Sunday, July 10, 2011

When You Have A Lot Of Extra Time On Your Hands....?! was Saturday. And I was in a pretty good mood after a really good night's sleep. {A whole 8 hours y'all!!! I NEVER get that!!} All of my studying was done. Hubby was home too, after all his day's errands were done. Hmmm.....what to do?!
     Well, I don't know what you do when you're rested, just hanging around the house with your sweetie, and you have nothing to do. But me?! I crochet...{started two new hats for the shop. Red and black}.
      I talk. {The two videos below are proof of that! LOL}...and I cook and eat!! :-)
     What do I cook and eat?! Ummmmm....anything I have a mind to!! What I 'wanted' to make yesterday was the Galette that I was talking about the other day, the recipe from the Country Living magazine. But the ingredients weren't in the house...the almonds were missing. So I did an old Country girl 'jimmy-it-up' recipe! ^_^
     I had a store bought peach pie here in the house...Flat. No real flavor. An 'in-a-pinch-it'll-do' kinda pie.  But I was in a pinch, and it 'wasn't' gonna do!! :-)) So this is what I did...I cut up three Granny Smith of the best apples on the planet for making delicious apple pies (in my old Southern girl opinion!). 
    There is a time and a place for a 'golden delicious' or a 'Macintosh'...but it ain't in my pies!! LOL {As a side note: A 'Cortland' apple works great too! In fact it works even better...taste-wise...if you're just looking for a good-tasting 'eat-it-right-now' type apple!}
    I digress!...LOL Anyway.....I cut and sliced the apples into a small bowl, added about 1/4 of a cup of sugar and some cinnamon. A lot of cinnamon! And let it sit off to the side and 'marinate' sorta. (That's what the header photo is...marinating apple and cinnamon. Can't you see it?! ^_^)
      When they were all done 'marinating' I took the store bought peach pie, threw it into my apple mixture, and broke it all up and mixed it...That was F-U-N!!!! :-)) Then I got out one of my big casserole dishes and mashed the mixture all down into the bottom of it.
      I looks a mess! ^_^ But trust me. It works! I've done this before with all kinds of mixtures of fruit. I've even added cooked oatmeal to the mixture. Don't knock it till you've tried it! LOL
     Once it was all done I put it into a 425 degree oven (you can do this at different temperatures, depending on whether you want it to be firm and pie-like at the end, or like a topping for ice cream or something...I did the latter. For the firmer version just lower the temperature and cook it slower and longer.)
     I cooked it for about 20 minutes or so. When I took it out of the oven I put about a pat or so of butter in the dish and stirred it all up. It may not look like much, but let me tell you!... was D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!!!!! It had hot peaches and apples all swirling through it, and softened pie crust too! It was sorta like a dumpling mixture. But guess what?! It was still kinda sad looking. :-( So I had to do something about that!!
        I mean...I can't let all this goodness just sit here lonely...right?! ^_^ ...Enter pure vanilla bean ice cream!!!
      Pure vanilla bean ice cream in a separate dish right next to my peach/apple recycled dumpling pie smash!! ^_^ Yes! A separate dish!! That's how I roll!!! I hate seeing my hot pie swimming in milk....YUCK! I like to just put a spoon of ice cream in at a time, and when that section is gone....then add another spoon!
       Am I all by myself on this?!....Oh well. It won't be the first time!! LOL
    If you've done this kind of thing before, let me know. I don't know when the first time was that I 'jimmied-up' some dessert, but I haven't had it end badly but one time. ^_^ That time  was the cherries jubilee puff pastry 'thing-a-ma-bob' that I wouldn't even eat afterward!!!...But hubby did!...He's my own little handsome garbage disposal! LOL
     I've put blueberries and all kinds of fruit, oatmeal and all kinds of store bought 'wasn't-working-for-me' pies and tortes together! Once they come out of the other side of my kitchen....delicious!!! ^_^ You can blame this on my mother and my first 'Easy Bake Oven'...just saying! LOL
    And by the way, hubby does the same thing in the kitchen, but not with desserts. His is usually with eggs and cheese and meats of all kinds. And sometimes....O_0...Well, we won't get into that! LOL 
      But this morning he made a delicious breakfast! It was so good that it put me in a talkative mood! I'll leave you with that conversation in these two videos! LOL {They're videos, but not really. They're just for your listening pleasure! ^_^ Or at least, we hope it's a pleasure! LOL}

And just so you know what I mean...^_^

     I'm afraid to admit it, but this is just every day talk around our house!! LOL What can I say?! It keeps a creative mind 'hopping' having someone who listens to your nonsense!! ^_^ Along those lines, forgive me just this once for the sappy poem, okay!

