Saturday, July 9, 2011

Don't You Want To Know How To Crochet Corn?!!

     Yes...Yes it is another vintage crochet book! But this time it's what I call a 'doo-dad' book. In other words, just odds and ends things that you didn't know you could crochet...or didn't know that you wanted to crochet, like...
      ...a toilet seat cover! And don't laugh! I have my own pattern for the cutest toilet seat cover you ever seen...One day someone is going to call me on the phone and say: "Do you make toilet seat covers?" And I'm going to proudly say: "Why yes...Yes I do! Why?!" 
     And they're gonna say: "Because Bill Gates and Donald Trump have a partner-project going for their computer and Hotel business where they want something with a completely homemade/handmade touch, and they're willing to pay the person who makes it 60 Kabillion dollars!!!" ^_^
     So, go ahead....Laugh it up!! But when I'm sitting in the Trump Tower, sipping on green tea in crystal Champagne cups, you'll be sorry!!! LOL
     *Back to reality!!!!*...How about some crochet seat covers!
         Who couldn't use these?! We probably all have a chair in our house somewhere that could use a little covering up!
       I love that it's not just a flat cover, but it actually has like a 'lip' on it, so it'll stay put! And what a cute little flower design too! I'm sure that's probably embroidered though. A LOT OF WORK that Mama doesn't want to do right now!! :-))
     But how about crocheting an ear of corn?! Don't you wanna know how to crochet corn?! {Hence...the header title! ^_^ I'm so witty I just crack my own self up!!!}
        Of course, the next question would be: Where would you put it after you got through crocheting it!!! LOL
       Well, do you have a baby?!...How about a crocheted baby diaper cover?!
      Or is it a holder for a hot pan or a handbag?! LOL...Nah! They're just on the same page...... :-)) ...which makes you wonder about the person who did the page layout! ^_^ They probably didn't even notice though, that they put all of these things together!...They probably were holding their baby, trying to get a wipey out of their handbag, and eating a piece of corn-on-the-cob!! LOL
      On an uncomplicated note, isn't this a cute place mat?!
        That would be cute as a nice dining room center piece!
        And I can see where this could get a bit involved, but wouldn't this children's floor mat look cute in a child's room or in a nice play spot?! It has letters, the ABCs,  all over it, and a dog and cat too! :-)
     So you see, not everything vintage is all about hats, handbags and mittens! :-) Although I 'do' still have a lot of the old vintage patterns of them too! I'll share them too...eventually. I think I'll give you a break for now though. :-)) ...*Do I hear applause?! LOL*
     An interesting thing I found out when I was researching the worth of these old books, is that there are other Etsians with some of the same books I have...for sale!!
    Clutterina has the Quick Crochet book...
      GransTreasures 'HAD' the Jack Frost book! But apparently somebody saw the value of it and scooped it up!! They had it for a really low price compared to what I saw it worth, so....good deal! The good news is that this shop still has tons of crochet books available.  For anybody interested, you can look HERE!
      The shop sandmarg has the book on Laces & Edgings Crochet & Tatting.
       Lots of fun patterns in there! Unfortunately no one does tatting anymore. But if you wanna learn, this is the book for you!
       And 716Vintage has this book too!   
       And so do I in my collection here at the house!
     I could be here all day!...Really....I could!! :-)) But I'm done now!...Except to tell you that the big news of what was going on yesterday was that we got one day of our Summer Convention in. Every year Jehovah's Witnesses have a 3 or 4 day Summer convention. This year it's only 3. We look so forward to them every year!
    This year, because of my health, doing 3 days in a row just wouldn't work with our schedule. So we got the Friday program yesterday, and we'll catch Saturday's program next weekend, or the weekend after. The Sunday program we'll catch when our congregation officially is suppose to go. Thankfully it's the same info at consecutive weekend conventions for several weeks. {Although some of the conventions are in other languages besides we have to check schedules before we attend.}
    This year there are dramas {some being -dress-up' dramas} on all 3 days! So if you're in the Amherst Massachusetts area for the weekend on any of the upcoming weekends between now and August 12th go on over to the Mullins Center and find a seat and enjoy! There's no charge, no collections, and no obligation. :-)
      Okay...service announcement over!....:-] On to my schedule for today, which included some breakfast and some Mr. Wug and Mrs. Wug breakfast conversation... *Teehee*...Yep! Another one of 'THOSE' conversations!!! If I can get it uploaded to Youtube today or tomorrow I'll share it with you. Don't get was just a conversation about some mosquitoes and frogs!! LOL

Okay....Moving right along!!! LOL Have a good rest of the weekend everybody!!

 Have a good weekend!

Spend some time with your kids,
do the errands you been meaning to do,
do a little grocery shopping,
maybe make a chicken stew.

Organize your messy space,
clean the closets, throw things out,
watch a little mindless T.V.,
and replace the bathroom grout.

Take a walk around the park,
play some board games with your friends,
maybe even cut your hair
(but just a little bit, off the ends).

Take a trip to Grandma's house,
do some gardening in the yard,
give new projects a little finish,
but nothing that might be too hard.

It's the weekend, after all;
It's your week's tail, at a wag;
No need for scurry, hurry, rushing.
No! You want this time to lag!


