Saturday, July 2, 2011

"Don't you want to donate Something?!"

        This little cutie, a baby tiger I think, came in the mail the other day, along with some other little cuties...
        ...a baby duckie...
         ...a baby bear.....
       ...and a little baby puppy!
      Now how could I possibly look at those little faces and not respond, right?!....Respond to what?! These little guys were the icons all up and down a FREE writing pad I was sent by one of the B-I-G charity organizations.
      But now I'm in a dilemma...Do I buckle to the pressure of the FREE incentive, the cute little writing pad...{that, as a poet, I LOVE, because it's a quick and cute place to jot down a line or two}...or do I just mentally say 'Thank You' for the donation Mr. B-I-G charity organization, but I won't be donating this time...because it's not like I asked them to send it to me...and chock it up to a nice gesture on their part that I'm truly thankful for?!
     I'm sure I'm not the only one that this has happened to, I'm sure. But I'm feeling like like someone is trying to 'muscle me' into giving, when I didn't have giving to this charity on my mind!...Don't get me wrong, I think this charity is amazing! In fact, I'm impressed with their work...and with their dedication to rustling up donations! But I'm not feling good about it because I'm being 'coerced' kinda. O_0
        I would have liked to have seen something they had done for someone and said to myself: "Wow! That's wonderful!! I think I'll call right now and give them a donation for this...or that!"...But I'm not getting the chance to do that, because they're pressuring me with their FREE incentives!
      Come on, Mr. B-I-G charity Organization, just for me, do some great commercials, let the work you've done for people be widely known, share the individual's stories that you've helped on some of the worldwide talk shows, or something...and give me the opportunity to write a check...from my heart...and put one of my pretty flower stamps on it, and feel good about the way my little donation is gonna go off into the world and do some good for someone!
      If I write a check now....which I still might...I'm not gonna feel good about it. I'm gonna feel like I was pressured....ESPECIALLY because this little writing pad wasn't the only thing I was sent!....I was also sent a whole slew of address labels....pretty ones too!...with 'MY' address on them!!....I would show you, but I don't know everyone of you 'like that'!...Ha! Ha!
     Has this ever happened to any one of you?! That you were sent a bunch of address labels with your name and address on them, from a charity organization....FREE...with a letter of encouragement that you give them a donation?!...The letter even suggestion three different amounts I could 'generously' donate 'IF I LIKED'.
     I'd rather just be going along in life, like these doggies from the blog The Daily Muse...
      ...oblivious to the worries of the world. Just letting life go by and blowing wind in my face! LOL
       Instead, I'm like the mourning dove from the blog Scotty's Place.....
       .....I'm in my nest,...minding my own business......a 'sitting duck'!, to speak,...for all of the promotions, advertisements, and incentives that are flying into my mailbox from charity organizations, local businesses,....and acquaintances in need of a little"'somethin' somethin' "!! LOL
        Please don't get the wrong impression. I'm a very giving kind of gal! [In fact, you can check the side bar right now for info on the new GIVEAWAY for July 15, 2011!! {It's hubby's idea this time. :-)}] I just don't like to be 'muscled', 'coerced', or 'pressured' into it!!...Although I 'do' like the FREE stuff!!...*sigh* It's a dilemma!

        Anyway!....I'm off to do some other kind of giving this morning...the 'fruit of my lips'! LOL ... Have a good day and weekend everybody!!


is what the clouds give to the sky;
It's what a tear gives to an eye;
and why 'Spring' growth knows 'Fall' must die.

is when abundance can be good;
and when you give more than you should;
because the world's your neighborhood.

is what the flower gives to the bee;
It's what the waves give to the sea;
and it's what you all give to me!


  1. OK those are super cute little critturs... but I know what you mean about feeling a little coerced into giving now. It creates a real dilemma which kind of defeats the purpose of giving, doesn't it? Hmmm. I'd feel guilty not giving but wrong about giving too. Maybe do some research into what their funds REALLY go in to - a number of charities are not nearly as charitable as you think...funds/ clothes/ medicines often end up in the wrong places. But if it's a charity you really believe in, then continue donating: but maybe not immediately?

  2. (And I forgot to say: Enter ME!)

  3. Those are cute . What a lovely GIFT you received. Yes gift, no pressure my sweet bloggy friend. I receive these types of things too. I am always grateful for the gifts. But I only send money to charities I feel I "want" to send to. Enjoy your gifts, HUGS!!!! P.S> I rarely send any amount they suggest..I send what I am able to, every little bit counts.

