Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sad Songs.....Etc......I've Got To Get Back To Business......!

         Okay....back to business today!! I've been away from any serious crocheting for far too long! I've just been lazing around, listening to sad songs. {No, nothing's wrong!! Just therapy for the mind. I'm a woman!! LOL Come on! Don't any of you like listening to sad songs when you're happy?!......What?!.....It's just me?!.....NAH!!!! ^_^}
        ...Besides, sometimes it's not really sad. It's more like slow! And no one would think listening to the music from the washing machine was sad anyway!! LOL....It's a very cheery little ditty! {I was gonna try to share with you the song it sings because hubby videoed the ending cycle of a wash and got footage of the washer 'singing'. But for some reason we can't upload it to Youtube...But believe me...I really don't need a Psychiatrist!...It 'does' sing!! ^_^}....
           I've also been enjoying the air conditioner....heat waves are NOT fun!
           I've also been going on weekend 'virtual' excursions to France! ^_^
        And unlike heat waves, Friday night 'Date Nights' ARE fun!! :-))
      But it's time to pull the needles back out...
      ...and get down to some 'serious' crocheting!!...Now, when I say 'serious' I mean back to my usual focus on crocheting something every day. I don't mean pick up a crochet hook....because I have been crocheting. {As you know, I finished two hats...
        ....with buttons sewn on even!!...All I have to do is make some time to list them in my Wuglyees shop.}
       But I've got some things that have sold in the shop, and people have been asking me about when I was going to replace them....and I need to get back at it!!...Starting today with another black and white scarf!
        I'm even considering doing this pattern in other colors! I've certainly got enough yarn around here!!! :-)
      As a side note, I think I'm gonna buy some of these needle threaders too....
      TJBdesigns has them in all kinds of colors and shapes!
        I think these will work great for threading the buttons onto my crochet projects. Some of my buttons have small holes in back. Trying to put yarn through them is no picnic! I just saw these threaders the other day and thought this might be a good solution. (The little flimsy wire ones I've used in the past, the ones that come in sewing kits, aren't strong enough. I've gone through tons of those things!)
       As another side note, I just wanted to let you know that if you're into ribbons and tassels, head on over to Bee Happy's blog...HERE... She won a large pack of stuff and she's sharing it by way of a Giveaway!
     The Giveaway closes Saturday August 13th. Other details are on her blog.
     No....Crocheting is still not gonna be the ONLY thing I'm doing. I've still got lots of reading and studying and other things on my plate. {Including listening to some more sad songs to make me happy...^_^...and, as of today, a little bit of Jane Asten! :-)} But, my regular schedule will now be back to including some kind of daily crocheting......Maybe then I'll stop dreaming about things like this!....
        Okay....I'm off to rustle up some breakfast....No, not lamb chops either! LOL...and then pull out my crocheting!...Have a good day everybody!!! :-)

A Sad Song When I'm Happy

Boys don't understand this,
and some girls are puzzled too,
as to why when we are happy
we just love a good 'Boo Hoo'!

"A sad song when you're happy?
Come on girls! What's that about?!"
"What? Outright just explain it,
and let all our secrets out?!"

The truth is we don't know!
It just gives us a big release.
We hum or sing sad tunes,
and breathe a sigh of welcome peace.

Okay...we're kind of strange!
That's nothing new to you, we're sure.
With T.V time alone,
and lots of sports, you will endure.

A sad song when we're happy?
"Yes, we need it!" Girls assert!
Of course a good old movie,
and some chocolate doesn't hurt!


  1. You do such beautiful work!

    Thanks for sharing my needle threaders.

  2. Tommye, Awww! Thank you so much, about my work! :-) And it was my pleasure to share the threaders. I'll be getting them soon too!! ^_^

  3. Great post, thanks for the mention. I love the scarf, so pretty :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

    enter me!

  4. Bee Happy, Thank you very much for the nice words about the post and about the scarf!...And the mention was my pleasure. :-) You have a good rest of the day too! And you're entered again!!

  5. Deb, Love the hats. I would really like to hear your washing machine sing because mine doesn't sing. Mine just has bells and whistles. Thank you for sharing the giveaway I'll have to go check it out. Thank you for another wonderful poem. Hope you have a productive and great day.

