Sunday, July 17, 2011

How Long Do I Have To Wait For It?!!

         Yesterday was errand day. What I should say is that it was errand day for hubby! My errands consisted of Waiting...Waiting...and more Waiting! 
        I shouldn't complain too much because I've found that my lack of mobility does have some perks! ^_^ When I was mobile, Saturdays were filled with hubby and I going from one place to the other, getting the errands done that would allow our mid-week time to run smoother. 
      We spent a lot of time waiting in grocery store lines...because everybody and their mama would have the same idea as us and would storm the grocery stores with 'To-Get' lists as long as ours, and with grandma and her coupon booklet in tow. Not to mention the little ones, who daddy refused to watch at home and some flat 'ready-to-go' shoes on their feet! LOL
      I remember standing in long lines in the grocery store and waiting in the car for hubby while he got a 'quick' hair cut along the way. A hair cut at the neighborhood barber shop that was full of men with nothing to do but sit around 'chewing the fat' (gabbing), waiting for the 'one good barber'! ^_^ Yesterday I did that waiting here at the house! 
       It came out very nicely! :-) ... As he gets older the wait for the hair cut is getting shorter and shorter though!! ^_^ Pretty soon he'll be able to do it for himself at home...without the results that 'Beaver' had to deal with!........You need hair for that!! ^_^  (Shhhh! Pretend you didn't hear that! LOL)
      I was just wondering how long I was going to have to wait for him. We had big plans, and somehow when hubby does errands it always takes forever!!...I think he gets distracted easily. Well, I know he does! LOL He always comes home telling me about something he saw on sale in the store, or some new food he thinks he should buy 15 of, or how many gadgets the new phones have nowadays, when......he didn't have phones, or any new foods, on his shopping list! LOL
        We had some online shopping to do, and I just wanted to get on with I could do my crocheting and take a nap! ^_^ I wanted all of his run-around errands to be over, and for him to come home!...Hair cut done....check!....Pick up more multi-vitamins before the other bottle completely runs out....check, check!
         Do a little grocery shopping....check, check, check!....Run around to 3 different stores to see if he can find the new cell phone  at the same price it said it was suppose to be when he saw it online......Ch....Huh?! O_0 That kind of running around wasn't on the list! UGH!
       Thankfully I had his pretty garden to look at. The plants are growing so nicely now!
       Oh!...Too close?! ^_^ Sorry!
          I was still waiting while he did some banking, put gas in the car for the week, and mailed some letters. He came home in between to take some photos of my scarf, so I could get it measured and ready to list in the shop today. He's much better at taking photos than me! But I hate that I always have to wait for him to take them!...Hmmmm! I sound a bit impatient today!
        Then, because our old washing machine finally decided it had had enough of that 'rinsing' thing,...
        ...we had to shop around to get another one of those yesterday too! We looked at washing machines online first, and lo and behold, a SALE!!!
          It's no charge for delivery and $400.00 off of the original price, but only for the weekend. We can't wait for this one! ....SOLD!!! :-) Now all we have to do is wait for them to deliver it...UGH! Why did I know there would be more waiting involved?!!
       Whatever!!...More 'Wuglyee' crocheting time.  :-)
       There is one thing I won't have to wait for any longer!...The artist blogger from the blog SOiNTOiT, the blogger I talked about the other day that moved from California to Japan,......she's there!!! :-]
        I can't wait to see what she finds while she's exploring her new country!!! :-] ... And I can't wait to have breakfast either! I'm off to do that right now!!! :-)
     Have a good day Everybody!! :-)


I'm not very good at waiting.
I've had to do too much of it.
Too many hours in the car.
Too many minutes just to sit.

I want to do it now!
What's all this waiting all about?
Too much time spent in the middle
turns my surety to doubt.

I guess it could be worth the waiting,
all this check-list, errand, chore.
Then again, that all depends
on what it is I'm waiting for.


  1. I'm not good at waiting either. Especially if I have plans! Sounds like you made it through though and I'm glad you got your new washer too! Hopefully today will be a better one. Of course it will be! Spiritual food always puts us in a better frame of mind!
    Have a great meeting and a great day!

  2. I hate's funny because when you have need every second you can get...but to wait for someone almost makes you feel like your waisting time...
    Thanks for passing by this week...I HAVE TONNES of catching up to do on your blog...

  3. CinLynn, I'm glad to know that I'm not alone! :-] I guess we have some work to do still, huh?! ^_^ And you're so right about the spiritual food helping with that! Have a good meeting today yourself too! :-)

  4. We Blog Artists, I know what you mean about waiting, but I would think that deadlines...if they're honored...would make the waiting a bit easier. At least then you know when the waiting will end!...And my blog will be here whenever you get to no worries. :-) Have a good rest of the weekend!

  5. awwww bless you its no fun having to wait for someone i would have made the most of the free time and the peace and quiet ;-)) Love your new washing machine and RED wow that is fab ;-)) I love your new scarf to its so lovely. dee x

  6. delia, I 'did' make the most of the time! I didn't really have a choice! ^_^ I'm trying to learn to be more patient. It's a 'work in progress'. LOL And always having some crocheting or some reading material with me also helps!!..Thank you for the nice words about the scarf too!! I'll be listing it in the shop some time this week. I hope somebody else likes it too! :-)

  7. Firstly, I love the scarf!

    And second, Wow! What a deal! $400 off? Good for you! I pray our machine has a long life ahead of it..although seeing these newer models really ages mine, lol.

    I agree with everything you said in your comment to me.. that is all I want as well. (that was a paid post I did, you might have been able to tell.. I am terrible at writing them, and they make me feel so awkward, ha ha.. I only get them about once every month or two..)

    Oh - and thanks for the link to that grocery list pad.. My disorganized shopping list could use that! And I only wish my plants grew like yours!
    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

  8. Kristin, Thank you...about the scarf!!...And no! I couldn't tell about the post!! I thought it was very good writing too. I thought it was from the heart! ^_^ ...Those 'To Do' grocery pads and list pads work great! I have a couple, not hers though, with magnets on the back, and a pen hanging with them. They're on the fridge, right where you can jot down everything you run out of right away!...The plants is my hubby's domain. He loves them so much. And his sunflowers...the tall ones...are about to bloom like crazy any day now!...Thank you for the nice comment. Have a good rest of the day! :-)

  9. I used to think that waiting was a terrible waste of my time. Time that I could use doing something else. So I did just that. I used it to do some reading, knitting or crocheting. You know how nice it is to get some extra crochet time :D
    Now I don't find the waiting so bad but then as your poem states it depends on what I am waiting for:)

  10. Jo-anne, I'm learning to be more patient. It gets harder sometimes now. I think it has to do with not being completely in control. I have to wait on other people to do things that I used to be able to do for myself! But I'm working at it. :-] And as you said, having something on hand to read or crochet helps tremendously!


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