Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Just A Slight Orange Glitch.....And A Snip....And Then...Moving on!!!

          There's a mystery afoot!!...Before you click the video, please go over to the blog >>>  mateo & tobias <<< and read what happened!!! LOL

       Is that funny or what?!!! That's not what I planned to talk about today, but I was doing some blog reading before I did my post...{I woke up really early...really early...this morning!!}...and came across this oh so well written post! I just had to share it! ^_^
         Okay....moving on!! :-) Let's talk about color!!....Orange particularly! I've been seeing a lot of it lately! Is this the new color for summer?!
       This Orange salt and pepper shakers set by littlepart...
          ...this plastic orange container by LovedByTime....
         ...and my Salmon Orange Circle Scarf, from my Wuglyees shop...
          ...all ended up in this Orange You Glad....Treasury curated by grimmandgrete.
        There's so many cheery, summery things in this 'make-you-wanna-grab-something-with-a-straw-in-it-and drink-it-fast'...beautiful treasury! :-)
      But wait! There's more!!...Okay, now I'm just sounding like a bad 'info-mercial'!!! LOL
       In my very own backyard there's some orange growing!!! :-)
       Remember when hubby took THIS PICTURE...(scroll down to it)...of the one lone orange flower that was growing...and he said he thought more were growing?...Well, he was right!!! :-)
        They're coming up in the sunshine and in the rain. Just beautiful!!! :-)
         And more orange is around too!!...My Salmon Orange Nail Button Fingerless Gloves...
         ...were included in another Treasury!!! This Treasury was curated by etty2504. It's entitled summer colors...
        Orange is not the only color of the items in this Treasury....but there is some!! For instance there are these 16K Gold Plated...Calla Bead...Carnelian Drops Earrings by delezhen.
     So I think that orange just might be the color that's afoot this summer!....No mystery about it! And no scissors are anywhere in sight either!! Nobody wants to 'cut it out'!! ^_^
     A couple more little things...Please don't forget that if you want to receive the crocheted earrings that I'm giving away in a couple of days, you have to enter! Go HERE for details and pictures of the earrings. The 15th is only 2 more days away!!
     And I just wanted to share my happiness and let you know too that I'm about to embark on another black and white project....because the shawl I just recently made...... 
      ....SOLD last night!!!! :-))))))) {Those are smile lines, not laughter this time!!} I can't seem to keep my black and white scarves or shawls in my shop for long at all! And that's a good thing!!
       And this brooch sold last night too! 
       So for the next few days I'm going to be a very happy, black and white crocheting, girl!!! :-) So what if the color for summer is orange! :-) Have a good rest of the day Everybody and...keep the scissors 'AWAY' from your children!!! LOL

Summer Is The Sun

Summer is the sun
that makes the sweat down your face run,
when you're having so much fun.
Now the school year is all done;
Your 'Playing' homework has begun.

Summer is the sun,
when your vacation web is spun,
and all your money is down to none.
A dollar bill-you've got just one.
That there's no cash is quite a stun.
But Oh! The memories that were won,
because summer is the sun. 


  1. Good morning my friend! Congratulations on the sales!!!! I knew that black and white shawl would not be there long!! You must be flying high today and you deserve it!
    Congrats on the treasuries too! I woke up to a couple this morning myself, but unlike you, I don't take the time to put them on my blog. My bad!!
    Enjoy your day and get some rest. I have a feeling you'll be needing it today! LOL

  2. I visited the blog - very funny! Parents are some of the best detectives out there, although the children typically do leave a lot of easy clues behind.

    When I was reading your blog I was thinking: "those salt and pepper shakers look really familiar" lol. I am not a good morning person...

    Hope you have a great day!


  3. btw, black is always in style in my book!

  4. Orange daylilies are just so pretty. I wish they lasted longer so I could bring them in the house. I have TONS, and one patch (along the side of a barn) is especially pretty, as it has purple salvia growing along side it.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'll be sure to follow your adventures and hope you'll follow mine!

  5. The blog mystery was hilarious:) I love orange things too! It makes me energized (especially in the summer). Have a great Wednesday!

  6. As a Dutchman I always love the use of orange!

  7. CinLynn, Good Morning Bead! Or is it afternoon by now?! LOL I had company this morning and lost all track of time...Thank you so much for the congrats. I guess I'm gonna have to focus on making more than one of those black and white shawl scarves now, huh?! It'll be good. I need something already scheduled for me to do. You know how I just twiddle my thumbs around here....NOT!! LOL Have a good day my friend! I hope you have some nice weather to enjoy too!

