Thursday, July 7, 2011

I See and Say 'Nothing'!!!....I'm Catlike Today.

       With the news being what it was yesterday, there's a whole lot of things I 'could' talk about today. I 'could' talk about the Casey Anthony verdict, or the hail-producing storms that came through our area last night, or the many accidents from stage 5 of the Tour De France bike race; Or I could show you some more of the vintage crochet patterns {I'll do that tomorrow}, or tell you the delicate story of my visit to the Proctologist! Ha! Ha!
     But, seeing as I really don't 'want' to talk about some of those things, and I really 'SHOULDN'T' talk about others....O_0... I'm going to exercise my cat-like aloofness about all of that...
         ...Yes, about ALL of it!...and instead I'm just gonna show you some of the cutest cushions I've ever seen! They're hand printed hessian cats cushions by helkatdesign. I don't own a cat. I've never owned a cat! But I know cute when I see it! :-)) And the subject matter is much safer to talk about today. 
      If cats aren't your thing, you still might wanna check out the shop though, because there's cushions in there with pigs, butterflies, rabbits, chickens and fish too! :-)
        And I also wanna share some of the things I liked in my new Country Living Magazine. :-]
        I'm never disappointed when it comes. There's always beauty, good info and tips, and recipes for good food!! :-) I won't over-do it this time though. I'll just share a few things.
       I want this living room!! Actually, I want the lake where the cottage is, AND the cottage that holds this living room!...but I'll settle for just the living room. LOL {I guess I better really pay attention to the Watchtower magazine, this coming Sunday, about materialism! ^_^}
          But seeing as this cozy summer cottage belongs to HGTV star Sarah Richardson and her family, the chances of me EVER getting it are 'NIL'!! It's on Canada's Georgian Bay too. So I would have had to move again too....Nope!...But I can look!! :-)
       The trusty Ask a Country Vet article made me smile. :-)
        It was a question about these adorable 'teacup pigs'. Someone wanted to know how big they get when they're fully grown....It's larger than an actual average sized teacup! Just saying. LOL article on how one couple turned their passion for flea-marketing into a thriving retail website!!!
        I'm gonna have to go to that website and really check them out now!
       And, of course, there's always cool recipes in here! This month there was Grilled Lobster Tails with Nectarine-Lime Sauce, Fried Green Beans, Baked Potatoes with Bacon Butter (just saying 'Bacon Butter' made me smile! LOL), Goat Ceese Tart, Edamame-Risotta Spread on Endive and Cucumber, and Pickled Heirloom Carrots...And No! I didn't take pictures!! LOL
     And for dessert...Mixed-Berry Crumble with Honey-Vanilla Ice Cream and Peach-Almond Galette.....which I just 'HAD TO' show you!!! :-))
         The ingredients include yellow cornmeal, sugar, unsalted butter, whole almonds, almond extract, honey, cinnamon, and peaches!
      I'm gonna have to make this!...Or wrangle some tall handsome man to make it for me!! :-)) He loves making stuff that smells good and has fruit and sugar in it! LOL
        Now wasn't that better than my Proctologist story?!! ^_^ Although, one day I'm gonna tell you that story....if I have to tie you down and make you listen to it! And you're gonna sit there and like it too!!! LOL

 I Love To Tell A Story!

Don't pay me any attention
when I scoff at this or that.
I love to tell a story!
Even the wanderings of a gnat.

If somebody breaks a nail,
(all the gory details left out)
I love to tell the story!
Really, what is that all about?!

I'm even ready for a saga
if a trip somewhere is planned.
I love to tell a story
about bad food and parking bans!

I just love to tell a story!
It's a lifetime love of words.
And a wordless Wednesday blog?
Around here, that's for the birds!


  1. Good morning! I'm so proud of you for keeping your post "light" today! LOL I personally love the cat cushions! Hmmmmm, I wonder why! LOL
    We could talk for hours about some of the other subjects and get nowhere.
    The food looks delish!! I love the living room too, but as you said, after studying my WT for Sunday, I think not! LOL
    Have a great day and get that tall, dark and handsome man of yours to make that pie!

