Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Old and All Buttoned Up...Sorta!

      I know...I've been talking a lot about vintage things lately. But sometimes the old, the vintage, the proven, the recycled, the things with staying-power, the leftover...'need-to-be-used-before-it-gets-thrown-away things...have to have their day in the sun! :-)) And apparently Becorations knows all about that, because she curated this gorgeous treasury, made up of vintage recycled buttons, entitled Buttons Buttons Recycled Buttons!!
        The long necklace with vintage buttons in flower colors by amoronia, in the header photo, was one of the choices for this treasury. Now, who would look at that and think 'Vintage'?!...Old?!...Maybe....just 'maybe'...they would think 'recycled'...but they wouldn't even use the word recycled in a bad way! It's gorgeous, and hip, and....NEW!
     But she did also include my 'baby'... Plenty of FALL Button Flower Brooch. And if you use the word 'recycled' to describe it, I won't even be mad 'atcha'...because to a certain extent that's exactly what it is!!...especially the button! But I still love it!! :-) 
        And I love these button creations too...
         These earrings above 'were' in the treasury, but this morning they were gone. Maybe somebody else loved them too....because they're outta there, baby!! ^_^ And, unfortunately,  I can't tell you who made them either,  because I didn't write it down when I took the screen shot of the treasury, and I can't find the link to them anywhere now!...What can I say...I'm old and vintage too, people!! LOL {If anyone wants to claim them and get credit, just leave me a message}
      I know the ones below, though!! First, the  Chocolate Cherries Button Magnet Set by 4EyesAndEars.
    Then the Coffee and Cream Vintage Button Charm Necklace by cstarstudio.
       The Small Orange Burst Vintage Button Necklace by buttonsoupjewelry.
      And the Mauve Button Necklace by Missmarcijewellery.
        All of them are pretty awesome...old...vintage...recycled...or whatever!! :-) They're a great use of some good buttons!...Speaking of which, I made use of some buttons myself yesterday! :-)
        I put them on these little 'babies'!...And I made use of some recycled material too...Well, some recycled yarn. It was some yarn that I had leftover from previous projects.  I made three flowers out of it, to giveaway as free gifts with people's orders. 
         So, see! I really did do some crocheting yesterday! :-)
     Just in the way of news, a friend's husband passed away recently. A lady I studied the Bible with years ago, and who I hadn't seen or heard from in years. Her and her husband were married for YEARS...There was just the two of them. No kids. 
      When I heard it made me kinda sad to think that the two of them wouldn't be sitting and laughing at everything and each other anymore. :-( They were sorta like me and my hubby. So, today's poem is dedicated to her.
      And in other news, our brand NEW dryer stopped drying!!! Do you believe that?! We just bought it about 3 months ago!!...Grrrr!
     The repair man came out to the house and fixed it...4 days later!!! UGH! The only good thing is that we had bought the warranty, so it didn't cost us anything. 'he' said...someone had dropped the dryer during transport to our house, and some part...some 'thing-a-ma-jiggy'...underneath had been pushed up into the other 'whose-ee-what-sy'! 
     And apparently it was suppose to have had feet on it...which we did not know! So hubby had to go get them from the store....that is, if they actually would've had them at the store...which they didn't!! He had to order them. But no worries. They'll be here within the next six weeks!!.....UGH!
    So, as you can see, sometimes it pays to have the old things!! ^_^

Lost Her Friend Today

A 'would-be' friend of mine,
who at one time thought me odd,
who gave me cross-stitch know how,
while I taught her about God,

Lost her friend today.
It was her husband, pal for life.
She had reveled in his company,
and loved to be his wife.

They spent all of their time,
Oh, so many years together,
laughing, eating, playing,
talking all about the weather.

She'd had a very hard life.
Husband 'Joe' was always there.
Couldn't trust anyone else.
Had to convince her of God's care.

She thought it odd that perfect strangers
would take time for 'little her'.
Found it hard to trust in people,
and no matter who they were.

Through years of trust unbroken
you could see her edge subside.
Oh, so loving was her nature,
and a smile you could not hide.

I sit and write these words,
trying to stop a tearful flow.
thinking of my friend and student,
now alone, without her Joe.