  4. I too, can say that I've received those "gifts" on more than one occasion. Unlike you, I never even consider donating to them. I always ask myself, 'where does that money REALLY go?' That's the untrusting side of me. But you're right about the cute things they send. I usually give them to my grandson. Not the labels.
    I'm sure you'll figure it out.

    Hope you had a good day exercising you lips. I stayed home due to that awful cough I can't shake.

  5. Creating Trouble, You understood my dilemma perfectly! Everybody wants to be generous, but is it really generosity if someone coerced you into it?!...And I know where their funds go! They are a very good organization..VERY! That wasn't my issue...Thank you so much for 'weighing in on this' for me...Have a good rest of the day too!

  6. Creating Trouble, ...Oh! *Teehee*'re entered! :-)

  7. Katherines Corner, Thank you so much!! A "gift" is exactly how I'm looking at it!! Whether I send or not! Thanks for the input! :-)

  8. CinLynn, Ah! So you've received these "gifts" too! I only contemplate sending money to ones where I "Know" where the money is going. I've seen this organizations work in person...sorta. I had a Bible Student who received an over-whelming amount of help from them. Otherwise I wouldn't think twice about it anyway!...My lips will be exercised this afternoon. Hubby's are being exercised right now! LOL I hope that cough goes away and you start to feel better. O_0 That thing is hanging on waaaay too long!!

  9. I studied the psychology of giving in college and remember that "reciprocal altruism" makes the world go round. Basically, if I do something for you, you feel obligated to do something for me. An interesting application here!

    Also, I LOVE that photo of the Golden Retriever. My family has a 10 year-old Golden, and he's a brother to me. I miss him while in India!

  10. Things like this really annoy me. We have people that approach you in the street when you are trying to go about your daily life they are very forceful and they want you to donate to charity. I hate to be forced also and so do my friends which is why we have to ignore them now which isn't very nice. But i and them think if we wanted to give and were in a position to do so then we would from the bottom of our hearts. Good luck with your decision. dee x

  11. Oh I recognise that dilemma. I'm less likely to give if I feel my arm has been twisted. We are regularly sent "free" Christmas cards from a couple of charities - I usually end up giving them back to a charity shop.

  12. oooh - why didn't I spot this earlier? *enter me* please :-)

  13. James, WOW! I need to 'pick your brain' I think. Ha! Ha! I don't know anyone that's ever studied the 'psychology of giving'! And apparently I would not be a good study subject for it because I'm not giving into to their altruistic endeavor! {If in fact it was altruistic!! LOL} Frankly I think something was expected back... :-))...And I agree about the golden too! They have faces of sheer joy! Who wouldn't love them! ^_^

  14. delia hornbook, You know...I understand it to a certain extent...kinda. I mean, they need funds! I know that! But it's the giving me FREE things, with my name and address all over them, when you don't really know me...that makes me feel coerced. As a Jehovah's Witness I'd be kind of hypocritical to tell people not to care about the generosity of strangers! Ha! Ha! We're always going out door to door to offer a generous, non-paid, understanding of the Bible to people! But I don't presume to know people without some kind of conversation with them first!...I'm still going to assume that there was good intent, because that's what I feel when I go to strangers doors. I'm applying the old 'Do unto others...' :-) {Matthew 7:12}...By the way, I left you a long comment on your blog today too. You have 'SO MUCH' going on with you too!! Have a good weekend Dee! :-)

  15. Heather, Yeah, you just 'hit the nail on the head'....It's like a polite arm-twisting!!!...Nobody wants to give under those circumstances!!..Thanks for the input! :-)

  16. Heather, ^_^ And no're entered!

  17. It seems like a lot of us get those 'gifts' in the mail. While they are nice to receive it makes me wonder if the money donated goes into making the gifts rather than where the money is really needed. It does make me feel a little guilty sometimes when I accept them. I know I shouldn't but I do.
    I try to only donate to charities where I know the money goes to good use and for causes I feel strongly about.

  18. Jo-anne, You're right about a lot of us getting these "gifts". More than I realized I'm finding out!...And I feel the same way about giving to things I feel strongly about, but it sure is sad to think that these organizations go to so much trouble...and draw people in, when children or people in trouble could be using that money, isn't it.


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