  2. CinLynn, :-) Thank you my friend! Some things are not my business to comment on. Even I know that!! LOL...And I knew you'd like the cat cushions. I thought of you when I saw them!...Hopefully I can wrangle that husband of mine into making me this pie this weekend. If not, I'm gonna make it myself! I gotta try that one!...Have a good day, Bead! :-)

  3. I'm a cat person. And yes, I love those cushions.
    I want that cottage, I need that! What a pretty view from that wonderful living room. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great post! The news has been a bit heavy lately and I think not commenting on it for a bit keeps you relaxed. I love when days don't have to be so heavy. I hope that you have a wonderful Thursday! (I love the cat cushions)!

  5. Priscila, You can't have the cottage! Ha! Ha! In the unlikely case that she donates it to some...Oh, I don't know...crochet loving, space loving, water loving person...I'm first!!! LOL Although it is a great place for a cat to just hang out and be his aloof cat-like self! ^_^

  6. Shelley, I didn't want to get into it, especially because EVERYBODY else seems to be!! I was sick of reading it myself! So I decided not to get into the mix...Meow!!! LOL

  7. OH! Those cat pillows are adorable! SO glad you let me know! Can never get enough cat in your life, you know!
    I haven't had a Country Living Mag forEVER! I had forgotten how full of goodies they are. Love those pigs!
    And the last stanza of your poem - LOL and Amen!

  8. Art and Sew Forth, Ha! Ha! I know...about the cat thing! ^_^ Of course I don't have a cat, but I get where you're coming come...for sure!!...And so right you are too about the magazine. There are goodies galore in there all the time! And we must tell the story about them...we must!! ^_^ Thanks for your comment. Happy purring!!

  9. Love the cat cushions, and aren't those piggies cute?! Your poem made me smile too! Erika

  10. Erika Price, I think all of owners and non-cat owners alike...are loving those cushions! :-) And yes indeed, those teacup piggies are adorable! {So is the pig on a cushion in her shop!...Just saying! I get no pay for saying it either! ^_^}...And thank you so much for the nice words about my poem too!

  11. LOVE Country Living, and those teacup pigs are to die for! I want one, but think it may be best to stick with dogs. I can imagine that conversation with Jason already...

  12. Shannon, Ha! Ha! I could imagine that conversation too...Ha! Ha!...especially since I read the article and apparently those little 'babies' can EAT!!! ^_^ You'd have to buy a whole lot of teacups of piggie food!...Stick with dogs!! ^_^

  13. Anonymous7/07/2011

    Hehe, I loved your poem! It really made me smile, because I feel the same way!

    Oh my goodness... all those foods you mentioned sound so good! I may have to get a subscription to that magazine! ;)

  14. Anonymous7/07/2011

    Love those cat cushions and that living room!

    Your poem made me laugh especially the wordless wednesday part. :)

  15. HazelandMare, Well hello fellow story-teller! :-)) I have to say...being able to 'say what happened' in story form 'does a body good!' ^_^ ...And I don't get paid to say this, but the Country Living magazine is worth the subscription just for the recipes, in my opinion. But there's also always such good ideas for crafting and beautiful spaces and places. You couldn't go wrong with it!

  16. Michele, Me too...and Me too!! ^_^ I may have to get a cat one of these days to give myself an excuse for the cushion!...And you know...I never understood the wordless Wednesday thing!! LOL But of course I'm a TALKER!!! ^_^

  17. LOVE those Cat Cushions!!!!

  18. Kerri, Thanks! I do too! Wish they were mine! LOL

  19. Love the cat cushions! They look so cute. That peach galette looks so good. Too bad it has all that sugar in it :-/ I would love to try that myself. If you or hubby make it please have a piece for me :D

  20. Jo-anne, All of us love those cushions! :-) And you know, if you do the Galette you don't really HAVE to put sugar in it! Just get some good tasting apples or peaches....or mix them! I've done that before. Delicious!! I used Cortland apples...Hubby is still wrinkling his nose up to it, but I'm still working on him! LOL

  21. That's true I am sure if I put a sweet tasting fruit in the galette it would urn out just as lovely.
    I do hope that hubby changes his mind & bakes one for you :)

  22. Jo-anne, Yes! Maybe you should try it!...I'm still working on hubby. I may have to make it myself though. ^_^


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