Friday, July 8, 2011

Was There A Storm Last Night?!

       I was gonna do today's post about the other vintage crochet book I have, but we were woke up early this morning by rolling thunder...and it sounded so nice, and made the sky look so pretty, that I just had to show you that instead!
       In case you haven't been around here blog I mean, not Massachusetts...*Teehee*...I'll tell you...I have a thing about the sky. I just love looking at it. Pillowy billowing clouds, puffy clouds in a bright sunshiny day, or storm clouds...dark, heavy storm clouds...
          ...and that's what we have in the backyard this morning...It's on it's way out though. As I'm typing this the sound of 'angry bowling'...*Teehee*...has subsided. {That's sorta what it sounds like sometimes...doesn't it?!}
     But that's just what the sky is doing...because when you look downward into the backyard it looks completely different!
       Kinda peaceful....
       ...Kinda growing... it's a little bit scary! LOL But that's just hubby's photography!! :-)
       Had to back it up a little.....NOW it's pretty! :-)
     As you can see, the garden is coming along. It's not completely in bloom yet, but it won't be long now I suspect...As you can also see by looking at this leaf, somebody has already started their breakfast!! LOL I'm gonna go and get me some too.
    Got big plans today. I'll tell you about it tomorrow...Not the same 'tomorrow' like today was gonna be, when I was gonna tell you about the crochet books. But the 'tomorrow' when I'll tell you what we did today...AND show you the crochet books!! ^_^
     So, until TOMORROW!!!...Have a good day everybody!! It's PRE-weekend!! YAY!!!

Describe The Sky

Evoking awe and bouts of wonder.
Such inspiration, you just want to cry.
With birds high-flying, and winds a blowing,
what words would you use to describe the sky?

Would you say, whether clouds are upon it,
that it blankets a wondrous space?
Or would you be more awed and humbled,
hoping there you would find God's face?

I would say that when standing quiet,
looking up at the sun or moon,
there's a feeling of peaceful oneness
that I hope won't go away too soon.

Evoking bouts of awe and wonder
was probably what it was designed to do;
That is, besides giving off light and weather,
and the most spectacular view!


  1. Lovely picture and awesome photography.

  2. Curriculum for Kids, Thank you very much! :-]

  3. Sometimes thunder can be very soothing. And that rain does make the garden grow better. Nice Bee Balm!
    Glad you have plans today and I hope you enjoy it! I'll look forward to reading about it tomorrow.

  4. CinLynn, Bee balm?!...Yeah, the plans involve 'our' summer event!...*wink! wink!* Can't wait!!...Later!

  5. Great pictures! We have some angry looking clouds here in NY too this morning! Not very motivating weather to wake up to! lol

  6. Cathy, I know exactly what you mean about it being not very motivating. I'm sitting here watching the Tour De France and saying to myself: "Get going girl!!"...And yet...I still sit here. Ha! Ha! And I'm enjoying it too! ^_^

  7. Was there? I saw pretty dark clouds passing by... but it did not rain. However, as right now, I think we'll get heavy rain in a few.
    Have a good day, Debbie.

  8. Priscila, Oh Yeah...there was!! It had big thunder boomers too! And it's been dark and rainy all day today too. I'm rolling with it! :-] You do the same!

  9. wooo I was there love storms and we too have some amazing electrical storms in august here and I hope I can catch some to show you. Have a safe and happy weekend xx

  10. TGIF!
    We've been rain and cloud free for a while now, which is odd. I tell you, the good weather hasn't made it any easier to get things done!

    have a great weekend,


  11. it's stormy here too! i love it!

  12. Your garden is looking so lovely & green. I can't wait to see the photos of the flowers when they are in full bloom :)

  13. Krishenka, Ohhh! I hope you are able to catch them. I'd love to see that! :-) I'll be waiting for August...But be safe though!...Have a good rest of the weekend!

  14. Lisa, Well, good for you!! You must have sent that rain and cloudy weather in our direction! LOL Enjoy the sunshine! :-) And have a good rest of the weekend!

  15. s + b, Maybe we should break into a chorus of Etta James' "Stormy weather"! :-))

    Enjoy!! ^_^

  16. Jo-anne, It is looking pretty good, isn't it! Even with a stormy sky over it...Hubby will be happy to show you his flowers when they're ready for 'showing'! ;-)

  17. Today is nice and sunny but we have had some wild weather here to, lately.
    Love the red flower :)

  18. There's nothing like a good summer thunderstorm is there?
    And that red flower is amazing! A bit spider-like - maybe that's why it's scarey!
    What is it?

  19. Alittlesprite, Well, I'm glad you've had some good weather at least! Maybe it'll head in our direction soon...And thanks about the flower.

  20. planettreasures, Yes, I kinda like thunderstorms too...but I don't like them to last all day! And it was just dark and dreary, thundering off and on, etc... all day!...And hubby doesn't remember the name of the flower. He just knows that the plant guy told him that it attracts hummingbirds. :-) That's why he has it...Okay, Have a good day!


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