Wednesday, December 15, 2010

♫ Whistle A Happy...... ♫ UGH!!!! FRUSTRATION!!

       This is my new Funky Chic Necklace. I just listed it yesterday in my shop. It kinda describes how I'm feeling today. The "funky" part, not the "chic" part....UGH!!! I'm telling you, this "Change is good!" thing is a total LIE!!! Change is not good! Change is...CHANGE!! UGH!!!
    In case you haven't figured it out yet from my opening words....I'm really not happy with things not being the same as they were before the attack on my computer! It's all "FIXED" now, but I can't find anything!! I even went to write a new poem this morning and I couldn't find the area where I used to write and file them 'Easy Peasy'. Now, the writing pad looks funky, the spacing on this new 'word press' thingee is all wrong, It's not allowing me to file anything without opening up other windows, and it has waaaay too much information across my top bar!! {I don't have the focus of the teenager I once was, when this all would have been an adventure!...Exciting!!....Tolerable!!!}
    At this age I just want things to STAY THE SAME!!!! I don't want to have to start over from scratch, while scratching my head!!  I don't even want anybody telling me how easy it is if I just do this....and that! UGH!......It feels like a Monday...on the chain gang {the work detail for prisoners in the South}...with a man walking back and forth with a rifle....aimed at my BIG TOE, and not at the best place, my head!! FRUSTRATION!!!! LOL
    The only really good news today is that I did the drawing for the necklace giveaway this morning...It's the 15th!!
      And I have a repeat winner! {I guess my 'picker' wanted some of you to be just as annoyed as I am today! {Just kidding} LOL}
       The winner is mythreebeez!!! Congratulations!!!! As soon as I get your address I'll get it right in the mail for you! :-)
   The new GIVEAWAY starts today. I haven't figured out what it will be yet, ^_^  but I'll start putting the names, of any of you who comment, in the box anyway. It'll be drawn on January 1, 2011. WOW! Another year...GONE!!! (Just like my calm. *Teehee*)
     If you're a follower of this blog...and even if you've won'll be eligible to win. I'm going to give it to the person whose name pops matter what! {If you don't want to accept the prize, just let me know and I'll go on to the next person; And If you want to comment, but not enter the GIVEAWAY, NO PROBLEM! Just let me know that too. Just write "No Entry" at the bottom of your comment.}
     I keep telling myself: "Things are gonna get better! Pretty soon it'll be a distant memory, this frustration at everything." But truthfully...I just want to cry sometimes. Is that too much drama for the downing of a computer...a gadget and not a family member?! I don't know. I'm not that crazy about some of my family members!! ^_^ ....At any rate, you know me. I've got poetry to help focus my brain, and crocheting to help the time go by, and as far as this computer is concerned...I'm going to keep trying. That's what THE WUG does!!! She keeps her chin up, and she whistles a happy tune!....................................She's getting annoying too!!! LOL


I really don't like the frustration.
I'd like things to just stay the same?
Who was it that said 'change is good'?
Is he back in the box that he came!

I'm totally not who I once was.
Annoying, complaining...That's me!
"So what!"...if I think there's a reason.
Why can't everyone just let me be?!

I really don't like the frustration
of losing my cool and my sight.
I used to be carefree and easy.
Would stay out, go dancing all night.

I'll just have to learn to change with it.
Those around me may think 'None too soon!'
Can you frustrate yourself from a butterfly,
Change, go back to a lovely cocoon?!


  1. I love the new necklace! I think you should make more! (giveaway?) : ) Seriously, I think it is chic and modern!

    Ack - computers! Can't live with them, can't live without 'em. : )

  2. Dear Debbie!
    How lucky can I be winning again so soon,
    I just keep saying WOW! over and over again.
    I can't wait to see my prize.
    WOW! there I said it again.
    Jeanie x

  3. Janet, WOW! Thanks!! I wasn't sure my little funky "baby" was going to get ANY love!! :-) Thank you very much! {Of course I'm not in the fashion industry...too young! ^_^}...And as to the computer...I'm coming around. Slowly...but coming around! :-)

  4. mythreebeez, Yep! You did it again! :-)) Be sure and leave me your address {I didn't keep it last time}, and I'll get it in the mail right away!! And I hope you like it jeanie!

  5. You do sound frustrated my friend. You need a nice herbal oil bath and a glass of wine to relax you!! That's what I always dream of doing anyway! LOL And take off the straight jacket!! That might help too!
    Congrats to mythreebeez!! I'm jealous, of course, but happy for her! LOL

  6. CinLynn, I was VERY frustrated this morning, but I got off of the computer, crocheted my brains out, and now...I'm fine! :-) I'm still not happy with this computer arrangement now, but I'm hopeful that in time I will be. I've got waaaay more important things to focus my valuable energy on! And prayer works amazingly!! :-) I didn't even tighten the straight jacket today!! ^_^ And as to the Giveaway, you're bound to win sooner or later. You're so loyal and supportive of me, and you're always commenting!!...Speaking of which, got any suggestions what it should be for the next giveaway?!

  7. I'm with you all the way on the change thing..I hate to mess with the computer, or any programs. Why do we have such a "love/hate" relationship with our computers anyway? Probably because they have so much of "me" (pics, stories, blogs, electric bills) in them! Anyway, I understand why my Mom won't even buy a new car...she knows the old so well and doesn't want to have to learn a new way. Every day I'm becoming more like her!

  8. Yaya, I think you hit the nail on the head!!! LOL NO MORE CHANGE!!...And who knew our mothers would be "US" at a later time!! ^_^

  9. I love that necklace - so much fun! And so different! I can so relate to the change thing - it seems to always crop up when things were going so nice an smooth. I am glad your computer is ok again, even if you need some time to make friends with it again... Hugs, Silke

  10. Silke, That's a nice way to put it...I have to make friends with it again! That's exactly right! :-)) I'M TRYING!!!...And thank you for the complement on my necklace! I'm surprised, sincerely, that anyone loves it as much as I do! It is different, isn't it?! ^_^

  11. Uh oh.... Love you and hope you get your computer back in the comfort zone soon.

  12. Alicia, I'm working on it! It's getting better now...At least I can tell where I am now! Ha! Ha!

  13. I hope I am not too late to enter... I just happened to stumble here, and love it! As a crochet nut myself, I think your work is awesome! And so not to be missed, I can be contacted at or
    Thanks so much! Val Poling of Mommy Tyme Gifts

  14. Mommy Tyme Gifts, Thank you so so much for your comment. I'm sorry. That Giveaway has ended, but if you join my blog, and comment, you automatically get entered in my entry per one comment a day. I have an on-going Giveaway, twice a month. I do the drawing on the 1st and then on the 15th of every month...And thank you so much for the nice complement about my crocheting. I'm gonna go over and check out your blog right now!! :-)


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