  8. Lisa, Ha! Ha! Hoe right you are about 'detective-type parents'! Although some clues kids leave behind are so obvious that you could drive a tank through them!! Case in point...reptile marked scissors! ^_^ And how funny about you not recognizing YOUR OWN treasury!! LOL O well...the thank you is the same anyway!! ^_^ Have a good rest of the day!

  9. Lisa, :-)) I think you may not be alone about the 'black'!! I'm just slow 'getting on the train' about it! I most times am!! LOL

  10. Deanna, Day lillies! Is that what they are...the orange ones in the field?!...Thank you! I thought they looked like a lily, but my hubby doesn't bother telling me anymore because I never remember anyway, and I didn't bother to ask this time...same reason! LOL I would love to see your purple salvia mixed in with them. Ooooo! Sounds so pretty!! :-] Welcome to the backyard by the way!!...Heading back over to your blog now! ^_^

  11. Shelley, Wasn't that cool?!! :-) I felt for the mom who now has to find some way to make it seem not so bad...with a poor half bald baby! LOL The first thing I thought of was "Beaver"!! ^_^ Thanks for your comment. Have a wonderful rest of the Wednesday!!

  12. William, Now, you have to forgive my ignorance...and please "school me"...why do Dutchmen like orange?! O_0 I never heard that! I guess I better head on over to 'Google it!' LOL

  13. Wow...congratulations on the sale of your shawl. That one was a favorite of mine. Loved the black and white.

    I'm an orange convert. I used the orange Snowflake wool from Hobby Lobby along with some Simply Soft in off white to make a scarf last year. It turned out so gorgeous! Now that orange Snowflake wool is one of my favorites.

    Can't wait to see your new B&W project.

  14. I have not watched Leave it to Beaver for EEEEEONS! Hysterical! And the M&T blog, too! Twice with my 7 kids, hair was cut that was NOT their own! I don't even know how many own heads were ruined....too many.

    Love all the oranges! Especially the scarf...very pretty!

  15. What morning or mid afternoon! I love orange and yellow but black and white will always be in style. So happy for your sales. and you thought you wanted to close down your shop, no,no. congrats again!

  16. Pammy Sue, Thank you!! I really like the black and white too. I'm gonna start another one before the weekend. I'm working on a couple of hats first though...Orange snowflake yarn?! O_0 I don't think I've seen that! I'll have to check that out. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Maybe an Orange and white shawl is in my future too now! :-]

  17. Art and Sew Forth, :-) I just love 'The Beave'!! I could watch the reruns 24/7!!! He just had a way of looking at things that was just funny, funny, funny!! ^_^ And I sure wish we had some photos of 'your own' hair situations!! LOL This may be one of the reasons I don't have kids! I think that 'one too many' hair cuts mighta made 'my' hair fly off of my head!! LOL ...Thanks for the nice words about my scarf too! Have a good day! :-)

  18. Elisa, You remembered that I was considering closing up shop! Yep! Just when I thought maybe my 'style' was gonna be obsolete....I get all this love!! :-)) 'That'll learn me' (as my grandma coulda said). LOL Thank you so much for the support. And have a good day! :-]

  19. Lovely!!
    And I actually think orange is a FAR underused color!! There should be more orange in the world!! :) But Black, too... Black is always in!

  20. Kristin, Thank you! And I think I agree with you. I really like it! As a matter of fact, my etsy shop banner features that color. Completely different from everybody's I think. LOL...And yes...must not forget black. How about black AND orange?!....Well...let's not get carried away!! LOL

  21. I think every child at some stage has given them self a haircut. I know I've cut my fringe a few times even after the hairdresser has done her job. I thought I could improve on it lol
    Love that orange treasury & the flowers in your yard. They look beautiful.

  22. Jo-anne, Ha! Ha! You were a hair-stylist in your childhood. Well...I learned something new about you! LOL I bet your hair looked great too!! ^_^ Oh! Wouldn't I love to see pictures of that!!

  23. Ummm I was talking about recently lol those bangs weren't quite right

  24. Ohhhhh! ^_^ And the bangs look fine to me!! LOL Of course, I can't see them! ^_^

  25. Love those oranges!
    Just the thing to brighten my winter's day : )

  26. planettreasures, Good! And it sounds like you need to brightening up...with that cold too! I hope you feel better soon. :-(


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