  1. Laughing! So many funny things. I hope you take up a few to try your hand at! And "Gay Teen Ideas"...wouldn't that go over big today! Wouldn't it be nice if we could use words for their original true meaning? Well...let's just praise God and pass the corn!

  2. I couldn't believe the name of the book "Gay Teen Ideas"! What a hoot! Sure has a different meaning these days! LOL
    Hope you enjoyed your convention yesterday. We go in 2 weeks. Can't wait!
    Have a great rest of the weekend! Say "Hi" to Mr. Wug!!

  3. gay Teen ideas is priceless, it really speaks to another time. I love the corn, imagine having a big cornucopia of fall inspired crochet items like corn and pumpkins, etc.
    Hope you enjoy your weekend!
    I'll be watching the Tour this weekend!


  4. Art and Sew Forth, :-)) And Oh Yeah! I am going to try a few of doubt! They're just sitting there, 'waiting to become'!! LOL And I'm not even gonna start getting into the whole 'name' thing. 'Bad' is not bad. 'Fat' is now Phat. 'Trippin' has a whole new meaning (nothing to do with landing on the ground), and never mind 'Hot', 'cool' 'bestie', and 'shorty'!! LOL You have to learn another language within a language!! LOL...I'd rather just eat corn!

  5. CinLynn, Got all kinds of new releases already!!! :-)) It's a goodie!!! Ours, officially, is in August. We have to get it how we can get it though. I sure don't want to miss it!!!...And will do...telling hubby hi I mean!...Have a good rest of the day my friend! :-)

  6. Lisa, Funny how a word can take on a completely different meaning in a short span of years, isn't it!!...And I'm watching the Tour right now!! SO GOOD today!! A lot of attacking going on!! Enjoy it!!! :-)

  7. Thanks for sharing that Muppet song. I was singing along with them :D
    Wow I love those pattern books. The chair covers are a great idea. I have a couple of chairs that could hide a little split or two in the vinyl.
    Its funny how you mentioned tatting. One of my friends from college used to do tatting with her Mum. I've not seen anyone do that since. I used to love looking at the things she made. It's sad that I haven't seen it since.

  8. Jo-anne, Ha! Ha! Ohhhh! You're a Muppett lover too, eh?! ^_^ I'm glad you enjoyed it. I only played it about 4 times!! LOL And about the tatting, I never did any tatting. It doesn't look that hard though....but again, what do I know? I think knitting is hard!...The chair covers could be a project though. Especially the embroidery on them. Even so, it might be something I'd tackle one day...ONE day!! ^_^ Have a good evening Jo!

  9. No, I don't want to know how to crochet corn! LOL. I don't get the whole crocheting food thing. It seems like such a waste to me! What is it for? What do you do with it? Earlier today I saw someone had crocheted some sausage links and photographed them in a frying pan on Ravelry! What the...??

  10. Toilet seat covers ha ha, this could make you famous!! Gay teen ideas that cracked me up too amazing how the language has changed. Great post and poem. Off to tackle something easy like making toast for the kids. See you soon.

  11. Pammy Sue, Ha! Ha! Ha! The only thing I could think to do with it is maybe frame them and hang them in a kitchen as a conversation starter or something...Unless you're just doing it as a spread for a magazine to get attention. It'll certainly get attention!!!! ^_^ Or maybe it's like the old "Why did the chicken cross the road?" thing..."Just to get to the other side!" Ha! Ha! Ha!

  12. Krishenka, Ha! Ha! Famous?! Oh yeah, I can see it now..."Poetess Wug, owner of the greatest seat cover business in the world!!!...and poetry and crochet stuff too!" ^_^ Thank you for the nice words about the post and poem. Make good toast now! :-]

  13. ha ha ha that toilet seat cover had me in stitches it reminded me of the knitted dolls and dress you used to cover up the toilet paper with ;-)) And i pity the poor child who had to wear those nappy shorts boy they look a tad uncomfortable. I do love the chair covers though that could look so pretty. Have a lovely weekend, dee x

  14. delia, Ha! Ha! Are you laughing at my toilet seat cover?!....So you don't think my million dollar toilet seat cover idea is gonna fly then, huh?! ^_^ And, by the way, I've made the doll dresses to cover up the tissue rolls too!! LOL But I agree about the 'nappy' coverlets! Can you say "Chafing!!" LOL I'm gonna make me one of those chair covers of these days!! ^_^ Have a good rest of the weekend!

  15. Anonymous7/10/2011

    You crack me up too! Love your blog and thanks so much for sharing these vintage patterns. I buy them for fun and for the photos or sketches.

    I picked up a few beginning knitting books at the local used book store and they were apparently used in grade school as text books.

    I guess back in the day the home arts were required subjects.

  16. Sara, Thank you so much for the nice words about the blog. And about the old patterns, I think I'd love to see your collection! This is only a 'drop in the bucket', so to speak, of the ones I have. They sure do teach us about a different time, don't they?! LOL {By the way, I had a 'Home Economics' class when I was in High School. Do they even have those anymore?! ^_^

  17. Anonymous8/08/2011

    Tatting is alive and well, even if not common. A great on line resource is the InTatters forum: Just a starting point for further investigation if you are interested.

    I had a good laugh with the rest of the booklet covers!

  18. creativasuculencia, Really?!! :-) That's good to know! I hadn't known of anyone doing it for over 40 years now!!..Yes! I'm old! Ha! ha! Thanks for the info.


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