Friday, July 15, 2011

It's Friday 'Date Night' With The Hubby!...Now, Where Should We Go?!

        Hmmmm...another Friday is upon us. Another planned...Ummm...Well...sorta planned...'Date Night' with the hubby. Every Friday, for the last....'I-don't-care-to-remember-how-many' years...hubby and I have 'gone' somewhere special, or 'ate' something special, or made each other's 'naps' feel special! ^_^
      In the more recent years, because of my health, we have changed how we 'go somewhere special'. We still 'go'...sorta kinda. But now we 'go' virtually! :-) In other words, we pick a place, or a country, that we want to go....and then we theme our 'Date Night' around that, with music and food! Oh Yeah!! Last weekend we went to Hawaii! He even bought me a plastic flowered Lei from the dollar store!! ^_^ Oh Yeah! We've had some fun y'all!! ^_^
     Hubby's job, of late, has been really pressuring him about hours....who's job isn't though, right?! So, I have to be more diligent in the beginning of the week to remind him to 'THINK FRIDAY'!!!
        If I left it up to him, every Friday we'd be sitting in our 'all togethers' (that's underwear, for non-Southerners. LOL), with a plastic cup full of 'jimmied up' punch (he loves mixing ginger ale, orange and cranberry juice together), some meat on a stick of some kind, and staring longingly into.....the T.V. set! {with occasional bouts of conversation and 'punch spitting' laughter....."Hello!! Over here!!! I have eyes you can stare longingly into!!!!" ^_^
      Thankfully though, most of the time, with a little reminder, he puts the puzzle all together,...
       ...and he shows up on time, carrying something special, ready to participate, and usually...if he's not too a good mood!
          He usually let's me pick the food. A good idea considering that depending on the time of month, the weather, cats crying in the rain, or a random bird flying by, I can be a little hard to feed!! LOL One night I can't wait to have some chicken, the next night chicken makes me want to throw up!!! ^_^ With all of my texture, smell, bread, and mushy fruit issues it's a wonder he even wants to eat with me at all!!! Thankfully I'm never allergic to chocolate or potatoes...and he knows that and brings gifts accordingly!! :-) 
      He did get kinda lost about the food issue during a certain 'Hormone Changing Season' a few years back, when I wanted everything...and nothing all at the same time!...My body was all "Woohoo!! It's 'Do-Whatcha-Wanna-Do-Time'!!!!" ^_^ Hubby started bringing home goods from his job...
     ...and I had to...Well, Crazy-Hormone-Lady had to...'dissuade him vigorously!'....(Isn't that a nice way to say 'tell him in no uncertain terms to STOP BRINGING THAT STUFF IN MY HOUSE!!!!? LOL')
       Nowadays our travel plans and our eating  are always a little closer to home...
      ...but our hearts are always traveling the globe, waiting for the the near future...when the world is gonna be our oyster....*feeling queasy*...and we'll be able to literally travel anywhere we like, and eat anything we want! :-) Oh Yeah! It's gonna happen people!!! ^_^
       In the meantime, on our looked-forward-to Friday 'Date Night' you will find us either eating exotic foods...or whatever we...meaning 'me'...can get down.
      Where are avocados and artichokes from anyway?!! O_0 Those are two things still on my list to try.
          Okay....So while I try to dream up something good for tonight's 'Date Night'...because we were a little distracted this week and all of our pre-planning ideas took a back seat to more important things,...
       ...let me ask you...Do any of you have a weekly 'Date Night'? and if so, What do you do on your 'Date Nights'?!
       Ah! I know! It might be a good night to go to New York, don't you think?! :-) We haven't been there in quite a while!!
         We can do a lot of stuff in New York!...if we don't catch the city at a bad traffic time! O-0 Ashley and Aron, of the blog Hither and Thither, just recently got tickets to Shakespeare in the Park!! Before that they had an evening at the Cantor Roof Garden at the Met. And before that there was dinner and a stroll at the new High Line...Yeah, New York might be a good 'Date Night' excursion. Especially since New York is only a couple of hours or so away from here....And even closer when you visit it 'virtually'! :-)
      And who knows...if the trip doesn't work out, we can always take a nap!! ^_^
        Oh Yeah! I almost forgot! The winner of my Giveaway Earrings is...
         Congratulations Heather!!!!! :-) Just click on my email HERE and leave me your address and I'll get them right out in the mail to you!!...The next Giveaway will be for August 1, 2011. I'll post all the details as to what it will be this weekend. Until tomorrow....
       Have a good weekend everybody!!!!! :-) I'm planning to! And it's gonna start right now!!