Thinking sweetly of her now,
Oh so many miles away,
and I'm hoping that she's trusting
in her faith and friends today.


  1. What a beautiful poem my friend!! It brought a little tear to my eye too. Sometimes I wonder how it would be without my hubby here. I don't want to be alone. I'm sure she didn't either. I'll pray for her.
    Congrats on the treasury. Cute theme! I'm glad you're getting some crocheting done while watching tennis! Multi-tasking!! You can still do it! Proud! LOL

  2. CinLynn, Thank you so much for the nice words about the poem, Cin. I'm afraid it was one of those cases where the words came a little too easy. :-( I thought about my life with my hubby too, and what my life would be like without him...especially since we don't have children either. It's just the two of us. I know we'd be okay, with all of our friends and Jehovah watching over us, but it would still be very very hard. And she apparently just lost her father too, about 2 months ago!...This is a rough life sometimes, isn't it?!...And by the way, tennis is over for now. It's all about the Tour De France now! ^_^ {Don't try to keep up with my sports watching. You'll just be frustrated with me!! LOL}...How's your cough?! Is anything working on it yet?!

  3. So sorry to hear about your friend passing away. But your poem is lovely!

    LOVING the buttons - I've recently become really intrigued by buttons again: mum used to have a great pot of old buttons that I used to play with and now keep wondering about: would like to try playing around craftwise with some!

  4. Very, very sad! What a great poem, you really capture the moment. What a sad story though, making me very sad at the moment.

    Love the buttons...


  5. Creating Trouble, That you for nice words. I hadn't seen her for a long time. Kinda tough to hear someone you know is going through a hard time...And Yeah, get the buttons out! I'm amazed at how they add character to some things that wouldn't be there without them. :-) And you can use them in so many different ways too! I'll be looking to see what you do with them, if you use them.

  6. Lisa, I'm sorry my poem made you sad. I was just trying to say what happened. I'm not too worried about her right now. She's got lots of help...And I love the buttons too! :-] Have a good rest of the evening.

  7. Pretty neckalaces! They look fun.

  8. Priscila, Thank you! I think so too! I wish I had made them myself! :-]

  9. Sorry to hear about your friend losing her husband. Your poem is lovely.

    I had to smile at how you described the technical terms for what was wrong with your dryer. I'm glad I am not the only one who describes things like way :D

  10. When I was a little girl, I used to run my hands through my mother's tin box of buttons. I loved the feel, the sound they made falling back into the box, and the colors of all the buttons.

  11. We just lost a good friend too. The poem was so sweet, I hope you send it to her. I love the button wares..I have a tin with a ton of old buttons, and usual buttons, and just a great variety. Maybe I'll be inspired to do something with them!

  12. I'm very sorry to hear about your friend. that is so hard. my husband is my best friend too, so i very much relate to how you feel. your poem was absolutely lovely. and your button post made my eyes grow big with delight. your little crochet flowers are darling!

  13. Jo-anne, Thanks for the sympathetic words...And for the understanding of my 'fancy wordage' when I'm describing things! LOL I suppose I 'could' pay more attention to mechanical-minded people when they talk...but why?! ^_^ I'm not gonna fix it! And apparently you know just what I mean!!

  14. Holyoke Home, :-) I do that now!!! I love running my hand through the box and letting them fall back into it from a little height! {I also like doing that with my coin collection too!!} What does that say about us?! Ha! Ha!

  15. yaya, Yes, I remember you telling me about your tin of buttons! Definitely use them. It would be such a waste to let all that historical 'bobble-age' go to waste. :-) Think of all the dresses, coats, pillows, etc...that sacrificed for your collection! Ha! Ha!...And I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your friend too. No matter how long we live, it never gets easier, does it. :-(

  16. OttosMom, You have a best friend...and an Ot! :-)) I sometimes wish there were a little Ot in our life...Well, not an 'Ot'. You know what I mean. ^_^ With just the two of us though, it's been a blast! I wouldn't like to think of him being alone either...On a happier note, thank you so much for the nice words about my crochet flowers! I 'do' so love making them. Now if I could find a really good way to market them I'd be doing something!! LOL


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