Saturday, July 23, 2011

Wanna Know The News?!

        I wanted to start my post today telling you what a good time we had in Paris last night, and about how delicious the shrimp, hot coffee with cream, and French crullers were! (the header photo is an up close and personal photo of one of these delicious 'babies'!)
      I didn't want to start my post today with bad news,...but because of a heavy heart for the children, after watching the morning news, it's unavoidable. These are some photos from WWLP...
         My condolences go out to all of the families of those injured and dead in the bombing in Oslo, and in the youth camp shooting on Utoya island, in Norway. :-( The last news report I saw, from WWLP,  said 7 dead and more than 90 injured in the Oslo bombing, (Some are calling this the deadliest bombing since WWII in Oslo)...
            ...and,  as of now, they are reporting 84 killed....Oh! the children...  :-( the Youth camp on Utoya island in Norway...*sigh*
       The photo below of the camp area  is from  CNN...
       This photo (below) is from The Observer ...
        I'm not going to say any more about it. :-( My poem below will tell you how I'm feeling...Moving on.
       Thankfully, there is some 'good' news to tell you.  And's about 'ME'! LOL What else would I talk about here?! ^_^...except MORE French crullers!!!
      I got an email saying my Salmon Orange Circle scarf was included in another Treasury!

       Thanks to SandrasCardShop for including me!
    Here's just a few of my favorites from this Treasury...Cotton Baby Booties.
       The cutest Chickadee Art Notecard.
        And these Organza Fabric Flower Appliques.
       Cute, huh?! :-] And I know she couldn't put her own items in her Treasury, so I'd like to show you one of the things I liked from SandrasCardShop too! 
       It's a Daffodil Embroidered Notecard! :-) ..........Of course it has a flower!! ^_^
      Sooooooo......some bad news. And some good news!...And more good news!! The heat wave is suppose to break after today. YAY!!!
       It got up to 101 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday y'all!!! `'_'` You could fry eggs on the sidewalk!!...Even my hummingbirds, 'little cuties', came to the feeders and sipped nectar from the drips forming underneath...instead of flapping their heat-exhausted wings right out there in the blaring sun! ^_^ It was as if they were old Southern women, fanning themselves in the shade, while sipping on a cool Mint Julep! LOL
       My last bit of 'good' news today has to do with a beautiful photo...and you'll quickly know why I think it's beautiful!...shared by a customer!
        I hope Donna doesn't mind me showing it to you....She said the nicest things about it too! :-) "Thank you so much Donna for being such a wonderful customer!!!"
       And just so you all know, I'm especially pleased about this purchase because Donna Carrick is a writer, a mystery writer! (You can find her books HERE). It makes me very happy to know that one of my 'babies' is being worn by a 'lover of words' like me!! :-) 
     And she's from Southern Ontario too! :-) Remember 'the Paris of Canada'?!!....Good News. I sure could use some 'good' news today! 
      {The video below was one I found this morning when I was looking for the original version of Anne Murray's song, 'A Little Good News'. I didn't know it had been re-made. I, myself, am politically neutral, but I feel the same way as the sentiments of the song below, about hearing 'a little good news'... }   

       And here's the poem I wrote too...(I'll try to be more peppy tomorrow) :-(

Who'll Remember The Children

Who'll remember how they trusted;
How they thought dad hung the moon?
How their little life is over,
and it happened waay too soon?

The laughter, play, and innocence
are gone when children die.
Replaced by mournful 'What to do?'
and an endless need to cry.

Who'll remember that they smelled like rain
and their eyes were just like glue?
Like their mothers and their teachers
and their childhood playmates do?

Their jerky dance-like movements,
and the jokes they couldn't tell.
Contagious smiles that sparked you up
when you weren't feeling well.

Who'll remember the precious children,
and the way they used to be?
God will! They're in his heart and mind,
and in his memory.


  1. So tragic! That's all I can say.

    I'm glad you're trying to stay cool, too!

  2. Shannon, It is tragic, isn't it. :-( And I'm spending the day trying to avoid looking at the news too much, and avoiding the heat too!

  3. SO SO heart feels heartbroken for all the families...parents, grandparents...oh so unbelievable.

    On another mouth watered when I saw that crueller....MY FAVE donught!!!!

    Have a great Sunday tomorrow.

  4. We Blog Artists, Thanks for your comment, and I agree with you on both points!...Plus I had never had a cruller before last night! Do you believe that?!...Thank you France! ^_^ You have a good Sunday too! :-]

  5. It was shocking to say the least seeing the news on TV last night. My heart goes out to all those affected by the tragedy in Norway.

    I do hope that you manage to stay cool during that horrible heatwave you're having. I hope that a cool chance arrives soon.

  6. Jo-anne, You're so right. The news was shocking. Especially so many children. :-( ...And I have had many chances to watch more news too...but I haven't. I spent my time 'cooling out' in the air conditioning and watching movies on the Hallmark Channel. :-)

  7. I was away from the internet and tv all day yesterday. What horrible news. I'm speechless.

  8. Elisa, :-( It really is horrible news. And the more you look at it...the worse it feels too. That was your warning. :-(


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