The Night We Have A Date

We're  married many years;
Too old to go to bed too late.
We sometimes sit and laugh about it,
on the night we have a date.

Every Friday night is ours;
Time we long anticipate;
When we eat what we've been craving,
on the night we have a date.

We let nothing interfere.
(I recommend this with your mate).
Just focus one night, every week,
as the night you have a date. 

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  1. What a wonderful way to spend date night! I used to throw a Christmas party every year celebrating a different countries food. It was fun. You can buy frozen artichokes. Spinach and artichoke dip is wonderful. Love Alicia Keyes!

  2. Susan, Thanks! And I love I used to have problems with that too. Artichoke dip, huh?! Okay...will try...Have a good weekend! :-)

  3. I think that it is wonderful the way you have date night! I am going to definitely try this with my hubby! We spend most of our date nights watching Netflix movies with popcorn because we have 2 little ones. We don't actually go out for date night unless we have family visiting or are visiting family (and my mom babysits). You have come up with an awesome and creative way to spend date night! Have a wonderful Friday night with hubby!

  4. Debbie,

    I adore your idea of traveling the globe. It's cute. And, I like even better the idea of going to NYC. If you go, can I come along?? Pleeeease! How I love that city....

    Enjoy your day & weekend.

  5. What a great idea and way to incorporate some great work! Love it, and thank you so much for including my piece as well!!


  6. Deb, we use to have date night friday or saturday and we would go out and eat. These days the money isn't there especially cause to go somewhere to eat we have to travel 12miles. We haven't had a date night in about two years. Never even thought about doing a date night like you do will have to give it a try.Hope you have a wonderful date night.

  7. Shelley, Thank you for the encouragement about our 'Date Night'. The truth is...I could spend time watching paint dry with him and we'd still find a way to have some fun...and a squabble about what color it's gonna be probably too! LOL We've had a few nights with a movie, popcorn, and chocolate 'Goobers and Raisinets too! ^_^ We take our 'Date Night' however we can get it!...You have a good weekend too! :-)

  8. Priscila, I'm so glad you like our idea! :-) And who wouldn't like New York?! Well...for the most part I'll say. It does have a 'few' drawbacks. I won't talk about them today though! ^_^ I love that there's something to do all the time, and that you can go to different neighborhoods and find a different New York! :-) So much culture...and so many things to do 24/7!! {I also have a certain affection for a building by a bridge, with a sign that says "Read the Bible Daily"...just saying. ^_^} Have a good weekend!!

  9. blueorder, Thank you!! And seeing as your 'great work' was included, I REALLY thank you!! :-]

  10. SnowflakeDreams1, You know, we've had MANY 'Date Nights' that didn't cost us a penny. I think the trick is just committing to spend the time together. We've made homemade soup and played 'UNO', hung toilet paper with expressions on them and danced liked we were somewhere else, took the phone completely off of the hook and turned the T.V. off and slept, and ordered in and read to each other. You don't last long if you don't put some time into it, right?! 'Life' will inch itself into your way if you stop looking!! :-)) Have a good weekend Velma!

  11. wonderful. How special to look forward to every Friday night together...even if it's staring into someone else's eyes on the tube! Actually I never watch TV so that would never for me. Plus my DH works 2nd shift so no Fridays for us!
    I love those pillows! So bright and fun!

  12. Another delightful post! I love the idea of Friday evening being date night. Sounds like you both have a lot of fun with this concept. Artichokes are my favorite vegetable. Dip the leaves in some melted butter and you will not be disappointed. Wherever you may travel tonight, wishing you lots of warmth, laughs and good food! Make sure you finish off the evening with chocolate!

