Thursday, July 28, 2011

What Does A Wug Living In Holyoke Do........?!

       I suppose I should finish that question...'What does a Wug living in Holyoke do...the day after a bad storm, when the sun has come out and it is just absolutely beautiful?!!!' :-) ......The answer is.....Read! :-)
     And thanks to the Holyoke Public Library I have a great book to read too!...Pride and Prejudice by Miss Jane Austen. :-) Yes....I'm actually reading a book by Jane Austen, instead of looking at a movie 'based on a book' by Jane Austen!! ^_^
      And guess what?!...I'm loving it!!! I'm already waaaay into it!
        In fact, the photo shows Chapter 15, but I'm actually further along than this now, due to some late night reading. Late night reading I was doing because of something else a 'Wug' was doing in Holyoke the day after the storm....'daytime' sleeping!! I slept a lot yesterday too!!...I was napping and turning...Turning, and then napping...all day!! (I think my body is trying to fight off a cold or something.)
       The good thing about the late night reading though, is that it was keeping my hubby company while he was reorganizing and labeling the Office/Storage room!...No, he couldn't sleep anymore either! LOL
       I complained a little while ago that I still couldn't get to everything in this room....and that even if I got to it, I didn't know what was in some of these bins! So.....
     ...he fixed the problem.....while at the same time listening, and occasionally giggling along with me, at the silliness of Mrs. Bennet and her husband and daughters! :-)
       Now, what 'else' does a 'Wug' living in Holyoke do the day after a storm?!...She checks the news to see if there was any real damage after the storm. And unfortunately, she finds out...thanks to the crack reporting of 22News...that there was. :-(
         The middle of the Old Holyoke Mill was blown away in the strong winds!!! :-(
      The photo below is what it looked liked inside...
       They're saying that now the remnants of the building are gonna be torn down. :-( You can look at the video below to see the rest of the story.

        I guess my hubby's sunflowers weren't the only casualty in the storm the other night! :-(
      'I'm not gonna think about it....I'm not gonna think about it!' O_0 Strange....I sound like Scarlett in Gone With The Wind! ... Why am I thinking about 'Gone With The Wind'?!!!! ^_^ Hubby's flowers and the Old Holyoke Mill building are both gone with the wind?!  Could that be why?!!!!.......My brain! My brain!!!! ^_^
      Anyway!!!!!!!...I was also doing something else with my time yesterday...Yep! Crocheting!! :-)
        The latest black and white scarf/shawl is well under way!....My Jane Austen book is well under way!...My hubby's vacation is well under way! Not all good, but still...there are a lot of things going on in Holyoke the day after the storm. :-)
       By the way, hubby uncovered something of mine while he was moving things around. Something I had totally forgotten about. It will involve a new project for the 'Wug'!! :-)) I'll be adding it to my list of things to do in Holyoke...after some scarves and a Jane Austen book are all finished.
        I'll show you what he found tomorrow. :-] Right now, if my brain slows down enough, I'm off to......Well, you know!!! ^_^ 

My Brain, My Brain

My brain just does
what it wants and when it wants!
Some days, all of it's positives
is what it flips and flaunts.

It triggers really fast,
and all my brain cells start to meet.
It stores all kinds of things,
and it runs long, without feet!

It fires happiness,
is organized, remembers well.
But then that "Bing!" will come
as if someone just hit a bell.

It slows and starts to ponder.
And what it ponders is not good!
Those days it might as well
be just a solid block of wood.

Can't remember what to do,
or if it already did;
Thoughts are scattered everywhere
and all my memories are hid.

Yes, my brain just does
what it wants and how it wants!
My job is staying with it,
and responding when it taunts.


  1. After seeing the pictures of the damage, I am glad that the storm did not cause any damage to your house. You will be finished that book very soon at the rate that you are reading. Do you think that at this point is better or just as good as the movie? It will be interesting to see what you found. I hope that you have a wonderful Thursday!

  2. Shelley, You know, I was thinking the same thing when I saw the Mill building too!!!!! O_0 I couldn't believe how damaged it was!!...About the book, YES!!! At this point, I'm actually enjoying the book better than the movie!!! Now who would have ever thought that?!! LOL I can still see some of them in my mind's eye though, as I'm reading certain things. ^_^ The characters are much richer though. And the words are almost like another character in themselves! Sooooo good!!...Thank you for letting me ramble on about that! ^_^ Have a good day Shelley!

  3. I can't believe the damage that the storm did! Was that a tornado? Love that you're calling yourself a 'Wug" lol!
    Enjoy your read, there are few things as rewarding as an addictive book!


  4. Wow! That storm did a lot of damage near you! It was strong coming through here too, but we just had our power flicker. It was funny. We were at the meeting and a sister was in the middle of a comment when the lights went out! LOL She was so shook, she couldn't remember what she was saying! LOL
    It's still cloudy and threatening here today, but it's supposed to get hot and humid again. Great day to read a great book! Don't you just love Jane Austin's books?
    Your space looks great too! Makes me want to say forget it to the grocery shopping and cleaning and get back to my organizing project too!
    Have a great day!

