Friday, December 24, 2010

There Will Be a $5.00 Charge for Whining!

   If this was a law on the books somewhere for real...I'd be in trouble, considering the amount of whining I've been doing the last few days!! It's not a it?! LOL
    So, I'm not going to whine today....much. :-) But what I am going to do is share some words....{my words too, poem-wise, like always at the end of the post}....but these are not my words. These are the words of a great shop I found while browsing the shops on Etsy. It's a shop called SignsMakeASmile.
    That's where I found this great sign that's in my header photo...I found a few other great signs in there too, like this one...that probably everyone that drinks coffee should have somewhere in their house!
     Ha! Ha! I have a few friends that would agree that in fact It's A Wonderful Life...After Coffee! I know!....You're probably having some coffee right now while you're reading this, aren't you?!! ^_^
    I particularly liked this one. It says:
     ...It doesn't matter where you go in's who you have beside you that makes it worthwhile. Awwwwwww! That's a nice thought to start the day with isn't it?! I'm 'feeling it' this morning, with hubby not working today...and by my side. :-)
    And for an even wider scope than just you and your hubby, or me and my hubby, there's this sign:
     To The World You May Be One Person, But To One Person You May Be The World. Makes you think about all the little things people around you do for you, and how they don't know how really important it is to you!
    That's how I was feeling about my girlfriend yesterday. She made a chocolate cake and brought me a piece, and she gave me the sweetest card with it! I won't tell you what it said. She'd be embarrassed, and it just might be too sweet for your system this early in the morning anyway!! ^_^ But this is what the card looked like on the front.
     Isn't that the cutest card?! It didn't even need any words!! Now when do you ever hear me say that?!! LOL
    So, off I go for the day. I got my sport-weight yarn yesterday, to start making the 3 custom hats I have to make. My Caron Simply Soft just wouldn't be durable enough for wearing every day in the weather and all. 
    The other thing that is happening today is that the cable repairman is coming over to get the "E 11" message off of my cable box...or give me a new cable box one!! That "E 11" message, sitting where my time is suppose to be, has been bugging me all night!! {Yeah, I was up and down all night....per usual. :-)} 
     Wonder if me wearing this cute Repair Manual Purse on my arm while he's in the house will make him think I know what I'm doing....while I'm looking at him! ^_^ ...and he won't charge me so much money?! You know, just because I'm so clever!!  
     I know......FAT CHANCE!!! LOL ... Oh Well, as I always say:
     It Is What It Is!!...And there goes another $5.00 into the 'whining' jar!! ^_^


I'm cold. I'm hot. I'm helpless.
I don't want to eat that stuff!
I'm hungry...full..exhausted.
Why does life have to be so tough?!

I'm lonely...tired of people,
Need to find something to do.
Why doesn't someone call or text,
or email me...But who?!

I'm whining all the time
about one thing and then another.
If I had a dime for all that whine...
I could be rich just on the weather!!

No, I'm not a little kid.
I am a full grown "Whiny Mama"!
And I can whine, and list and list,
comma after comma!

I don't like waiting. I am bored.
And I've got so much to do!
Did I encourage you to whine?!
Don't want to hear it...Mine is through!



  1. Ha ha ha!!! You....a whiner???? Never let THAT be said!! I'm the whining queen!!!! Ask my family! I think I just talk that way! Great poem and great signs! Just thought of something.....try whining when the cable guy comes!!! He'll get so sick of it he'll forget to charge you!! LOL
    That's enough of my nonsense....Have a great day!
    Queen whiner Cindy

  2. CinLynn, You and I are going to have to battle for the crown of Queen Whiner!! I don't think you have anything on me!! LOL Thanks for the poem love too...I'll try some of the whining on the cable guy and I'll let you know how it goes! ^_^

  3. LOL! Too funny! I see you have mastered the Art of Fine Whine! Like me, you are certainly a connoisseur! :) The only thing missing in our written words of whining is that no one gets to hear that specific suffering tone in our voices. LOL! That's okay, you come very close with your poem. Good job! I love it - and cool signs! Of course, I admit, the first sign is the one that caught my eye. (I'd be in the poor house if I had to pay $5 every time I got caught whining!)

  4. Christy, Ha! Ha! Yes indeed! I am a fine whine connoisseur!...And I have that specific suffering tone in my voice mastered too! But I only use it "as needed". ^_^ Thanks so much for your nice comment.

  5. Golly I think I need that whining sign. I would make a packet in this house! Either that or a sign about having the last word.

  6. Jp-anne, Ha! Ha! A whiner too, are you?! Welcome to the club!...I didn't whine much today though. It was a quiet day and I got one of the hats half done already!...I'm sure I'll find something to whine abut soon though. It goes in a cycle! ^_^


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