  13. How strange. My comment from this morning disappeared. Anyway...I hope that whatever you and Jeff do tonight, that it will be enjoyable for you both!
    Congrats to the winner too!

    Eat some dessert for me..... please?? LOL

  14. Art and Sew Forth, Ha! Ha! Yep! Together...staring at something! ^_^ And I knew you'd appreciate the pillows, being a pillow maker extraordinaire yourself! Thanks for the comment. Have a nice weekend!

  15. Julie, Another artichoke lover! I have got to find out what all the 'hoop-la' is all about! ^_^ Thank you for the warm wishes for our 'Date Night'. I'm checking my list right now to make sure chocolate is on there.....Yep! ^_^ Have a good weekend!

  16. CinLynn, O_0 It did?! I never saw it! Grrrr!...Well, thanks for putting it here again. And thank you for the nice words too! We'll try to eat a little somethin' something' for you too! ^_^ Have a good weekend Cin!! :-)

  17. I think its really sweet that after however many years you guys still have date nites. :] I hope you enjoy your weekend!

  18. Hollie, Awww! Thank you. :-] And just to let you know, we've been together since I was 18. I've known him since I was 12. And we got married at 22. It'll be 'technically' 29 years married this year, but I take credit for all of the other years too!! LOL We're not a perfect couple. There is no such thing. But we love each other and are willing to work at staying happy...even through the hard times. 'Date Nights' are like opportunities to plug back into the socket for energy...Thanks for the comment. And you have a good weekend too! :-)

  19. I LOVE this idea! My fiance and I have been doing "staycations" since our doggy got sick and couldn't be left alone... But I think date nights with imaginary trips like this would be even better. You can do anything!


  20. Melissa, Yes! That's exactly why we started doing it years ago. Money wasn't always available, but imagination and a good attitude were always in great supply!! ^_^ And by the way, "Staycations" 'ARE' 'Date Nights'...just longer!! LOL Thanks for sharing. And have a good weekend...wherever you do or don't go! ^_^

  21. What a great idea! We should try something like that to spice up our Friday night of Tv watching (and calling it a date).

    Hope you enjoy your evening!


  22. this may sound lame and I guess lazy on our part, but the only time we go on dates is when we have a family member watch Beli. since we live in Colorado and without any family, we don't want to 'bother' our friends to babysit so usually Beli comes along to our date. When we lived in Croatia, I think we had date night every other day because my mother-in-law was more than happy to watch Beli. That being said, I really like your idea of virtually traveling. I think I will suggest that to hubby.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  23. Sounds like date night was going to be special this week :) I am sure you had a wonderful 'trip'

  24. Lisa, Yes! Do try it! can't hurt! :-))

  25. Elisa, It's easy for me to do this because I don't have any children, but I don't know why it wouldn't work as a late night excursion after Beli goes to bed! Just plan to go to Mexico on an overnight trip...or wherever...after 9!! LOL Have fun with it!

  26. Jo-anne, It turned out even better than I planned...but not planned! I'm posting about it today. :-)

  27. *squeeeeal* thank you!!! I shall email you with my address right now!
    well, not *quite* right now, maybe I'll finish this comment first...
    every night is date night for us, we're empty nesters now so can snuggle on the sofa without hearing our kids saying "gross" ;-)
    I'm in the UK, so when you go world-touring you're welcome to come and stay!

  28. Heather, Ha! Ha! Your comment has me giggling. ^_^ I'm glad you finished it before you went off to do something else. I would be sitting here staring at a 'dot dot dot' and wondering what happened!! LOL I'll get your earrings out to you right away...And, by the way, we're empty nesters too...kinda. But we never had a brood! Our nest has always been empty, except for the two of us. So I know exactly what you were talking about. Although I have been known to say: "Gross!!" on occasion. ^_^ Usually because he put something down the garbage disposal that he wasn't suppose to though! ^_^ Have a good rest of the weekend, and look for a pair of my goodies in your mail soon! :-)

  29. So happy to be included on your lovely blog Deb! Thank you:)

  30. Clare, It was completely my pleasure! :-)


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