  5. Anonymous7/28/2011

    Aww, that's sad about that building. It is always disappointing when buildings that have a lot of history have to be taken down.

    I am glad you are enjoying your Jane Austen and crocheting! I hope you have a great day!

  6. Lisa, I couldn't believe the damage either!!! In fact, when these winds came we were under an imminent tornado warning. They never said that a tornado actually touched down, but that damage sure looked like it, didn't it. O_0 I know it was sure windy!! The trees in my back yard were bending over, and the rain was pounding!!...And yes, I am 'The Reading Wug'!! ^_^

  7. CinLynn, Yes indeed! It was a pretty strong storm. But we never had a power issue. Although some people around here did. {It was funny hearing about the poor sister at the meeting! ^_^} We're suppose to be getting a bunch of rain tomorrow too. Thankfully the guy just cut our grass in the backyard. Getting ready!! O_0 Have fun with your organizing! It feels really good once it's done...if that's any encouragement! :-) Have a good day my friend!

  8. HazelandMare, Thank you for sharing your sentiments with me. I agree too. Sometimes I think how nice it would be if old buildings and places could verbally tell us their story. Oh! The things we would learn!! :-] Have a good day!!

  9. Wow, there was quite a bit of damage with the weather recently! I love tidying things, I get so much satisfaction from it!! Can't wait to see your scarf, it is looking good :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

    Enter me!

  10. WOW! Those must have been some strong winds!

  11. Jeez, that's a fair amount of damage to the Old Mill! Really glad that it wasn't worse for you and that the only real casualty for you were the plants.
    Have you read Austen before? She's a great writer although P&P and Persuasion are the best in my view. Can't STAND Emma - annoying, spoilt brat as far as I can tell! Glad you're enjoying the antics of Lizzy and Darcy - Darcy and Rhett Butler are my two all-time heroes. Would LOVE for either of them to sweep me off my feet! (Don't tell OH though...!)

  12. Bee Happy, I know you like tidying things!! I just came from your blog, looking at your tidying up you did on the summer house and fence! ^_^ Very nice job too!!..Thanks for the nice words. And you're entered!!

  13. Elle, They were! They were!! O_0

  14. Creating Trouble, It was a terrible storm, for sure!!...And yes! This is my very first Jane Austen read!! And I'm really enjoying it too! I have no idea what Persuasion is even about. (No movie version that I know of! ^_^) I really liked Emma...the movie. Or maybe it was the actress who played her that I liked. ^_^ And I really loved Sense and Sensibility! That may be my next read after this one. I'm a sucker for a love story you know. ^_^ And 'Mum's the word' about Mr. Darcy and Rhett...Shhhhhhh! :-))

  15. Wow, what a storm! I'm sorry to hear about your sunflowers (and of course the mill).

  16. Happy Mango Beads, It sure was!!! And thanks for the sunflower sympathies. Hopefully good weather will come to stay...after Friday that is. :-)) Yep! Rain!

  17. So sorry to hear and read of the damage. I am so glad to see you are reading Jane Austin you will love it as you already are ;-) Sounds like a very happy wug today ;-)) Have a lovely weekend, dee x

  18. delia, Thank you for the nice words. Thankfully no one was hurt. Just wood, piping, and some sunflowers took a beating...And I always have Lizzy and Mr. Darcy to keep me in a good state of mind. :-)...I thought you'd be gone today! O_0 You haven't changed your mind, have you?!

  19. There was a TV adaptations of Persuasion a few years ago - Rupert Penry-Jones is kinda cute... I think it's the best Austen personally. I might have to watch it tomorrow...

  20. Creating Trouble, Really?!!!! I didn't know this! :-) I'll have to check it out. Thank you so much for letting me know...And for the link!! :-] I'm off to check it out now....

  21. Wow, that was impressive! I couldn't believe the damage..Hubby and I were just saying why does it have to be a humdinger of a storm when we get rain? What ever happened to a gentle soaker, a sweet smelling summer rain..not a tornado, electrical outage, lightening people striking (we've had 4 people hit this summer in our little town) event? Not to mention tree cracking and limb falling event? Now, I wouldn't mind a bit of roof damage so the insurance co. could replace ours..wait, I really didn't just say that did I? Yep I did. Let's just keep that to ourselves! Hope your weekend is not as weather crazy!

  22. Wow that storm must have been really bad to do that. Let's hope that the weather settles down for you & that you get some nice mild days to enjoy.

  23. yaya, Yeah, it was impressive...and worrisome. Especially since it was exactly this kind of storm that produced those 7 tornado touchdowns earlier in the summer! O_0 Somehow I think we're never gonna think of a rain storm the same again!...And WOW! You've had 4 people hit by lightening?!!!! YIKES!!...And the roof damage thing?!...Did you say something?! LOL Have a good weekend...Storm and lightening free!

  24. Jo-anne, Yes! It was a really bad storm. Wind and heavy rain...and some hail too! I didn't know this had happened to the Mill until the next day though!!...The weather forecast for the next few days is rain tomorrow, and then HOT...and humid for a few days after that!!! Let's just hope the storm clouds don't come in too hard with it.


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