a "MAN"-icure!!! LOL}...into the box.
      And the first name that came out was....
      Congratulations mary me!!! Just email me with your address and one of these sweet Peacock inspired Scarf "babies" will be on it's way to you!
   Then hubby reached back into the box for a 2nd name, because, as you know, I have 2 scarves to give away this time...The 2nd name that came out was...
      Congratulations Jo-anne(Blossy)!!!! This little scarf "baby" is going to be traveling far, far away! :-] Just as soon as I get your address I'll get it in the mail so it can start it's long journey to you!
   You know, I'm really enjoying this GIVEAWAY thing!! I guess Jesus was right. There really is 'more joy in giving than there is in receiving'!! :-) And that brings us to the next GIVEAWAY item. This time it'll be smaller, something I made from the last of the Fall Clover yarn leftover from THIS SCARF. It's one of my flower brooch necklaces.
     I make most of my flowers in my shop with crochet thread or floss, but occasionally, when the yarn is nice enough, I make them with yarn. This yarn is so nice that I though it would make a pretty flower, either for a brooch or a necklace!
    It has a vintage black button in the middle, with a kind of swirl pattern around the edges. I though it went perfectly with it...Now, you can wear this any way you like: as a necklace {the chain is included unless the winner prefers a brooch pin or hair comb}, or remove the chain and add a pin and wear it as a brooch. As with almost all of the flowers in my shop, the special crocheted back with the added small loops...
     ...can also be used to slip a comb or hair clip through too, so that you can wear this flower in or on your hair! My girlfriend's baby{her "REAL" baby ^_^} looked really cute with my flower clipped to her headband. You can also clip it to a belt to wear with your favorite jeans or dress too! However you want.
   Rules are the same: You have to be a follower of this blog. One of your comments per day will be used as an entry in the GIVEAWAY. The GIVEAWAY will be on December 15, 2010. So there's at least 15 entries you can make! {If you just want to comment, but don't want to enter the GIVEAWAY just put "No Entry" at the bottom of your comment, whenever you comment. That way I won't put it in the box.}
   Okay, I'm off to do a little tweeting on Twitter, eat some breakfast, do a little crocheting, and watch some reruns of my favorite shows online. It's going to be pouring rain...buckets and buckets! Hubby says they even have flood warnings out for the southern portion of the state, Massachusetts. So, I'M NOT GOING ANYWHERE!! ^_^ I wouldn't be going anywhere anyway...but now I can say I'm not going anywhere 'with a dry kind of gusto'!! LOL But, if my joint pain doesn't kick up too badly THERE WILL BE CROCHETING today...and an old movie maybe too! :-)  In fact it's a good day to do a lot of the things I like to do! Thus, the poem! :-) I hope you're all staying dry and productive today too! Have a good one!

Things I Love To Do

I love to lay on the bed in my room,
listening to the whirl of the fan;
And I love to cook in my kitchen,
listening to the sizzle in the pan.

I love to play`oldies`music;
Listening to the beat makes me dance.
And I love to watch sports on t.v.,
and scream when my team has no chance.

I love to walk through my house when its clean;
and light candles that smell nice and glow.
And I love to take naps in the middle of the day,
while I listen to the Spanish station turned down low.

I love to crochet things and give them away;
and write personal letters to my friends.
And I love to write poetry to make myself smile-
like this one I did-The End.


  1. Congratulations on the orders you got for those pretty hide away slipper necklaces! I really like the new orange one! :)
    And congratulations to the winners of your giveaway too! :)

  2. Congrats to your winners! Those slipper necklaces are great! Nice colors! What a cool idea!

  3. I'm so happy for you to be able to sell all three! Yay! And congrats to the winners too! Can't wait to see more of those necklaces in your shop! Have a wonderful day!
    P.S.'s snowing here. Ugh!

  4. Mariann, Thank you very much!! And thanks goes to you that I have a new way to market them too!! :-)

  5. Cathy, Thank you so much! I'm going to keep making them as long as somebody wants them! :-))

  6. CinLynn, Thanks, as usual Cindy, for your support. :-) And YIKES!!! You keep that snow in your area, will ya?!! :-0 Oh boy! Wet today, cold tomorrow...*shaking my head* ^_^

  7. Oh wow thank you Poetess, what a lovely surprise! When you mentioned on my blog to visit I had no idea. What a lovely way to start my day :)
    And I love your pocket necklaces. I would never have thought to make anything like them. Such a great idea.

  8. Jo-anne, YAY! Congratulations! I just got your email...and replied. Your crocheted 'traveling-the-world' "baby" will be on it's way to you soon!! :-)) And thanks too for the nice words about my new slipper necklace!!

  9. Anonymous12/02/2010

    What a great idea with the little pocket necklace! You have suggested some very good things you could use it for - I think back to my Mom when she worked for LifeLine (she installed those "Help I've fallen and I can't get up" buttons) and this little necklace would be a cute alternative to just wearing the button - Awesome!

  10. Those slipper necklaces are great - pretty and useful. Well done for selling 3 all at once!
    I love your brooch and what a clever idea to have the loops on the back. Brilliant :-)

  11. whatnomints, WOW! Another wonderful suggestion for my necklace's use! Thank you so much! Thanks for letting me know by sharing a personal eperience too! I appreciate it!...Have a good weekend!

  12. Sam, Thank you so much!! As for the loops on the back, that came about through trial and error, wanting to have numerous ways to wear my flowers without having to go through to many "hoops" to do it! Now you can use those little loops for the necklace of your choice, a hair comb holder, a brooch pin or not at all!...Thanks for noticing my hard work! :-)


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