 Every Day Love Talk

It's  2:30 in the morning.
The alarm goes off right on cue.
He gets up and shaves and showers;
says "Bye Bye Baby. I love you."

Right around noontime
comes a call on his cell phone,
saying: "I was thinking of you.
I can't  wait til I get home."

When his work day ends,
he calls to say he's  leaving the job.
I count the minutes I know it will take
before he's  turning our doorknob.

Then there's  3 pecks on the lips,
and "Hi Baby! How was your day?"
"Dinner will be ready in a little while;"
and before we go to bed, we pray.

We curl up in each other's  arms,
giggle and talk, laying in the moonlight;
and its an "I love you" and "I love you too"
and everything in the world seems right.


  1. Lovely poem...and who cares if once in a while there's a sappy one? We all need to be sappy sometimes!
    Not sure about your pie mash though - concept sounds great, its the apples and peaches that got me: not a huge cooked fruit fan.
    We are however big fans of jazzing up shop bought food (well when we have any - its usually from scratch in this household) Other half really can't leave things alone: he'll play around with spices and herbs until he declares something perfect. Does mean I sometimes don't eat till past 10 at night... and I get up way too early!

  2. Creating Trouble, Thank you very much for the nice words about the poem. Glad you understand my once in a while "sap". :-))...Ha! Ha! About the pie 'mash', I get that it's not for everybody. It works in a pinch though...when you don't have all of the ingredients for 'from scratch' (which I prefer too, by the way). Being from Georgia, born and bred, cooking from scratch...all day long usually! LOL...I know that there is no store bought meal that can substitute for doing it yourself from scratch generally speaking, and that's how my 'concoctions' were originally born! I had to try to simulate 'scratch' somehow!! LOL And as to your hubby's cooking, that's one of my problems with my hubby's cooking. It takes SO SO SO long to get to it!!! Just watching him cut up potatoes is like watching paint dry!! LOL Thankfully it's usually...I said usually good afterward. ^_^ Have a good day! And thanks for the comment.

  3. That mashed up pie sure looked good. I was sure you were going to add some cream to it instead of the ice cream. I bet it was delicious! It makes me want to bake something yummy like that for after dinner tomorrow. So I'll be looking for some low-carb dessert recipes in the morning.
    Enjoy the rest of your day. I'm off to bed Zzzzz :)

  4. Yum... Great idea for a hot day,.

  5. Jo-anne, It was VERY good Jo! You can make a similar mash, which I have, without any sugar at all! Cook up some oatmeal, cut up and simmer down an apple and a bit of peaches in a little bit of water, add a bit of butter, cinnamon and vanilla extract. Then add some walnuts and raisins with it...DELICIOUS!! There's ways around all the sugar for sure!...Think 'sweet' dreams. Nighty night! :-)

  6. The Garden Bell, I agree!...for any weather day! LOL

  7. I like your poem! Not a bit sappy. Your relationship is very rare in this world today. I love it!
    Your apple conglomeration looks delicious too! Wish I wasn't on this diet, or I'd be there in a flash and help you eat it up with that great ice cream! LOL
    Your first photo reminds me of a snack I make for myself sometimes. I slice apples, add cinnamon and a little vanilla and let it "marinade" for awhile. When I go to eat it, it tastes a bit like apple pie without the crust or calories! I love it!
    I always love to hear your conversations too!

  8. CinLynn, Awww! Thank you...about the poem and my 'conglomeration' friend! In fact, I've done the very thing you mentioned about the apples and vanilla too! But I also added some walnuts. Good doesn't always have to be bad for you, right?! ^_^ And I'm so glad you enjoy our silliness. :-)) I'd love to hear some of the conversations between you and yours!! We can't be the only ones that talk about such silly things...can we?! ^_^ Enjoy your meeting. And enjoy this rest of the beautiful weekend!

  9. this made me hungry! looks yummy, especially with the vanilla bean ice cream. and it was not a sappy poem!

  10. Elisa, Ha! Ha! I seem to be good for making folks hungry today! ^_^ And thanks, about the poem too.


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