Saturday, July 30, 2011

"Backyard....He Wants To Hold Your Hand"

         It's official....he's in love. hubby, who will be celebrating 29 years of being married to me at the end of the month, is in love with another...........and I'm alright with that! ^_^
           Now, you know that if it was some flitting, flirting , female.....I'd have a problem with it!! LOL But he's in love with his sunflowers!!!....Well, technically he's in love with the whole backyard this morning!!
        He's so smiley and happy!!! He's out there talking to the flowers...
         ...and to these little guys...(And in case you can't really see it from this blown up picture of his....*Teehee*....this is a cardinal!)
            And this is a little frog!
            Oh Yeah! He's in giddy love!!! He's whispering sweet nothings to frogs and birds this early in the morning!! And what is he whispering to them?!.....It's about me!! He keeps trying to convince the backyard that I love her too!!

         But Uh.....My love is strictly for the inside, non-sneezy words on paper, written by one Miss Jane Austen, this morning! :-)
        I 'do' get why he's 'all about the Beatles and Paul McCartney' this morning, however. The concert Paul McCartney gave in Montreal, the one he almost went to in 'the Paris of Canada', was this past week....and Mina, from ...sending postcards blog,  just did a blog post about the concert with all of the details. You can go over and read all about it HERE!! But here's a few of the photos she shared!!...
           "Sunflowers and Paul McCartney, you have made my hubby so happy this morning....that I wanna hold your hand!!!" :-) Can't you just hear a 'Beatles' song playing in the background?! ^_^        

      I think it's gonna be a pretty good Saturday! ^_^ I hope it is for all of you too!
The poem represents hubby this morning! :-)

Merrily Content

I've got lots to do today.
I hope the sun shines down on me.
But if, instead, the rain comes down,
I'll still be singing merrily.

Whatever happens I'm content.
I know how worse my life could be,
than watching hummingbirds and robins
flit around my backyard tree.

The news of shootings and disasters,
on my mind can't make a dent;
Because I'll focus on my backyard,
and I'll be smiling and content.

P.S. I just got a notice from Heather about the Giveaway earrings she received. Wanna see?!... Click HERE!!  :-)) So nice! Thanks Heather!!!


  1. Oh, I'm so happy he's happy! That sunflower is gorgeous and although he has a wandering eye, you should be happy that he at least has great taste

    Hope you have a great weekend - we may have a mix of sun and rain for caribana weekend!


  2. Lisa, :-) Thankfully the rain 'event' we had last night wasn't as bad as it looked initially like it was gonna be! It was just some nice raindrops for hubby's pretty little sunflowers. :-) And you're right about his taste! ;-) Have a good weekend!

  3. Oh that's lovely, and matches how we feel today too. Our house is for sale, nobody is buying...but we have each other, the sun is shining, there are tiny baby newts (as well as froglets) in our pond and we're going to enjoy life!

    Also of course - woohoo! I just got a parcel with my prize-earrings from *you*, thank you xxx

  4. Heather, I'm sorry to here about the house not getting any 'sales hits'. I think a lot of people are going through the very same dilemma with their houses. Can't afford to stay...and can't afford to go anywhere else! But as you say, you have each other. And that...some sunshine....some newts...a pair of Giveaway earrings (^_^)...and a few Paul McCartney songs, could still be a good thing!! :-)

  5. Awww...what a sweet poem. Your yard is beautiful! Nothing like a well groomed landscape that you yourself take care of to make on one proud. Yay for hubby!

  6. Art and Sew Forth, Thank you so much for the nice words...from me and hubby! :-) And the ability to grow a sunflower is all about the one who created them in the first place I think. :-)) Hubby just put it in the ground and put some water and stuff on it! ^_^ As you can probably see, I don't appreciate the work involved nearly as much as I should...I can surely enjoy their growth once it's done though! :-]

  7. What a happy day, it made me happy just reading about it :-) And the sunflowers are gorgeous, gotta love them!

  8. Jen, Indeed!!! ^_^ I'm glad you enjoyed the post...Hubby has been taking pictures of his big beautiful "babies" all day too!! ^_^


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