  6. SnowflakeDreams1, Thanks about the hats and the poem, Velma!...And I KNOWwwwww...about the singing washer!!! :-( But it looks like it's not going to happen...as is anyway! We may still think of something! ;-)) And by the way, I'm sure the bells and whistles are pretty good too! LOL You have a good day too! :-)

  7. I was coming here specifically to ask you if you had started your new black & white shawl yet to replace the one you sold. I've been thinking about making a black & white one too. I just have to decide what pattern I want to use. Today I'm going to make some fingerless gloves in a granny stitch. I found a free pattern I want to try.

    I come here every time you post and read but don't always comment as I should. I enjoy reading you!

  8. Pammy Sue, Ha! Ha! Really?! Well, the answer is 'not yet' about the scarf, but by the time you read this the answer will probably be 'yes!' ^_^ I got a little side-tracked this morning...I can't wait to see yours too! I made up my own pattern, so I'm just gonna do that one. In fact, it's still just in my head. I've never even written it down!! I go back and look at the original photo, and then go from there...Fingerless gloves in a granny stitch?! Interesting! I'll look to see those too!...And thank you for the nice words too! :-)

  9. Such a jolly happy post today.It was really strange seeing that gorgeous picture of Paris my friend and i were planning a trip to Paris today in September for my 40th its somewhere i have always wanted to go and its on my wish list to do this year ;-)) I do love your hats and the scarf is beautiful. Look forward to seeing what you make next happy crochet ;-)) And i am sure your washing machine sings you should here the noise that mine makes ;-)) Enjoy the rest of your week, dee x

  10. I think it's so cool that sad songs make you happy! I think they sometimes make me sad lol!

    I'm still loving that black scarf, I think you should try some other colors (maybe fall inspired!).

    Take care


  11. delia, Happy...but about sad songs. :-)) Got me all in a good mood...just like you'll be if you actually end up in Paris!! :-]...That is if you have any happiness left after Greece! ^_^ I'm so excited for you and the boys!!...Thanks for the nice words about the hats and scarf too!...Happy traveling!

  12. Lisa, Awww! Sad songs make you sad?! :-( I must be strange then, because when I'm sad I listen to upbeat cheery songs...to snap me out of it! Sad songs do the reverse! In fact, I generally don't seek out sad songs when I'm having a bad day...unless I'm trying to find a song that says something specific about what I'm trying to remember...And thanks for the nice words about the scarf. And fall color inspiration is on my list of colors to try with this scarf...after the black and white one is done. Thanks for the encouragement about that! :-)

  13. Gosh I hand't heard that Billy Ocean song in such a long time. I used to love listening to it :)
    Those needle threaders look really good. So much nicer than the plain old silver ones that come with sewing kits. You're right about them they just don't make them to last.

  14. Hi,

    I agree, heat waves are not fun at all. I'm glad with my new a/c.
    Nice hats!!

  15. Love your new hats!! I'm so glad you're getting back to crocheting regularly too. But the sad song reminded me of this song:
    You've got to admit....sad songs say so much.

  16. Jo-anne, You and I seem to have similar tastes in old music! :-) As to the needle threaders...I went ahead a bought two of the square ones earlier today. I also got some stitch holders while I was at it! :-) She has such pretty ones...Have a good rest of the day Jo!

  17. Priscila, Heyy! You got a new AC!...Great!! Just in time for the tornado watch we had today...*smh* ^_^ And thanks for the nice words about the hats too!

  18. CinLynn, Thanks Bead!! Somehow I knew you'd like the hats. They may look familiar to you! ^_^ ... Thanks also for the song link! You're not gonna believe this, but I'd never heard it before!!...or else I don't remember it! But hubby was hear singing the words and snapping his fingers and bopping his head!! ^_^ He did change a few lyrics...*Teehee*...♫ ...tune in and...♫ ^_^ I like it now!! Thanks for that!...Have a good night my friend!

  19. I think that it is great that you are going to start making and listing more things in your shop. I don't really listen to sad songs. I try to listen to more upbeat music. I love your work and that scarf is really pretty!

  20. Shelley, Thank you so much for the nice words...And I'm gonna try to get those hats listed today in fact. The weather side-tracked me yesterday. {We had a storm and tornado warning} Have a good day too! :-)

  21. Hi Hun! I love that song, and I do know about boo-hoo! Thank you for sharing!

  22. Susan, Hello!! And yes, you understand boo Hoo. You're a girl!! ^_^ Thanks for the comment. Have a good rest of the day!


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