Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm Tired....Back To The Drawing Board

        I'm afraid I'm feeling sorta like this little baby pony this morning. I'm going to have to lean on my girlfriend again, to get my other computer program back. *sigh* I DON'T like this new program. I can't find anything, it's moving too quick, and it's disturbing my peace of mind! So, she's coming over in a few minutes to doctor my baby...again!
    This time it's just about comfort. I want my old scratchy shirt type computer program. NOT this ferrari type computer program! ^_^ She says it should be back to normal later today, so I guess I'll have to check all of your blogs and everything then... *BIG sigh*
   MaritimeArts put me in a really gorgeous treasury she made too! But I can't do the screen shot of it to show it to you...and I can't find how to download any of the pictures from it either, so maybe I'll be able to share it with you tomorrow...I HOPE! :-] If you want to see it though, it's HERE! It's entitled "Simplicity". That's what I'm craving with my computer too, so it was a very good name! LOL
   She put my Ebony and Ivory Piano Crochet Necklace in it.
     So, once again, a not so positive post. I'm sorry. :-( Hopefully I'll be back to my old talkative annoyingly peppy self soon. I am happy to report though, that none of this has stopped me from writing poetry or crocheting! ^_^ I finished the purple chenille scarf yesterday and I wrote a poem this morning...long hand (on actual paper!) because I couldn't figure out how to use the new version of wordpad on this computer! Are you feeling my pain yet?! :-/ Well, I'll leave you with the new poem anyway! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think. I'll get it SOME TIME today!! LOL Have a good day everybody!...Please have one better than mine!!! ^_^

Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!

Scurry, scurry, scurry!
Hurry up to go nowhere.
Rushing, rushing, rushing!
Faces with that worried glare.

Bob and weave and dart!
Pulling children by the arm.
Scurry, scurry, scurry!
As if they heard a smoke alarm!

Flitting here and there;
In and out. Up and down.
They wake up and they're going
from the time feet hit the ground.

Speeding everywhere,
at an aggravated pace.
Pushy and annoying,
as if they are in a race.

So, really, what's the hurry?!
Slow it down! Find a chair!
Is it time you're chasing?
Because it'll STILL be there!


  1. Focus on the light at the end of the'll feel better when everything's where you can find it. Love ya!

  2. Alicia, I know that's right!!! Thanks for the encouragement Cuz! :-)

  3. We all have periods like this. It WILL get better! All things happen for a reason, we just don't always know why.♥

  4. I'm sorry its been such a hard haul with that program. Nothing worse than that for sure!! I sure wish you didn't have to wait till later to catch up on blog posts though. You'll like my post this morning...guaranteed!!
    Love the poem. Reminds me of squirrels running here and there.
    Feel better my friend!!

  5. trusk4u, Thank you very much for the words of encouragement. I know you're right about it getting better too. I just have to be patient!

  6. CinLynn, I didn't go just yet. In a few minutes though...I saw your blog!!! And I left you a comment too!! I was so surprised! :-] Well...I said it on your blog! *giggling* Thanks for the nice words about the poem too. Have a good day my friend!


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