Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Is 'Droopy' A Good Description For This?!

      We kinda had a little rainstorm here yesterday...kinda. :-( And when I say 'kinda' I mean...BAD! It got completely dark and then led to us watching a marathon of weather reports again....YEP! More tornado warnings!!
       As it turned out, no tornado...that I know of anyway...touched down. Everybody was so glad too! But we did have ridiculous rain and wind!! You can see the report HERE.  (Chicopee is our neighbor town)
      (WWLP 22News)
         Unfortunately hubby's garden has taken a beating too! Maybe to the point of no recovery for this year. :-( He's very sad about it too. This is what he saw when he first went out the door this morning...
         He thought: "Oh! That's sad, but it's not so bad." But when he turned the corner to really see his little garden that last year had beautiful hearty sunflowers in it, like this.....
      ...and which, just a couple of days ago, was growing crazy like this...
            ...He saw this...... :-(
           It's all drooped over....Stems are broken.....
        Isn't that the saddest thing you ever seen?!!.....Well, keeping it in perspective, that's probably not the saddest thing you've ever seen!...But looking at my hubby's poor sad face and drooped over demeanor is running a close 2nd to the saddest thing I've ever seen. :-( 
       Needless to say, there will be no sad songs played in this house today. In fact, I'm trying my best to give him the 'Rubber Tree Plant' attitude....Maybe these young ladies' version, with sign language, will make him feel better!

           They were good.... :-) ...but I don't think it's working very well.....yet. But, you know me, I'll keep working at it!!....If I get desperate  I'll encourage him by threatening to crochet him a protective garden muffler! ^_^ Or he can just keep listening to the little tune that the washer is playing for him! ^_^ {Yep! We got it!!!}

       I'm sure hubby will be fine after a day of that! And with me yapping at him, don't you think?! ^_^ I KNOW I'm not gonna show him today's poem!!!
      Oh Well,  I hope, at least, that you all have a good day! 

Daisy, Pretty Daisy

Daisy, pretty daisy,
with your petals all sprawled out;
Making sunshine, bees and children
wonder what you're all about.

All spread out in the garden,
up the sidewalk, down the lane;
So much prettier to look at
than all those street lights down on Main.

Daisy, pretty daisy,
in your red or white or pink.
Letting bees and flies land on you
so that they can take a drink.

It's hard to see you basking
in the sun and not just smile,
'cause you look like friends just hanging out
and talking for a while.

Daisy, pretty daisy,
rain or shine you have no care.
You just smile at passersby
and make us happy that you're there.


  1. Sorry about the flowers. So sad, isn't it. The weather can be so unthankful sometimes. Tell him not to feel too bad. We got a notice a couple of days ago from the power company, that they have to cut 1 of our trees in our front yard down and trim drastically 2 in our backyard. Talk about a new look!! We're thinking of letting them cut 1 in the back yard totally down. It has emerald ash borer anyway. So does the one in the front. We're agonizing about the change it's going to make, but on the positive side, a LOT less leaves to rake.
    I sure wish it was only damaged flowers.
    Love the little ditty that your washer makes. Rather pleasant, isn't it!! LOL
    Have a great day! I need to hit the shower now!

  2. Wow, you've had your share of some pretty rough weather lately. It keeps missing us by a few feet! Your poor Hubby! So much work goes into a garden and then mother nature decides to unleash her fury and you end up with garden everywhere.

    Hopefully this recent bad weather passes soon!

    Have a great day,


  3. CinLynn, Thanks for the sympathies. :-( But when I read your comment about your trees it put things into a different perspective. Yes, I'm sure hubby will be glad it's flowers instead of trees, when he stops and thinks about it...We lost a huge tree from in front of the house at the place we lived at before here. It was terrible! All of a sudden the house was flooded with hot sun all day long!! We even had to change all of the kinds of flowers we were growing there. They had been shade plants!...I hope it doesn't make that much of a difference for you. :-(

  4. Lisa, You're so right about us having our share of weather!! But least the tornado never formed this time. We have to look on the good side of that story, right?!...He's planning to cut the plants back this morning and see if they'll grow back. :-( If not, it'll be on to next year's batch. :-( On a good note though, the weather is gorgeous today!...I hope you have a great day where you are too!

  5. Deb, what a shame that the garden took a beating. Hubby must be feeling pretty sad. I hope that some can be saved. You can do that if the stem was not broken but just bent if you take floral wire to sturdy the limb.Wow your machine does sing. Thank you for sharing. Now I want a new Love the poem. Have a wonderful day!!!!!

  6. SnowflakeDreams1, It sure is a shame isn't it! :-( He's been talking about trying to put stakes up next to them, but I'm not sure he wants to go to all the trouble. We'll have to wait and see...And I TOLD YOU it sang!!! ^_^ And that was only the tune it plays at the end of the cycle! He sings for different things. LOL By the way, thanks for the nice words about the poem too! And you have a wonderful day too!!!

  7. Awww! That is really sad as I know how much he has enjoyed his little garden over the past few weeks. It might still recover though... maybe? Glad you are trying to cheer him up though :D

  8. Creating Trouble, Thank you for your sympathies...I must say though, you have more positive words than he does about it's recovery! He hasn't gone back out there all day! I think he's hoping for a sunshine miracle!! ^_^ I'll keep you posted!

  9. I like your poem.

    It was a heavy rain here too. But today... pretty day!

    Debbie, thank you for your daily visits

  10. Priscila, Thank you! Sometimes the simply true daisies...are really easy to write about...And you're right about the weather today...Just beautiful!!!...And I enjoy visiting your blog...and having you visit here. :-)

  11. Gosh sorry to hear about the garden taking a beating :( but I am sure glad that there was no tornado. Hopefully your garden may recover.
    That was your washing machine singing? that was cool! All my washing machine does is rumble.

  12. Jo-anne, We're glad there was no tornado too!!! And actually, hubby has 3 sunflowers still hanging on! :-) I got pictures of them that I'm going to share tomorrow...And yep! That's the washing machine's 'swan song'!! ^_^


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